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When players book for their first event, details of their Territories (and the Qualities inside them) will be added here. After each event, this will be updated to reflect the changes made by Geomancy. They are separated into five Realms, which came into being when the shapers arrived. Whoever is a Realm's Sovereign when an event ends may rename it; it may also change in nature to reflect them, but this process is not under any knowable control.

Qualities marked with an asterisk (*) are starting ones; they cannot be removed, and will provide the Territory's owner with a stipend of mana or majesty at the beginning of each event.


The Chromatic Expanse

Sovereign: Stratos, Prime

This is a land of dreams and stories, of strange possibility and subtle revelation. The breath of the Skalds whispers through the twilight air, a spoken archive of legend and wisdom unfettered by time. Among these living words lies an endless wasteland, wrapped in the mists of tales yet to be told. Geography is not subject to maps and logic; the inhabitants navigate by pure desire. The points of the compass are curiosity and song, insight and bloodshed.

Yet there are islands of stability here, where great sagas have found form in the minds of the Tribes. Bulwarks of growth harbouring whole ecosystems have been shaped into existence. Hives and webways thrum with glittering life and calm pools provide oases of respite for travellers. But this is life in all its unfettered aspects and only fools think every tale ends well. Here too beasts track burning footprints through the nightmares of the unprepared and an endless storm shatters the distant sky. Among the auguries and portents of many futures The Shapers of the Tribes lay the foundations of a new and better world, through unrestrained passion and the raw power of biomancy unleashed.

Geomantic Engine Status: Optimal


Owner: Crystal Nex

The triangular island of AthlantiX emerges with the tides from the oceans of the Outworld. Its gorgeous caves have vast ceilings of shimmering obsidian crystals in geometric patterns, with pools of bright cyan water and white sand below. These caves are the place of secret convocations with sea monsters, great and small. Above the caves, the island pretends to be a beautiful paradise – however, every bit of it is made out of treacherous machinery, and contains hidden defences.

  • Creation*: Mana is brought to the AthlantiX’s caves by a variety of sea creatures.
  • Embassy: advantaging Lanuaria Crystal blue pools in the caves of AthlantiX. (Crystal Nex, II)
  • Geomantic Exodus: The hidden machinery of the island reconfigures into a great fan which propels the territory. As air passes through it is infused with the essence of change and resilience and transformation, which diffuses through the air and water, granting the power of self-transformation and freedom from need, age, and all limitations that those affected wish to transcend. (Leaf, II)
  • Wonder: A group of birds that gather mana. (Mirador, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

Athyrium Falls

Owner: Mirador

A tumbling waterfall in the foothills of towering mountains, partially hidden by thick deciduous forest.

  • Creation: A crystal statue that gazes at the starblossom. When the blossom blazes, the statue weeps. When the blossom is dead, the statue looks on with radiant joy. (Celestial Grid, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Abyss The sabre toothed cats hoard mana in their dens, to give to Abyss. (Mirador, II)
  • Wonder*: The power of the falls causes glimmering stones to be revealed, washed clean and life giving.


Owner: C60 2AT8

Tales of Austere

Emerging from turmoil of the ocean at Rift’s End, the twin spires of Austere rise skyward. White surf breaks over their sleek obsidian sides, then recoils to reveal the tip of labyrinthine structures that extend for miles into the deep. The mirrored walls within shift and change, diverting away those who advance without steadfast resolve. At its core the Geomantic engines grind into existence the dreamscapes of all who enter. “Better this than the deafening silence of ignorance” reads the iconography displayed across the inner sanctum’s vaulted ceiling.

  • Creation: A towering statue of a shark god rises over the land, worshipped by human-spider cultists praying for sharks to come to their lands. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Force*: Upon expulsion from the structure, mana bleeds from a Shaper’s skin and may be channelled to any will Austere has set in motion.
  • Miracle: Tentacles from the deep emerge to embrace the spires of Austere, crackling with bioluminescence. An enormous squid - delivering Aethernet connectivity - a marvel of biomancy! (Glint, I)
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds this revered biography and holy book 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Wonder: Adorable small furry creatures spontaneously generate from the surroundings. Their fur bears a potent painkiller which reverses agin and heals all impairments. Those affected feel a strong desire to protect the creatures and expose others to their effects. (Leaf, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Carved Land

Owner: Ribs

High peaks and vast moors, patterned with heather and small, twisting streams. A few determined trees stand battered by the constant winds. Strange figures roam the horizon, vanishing on a second look. Storms are frequent but never last long.

  • Creation*: Clusters of metal tubes and chimes harness the gales to create a haunting melody.

The Cave Of Stars

Owner: Hand

A honeycomb labyrinth of tunnels. Pulsing roots frame every corridor and tubers shed a gentle light throughout the domain. The inner sanctum is a vaulted chamber, constellations of the World Before twinkling above. The floor is unnaturally smooth, and a littered with keepsakes of the Homeworld.

  • Creation: Turtles living in a waterfall collect mana in their mouths. (Mirador, II)
  • Force*: Pearlescent salamander-creatures winding their way through clear rockpools, nesting amid mana-infused kelp, and growing vibrant with its power.
  • Traders: advantaging Stratos Convoys of bio-mechanical spiders the size of houses travel the landscape, trading strange goods and implanting eggs in the unwary. (Orb Weaver, I)

Storing 1 blue mana

The Dreaming Savannah

Owner: Leaf

Endless blue skies broken only by sudden storms that bring the healing rain; wide rolling savannah, which feels like it might just go on forever. Everything is green and growing and healthy and beautiful, abundant and good to eat and delicious - plants and wildlife and people alike, if even there is a distinction to be made between them.

  • Creation: A glowing blue cavern imbues those who enter with powers of self-modification and personal sanctity. The leave in a self-designed and near-invincible form and with the desire to bring this power to all. (Leaf, II)
  • Force*: A beautiful, healthy tribe of nomads hunt, gather and photosynthesize, never aging past their prime, always ready for the chase.
  • Wonder: A beautiful rainbow spring of fresh life-giving water rises from the ground; those who drink gain health and youth, and the compulsion to enable others to drink. (Leaf, II)

The Emptiness

Owner: Cornea

The sands stretch forever in The Emptiness, but here a settlement clings, survives, despite all the punishment the world has thrown at it. Here only emotions reign, the Red Path, and here the betrayal and pain, the lies and the false, fuel the karmic heart. Here the pain she feels is crafted into guilt made manifest, to rip out the heart, to crush the breath, to show the art of the Red Path.

  • Force*: Emotional payback sunders the guilty betrayer of the karmic heart.
  • Wonder: A sparkling oasis where it is always twilight. Those who drink find their memories replaced with those of exotic strangers. (Orb Weaver, I)

The Ethereal Wilds

Owner: Juniper (New)

A huge expanse of densely-packed forest, with a canopy that near covers the sky. Dangerous woodland animals roam these hallowed lands, and only those few folk with intimate knowledge of the forest survive here. Amongst grazers, predators, and scavengers, mysterious creatures prowl. Half-seen at twilight, they fit no description of any beast of the Homeworld, and no two encounters with these beings are the same.

  • Creation: In the dark caverns below the forest where spiders roam, tribespeople gather to consume narcotics and dance to pounding tribal music. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Legion: The surface of the earth splits as a column of geomantic moles rise skyward, splattering the trees with red. (C60, II)
  • Palace: A serene pool, hidden within a grove. It heals and energises any who walk within it. (Juniper, II)
  • Wonder*: A colossal, broad-leaved tree that reaches up almost endlessly into the clouds, emanating a sense of ancient wisdom.

The Forgotten Path

Owner: Mist

A land almost entirely covered by marshy waters. Small patches of land, some big enough for villages, some mere stepping stones, litter the fetid land. Even young children learn which way to jump to get to where they need to – the fishing pools, the next village, home. Most days are forgiving to those who don't, but when the fogs descend, sometimes for weeks at a time, and you cannot see your feet, let alone where they are going, it is important to be confident where you step… There are things below the marsh surface, waiting.

  • Creation*: Eel-like monsters, ten feet long and slimy, that lurk beneath the waters of the Forgotten Path.
  • Force: There are mechanical sharks that swim out of waters - mostly fins. (Mist, I)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing green Fast breeding jellyfish create pools of glowing energy as they expire. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Orb Weaver Teams of daredevil shark riders thrill observers with their daring stunts, and cause the invading engineers to huddle scared in their camps. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Miracle: Rainbow crystal domes protect settlements, admitting only things invited. People may let the crystal settle on their skin as they leave, restoring health, youth, and vitality. (Leaf, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Orb Weaver The shark riders trade mechanical parts taken from dead engineers. In return, giant spiders give silk hooked nets for catching sharks. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Tumult: A force of engineers, infiltrating and destroying tech. (Axle, I)
  • Wonders: Wondrous tools and items hang from a tree in the swamp. But they are lures set by a giant jellyfish to attract and kill the unwary. (Orb Weaver, I)

The Glass Jungle

Owner: Hawk

A block of skyscrapers made of metal and glass, held up by the myriad of trees, vines and other plants. The trees have absorbed shards of glass or grown around steel beams almost intelligently to support themselves without destroying the building and their place in it. The largest tree in the centre of the tallest building has its bark infused with glass and steel and has grown to the top of the building as a central pillar to stabilise the building itself. Some trees pass between the buildings allowing for free roam between them for those not afraid of heights.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: A shimmering silver sphere that acts as a digital library. (Patient Guardian, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Mist When the scuttling glass spiders grow too large, their legs break, so they sit smoking pipes and dispensing great wisdom. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Force: A mist bank controlled by the strongest willed person in the area, used to confound their enemies. (Hawk, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue This territory is in flux, ever changing primal chaos. Inhabitants change their surroundings and forms according to their subconscious desires. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Masterpiece: A genetic splicing chamber for creating natural perfection. (Patient Guardian, II)
  • Palace: A library of empty books, where the pages are riddled with word-shaped holes. Moths of letters litter the ceiling. (Last Lingering Music, I)
  • Wonder*: Green bio­luminescent ant­like insects inhabit the Glass Tree, strengthening and fusing the natural materials to the glass and steel.

Storing 3 Majesty

Labyrinth Of Mischief

Owner: Red Tail

A winding maze of long deserted sewer tunnels, that span for miles under the earth, giving easy access to the world above though hidden access points. The centre of which is a huge, living hive of rats, swarming around the bone throne and the piles of junk and scavenged loot.

  • Creation*: The throne sits around a large construct, a grinder. The rats scavenge for anything infused with mana, feeding it into the mechanical nightmare's teeth.
  • Force: A large swarm of painted rats, numbering from between 50-60. (Red Tail, II)
  • Wonder: A giant fountain in the shape of Cornea's wondrous tits produces owl-friendly coffee. Surrounded by a forcefield. Owls may enter but they cannot leave. Book-eating spiders erupt from the structure almost constantly. (Cornea, II)

The Paper Hive

Owner: Vespa

Catacombs of parchment, the air thick with communication and a thousand captured stories; huge sectoid insects gather words and mana and weave both into new structures. The walls beat with the tales of their enemies spoken through dripping mandibles.

  • Creation*: Soft-furred bees pluck ambient mana from the air and seal it into luminescent pulp walls, forming a chamber of manacomb.
  • Force: Swarms of bees gather in large spheres, condensing mana out of the air or anything trapped inside. (Hawk, II)
  • Legion: You will be safe. Security is winged and carapaced, slick with ink and biomechanical oils. They will hunt and provide for you all. Safe. (Vesper, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing red The bees harvest blood, turning it into the sweetest honey. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Hawk Hard-jewelled hornets observe the tunnel and glades, shepherding and pruning where they will. You must trust them. (Vesper, II)
  • Wonder: A beautiful oasis, which on closer inspection is made of infinitesimally small spiders. The trees, the water, the ground - all spiders. (Orb Weaver, II)

Telluric Fastness

Owner: Stratos

Tales of Telluric Fastness

There is a heartbeat in the air, an organic rhythm to the charged atmospherics. Above the tangled twilight of the Verdant Reach floats a strange geometry of stacked monoliths, slate-dark and glistening in the endless storm. Another pulse and the configuration of the towering construct shifts effortlessly. A gap appears momentarily in the formation and through it, lit by an actinic glare, you see a shuddering heart, a vast biomantic reactor connected only to the aether. Arcing energies scour the sky, earthing themselves in blinding flashes that leave living afterimages, ephemeral forms that breed and fight, even as they die.

  • Creation: When the lightning from the maelstrom strikes certain patches of ground it causes, through intense heat and energy, a seed that has been dormant to germinate. (Mirador, II)
  • Force*: Control rods of rune-carved vermilion crystal, plunged into the reactors heart.
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds a revered tome named 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Ruination: The water the sharks were in turns into foul smelling acid, dissolving the sharks. Their remains float on the surface, spelling out 'GLORY TO THE COMBINE'. (Axle, II)
  • Wonder: A glorious golden statue of Cornea's magnificent tits eclipses the horizon. Whenever someone approaches, a shrill voice exclaims 'SCREW SYNDARARARA'. (Cornea, II)

Storing 14 Majesty

Time's Ending

Owner: Wing (New)

A lonely archipelago of islands, vainly reaching for each other within a bottomless indigo sea. From coarse sand, and rougher earth, springs a low brush; sheltering underneath towering branches of trees that grow towards a glittering violet sky, full of jewelled stars, and dancing nebulae. Lean beasts stalk the shadows - all opalescent scales and bold plumage - while glowing growths under the earth, and within the trunks of trees, throw the place into a sharply contrasting light. These islands are always rising afresh from the ocean, only to sink deep below them again later in a never ending cycle of rebirth.

  • Creation*: An endless path among the stars, evoking a butterfly's wings. Its glowing crystal remains as ever constant above the islands.


Owner: Lanuaria

A land by the sea marked with ever-green hills, where ancient ruins are ruled by flowering ivy. Under the endless blue sky, in a small valley, protected by the ruins, grows an ancient tree. Its roots stretch wide and deep into the crystal-clear water of a small lake, where tiny fish find shelter. The tree’s broad canopy creates a peaceful spot to bathe in the warm water and watch other magnificent beings at rest and play. Those that do are regenerated, body and soul. Tranquillity is disturbed only by the rain drops that refresh the land and nourish its life.

  • Creation*: When the time is right, at sunrise, a branch of the ancient tree produces intricate blue blossoms.
  • Embassy: advantaging Crystal Nex An underwater embassy managed by biomechanical mermaids. (Lanuaria, II)
  • Force: A small legion of painted war rats. (Red Tail, II)
  • Wonder: Creatures of pure water emerge from the deep lakes, constantly transforming - now human, now beast, now water once more. (Orb Weaver, II)

The Verdant Biosphere

Owner: Spine (New)

A vast biome, with supports grown from the twisted branches of trees, and windows that look as if they are made from the wings of insects. It has many rooms, none with any apparent purpose. Walkways meander through vast areas of lush, and peculiar vegetation. The apparent chaos all works in perfect harmony, providing light, food, and seeds; each tells a story, or a tale. The seeds are the raw essence of geomantic energy, waiting to be grown and formed by the will of its shaper.

  • Palace*: A cathedral grown from trees, its windows made from the many coloured transparent leaves. Inside is a great organ that constantly plays the music of the earth.

The Void Below

Owner: Abyss

Deep below the Verdant Reach is what might be termed the very base of the world, if such a thing could be said to exist. Certainly none have returned to tell tales of anything beneath the vast network of twisted roots, exposed foundations, and odd crystal formations, used by the inhabitants to anchor themselves above the perilous, yawning nothingness.

And as you might expect, the people and creatures making their home in this world-below-the-world are strange indeed, but perhaps the strangest feature of the Void Below is the air itself - a strange, otherworldly, phosphorescent mist perpetually swirls and dances between root and rock and out of sight below, radiating power.

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: When the conditions are just right, the mist forms like dew upon exposed surfaces, leaving behind tiny glowing crystals and an empty taste in the air.
  • Force: Mosquitoes buzz through the darkness, alert for any movement. They taste the motives of intruders and swarm to drain the blood of those with ill intent. True explorers receive an infusion of healing, transformative vigour which lets them reinvent themselves from the inspiration to be found here. (Leaf, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Mirador A band of shadowy warriors who fight and hunt in the fashion of big cats. (Abyss, II)
  • Palace: The huge, gnarled roots of the immense tree cradle a crumbling structure of crystal and rock perilously above the void. (Abyss, II)
  • Throne: At the nadir of the realm the mists coalesce into a throne - almost solid - from which can be surveyed nothingness. (Abyss, II)
  • Wonder: The mana infused mists form dew which runs into rivulets, streams and torrents before cascading, unending, into the void below. (Abyss, II)

Storing 9 Majesty

The Web­ways Of The Gossamer Athenaeum

Owner: Orb-Weaver

Ruined skyscrapers stand tall, a framework upon which the jungle has grown. From ground level the sky is obscured by an immense network of webs strung between trees and buildings. Daytime is a half­light as the sun makes the webs glow. At night the blackness is near absolute and there is often the sound of something...immense...moving in the darkness. But there is knowledge here – a great storehouse of biomantic research from before the Great Walk began. Up amongst the web­ways, humans and enormous spiders live in symbiosis, the humans providing warm host bodies for gestating spider young.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: The geomantic engines are laid bare here, their worker spiders churning out fantastical creatures, each one unique, each dangerous. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Force*: Powerful beasts move in the darkness, their life essence captured and harvested in the great webs.
  • Legion: Obscuring fog banks swirl with phantasms of pure desire. Those trapped in the fog are lost in dreams of their own creation. (Hawk, II)
  • Mana Fountain: empowering red An intricate network of organic pipework pumps energy from deep in the ground to power biomachinery in the webway. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Hawk A smartly dressed spider-general commands an airforce consisting of heavily-modified insects. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Wonder: A pool glows with pulses of coloured energy. Those bathing there come back randomly changed: scales, feathers, claws, teeth, wings. (Orb Weaver, I)

The Crucible Of Legends

Sovereign: Vermilion, Chimerical Reagent

The Crucible of Legends; a mythic landscape where rugged mountain peaks and rolling valleys emerge from a primordial forest. Here, plants and animals from the mundane to the fantastical and the impossible mingle in an untamed jungle whose paths and colours shift from hour to hour. Any journey made through the Crucible will bring wonder, danger and adventure; a bold and resolute traveller will be both tested and rewarded by the land itself.

The further into the Crucible one journeys from the borders of the known territories, the wilder and less predictable the forest becomes. Close to the borders, familiar creatures make their homes between familiar trees; deeper in, creatures of dream and legend lurk between trees that blossom with rainbow crystals or move of their own volition; the only constant is the presence of spiders. Press on deeper yet, and the mists roll in; iridescent glowing lights guide travellers on into an otherwise featureless fog. Those who enter the mists with steadfast purpose shall find their path to their heart’s desire; the way to another Realm, the path to their destiny, the rebirth they long for. Of course, nothing here is without peril; and some would say, those who would journey so far and risk so much may indeed be seeking death...

Geomantic Engine Status: Optimal

The Adumbral Isle

Owner: Her Illustrious Extravagance Pandora, the Libertine (New)

A city that hangs in a lightless void. Rivulets of water stream over the edges, trickling into the vast obscurity. Within, all is larceny, decadence and perpetual night. Spiralling alleyways culminate in a vast rain-slicked square. A river splits the streets, winding its way around the dark, teetering buildings that overlook the shore; the rush of the waves is faintly musical. At the edge of one’s vision, shadows dance and twine.

  • Wonder*: A towering theatre in the round. Gargoyles and grotesques peer over the boxes, shadowing the sparsely-decorated stage. Strange light flickers behind an ornate velvet curtain.

Bethany's Castle

Owner: Bethany the Steadfast

A wonderful, beautiful castle that, if one were to be honest, is rather impractical and unrealistic. If one asked a farm-child who grew up on fairy tales to draw one, it would look a lot like what you see before you.

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: A farm in the castle grounds where somehow everything is constantly in bud, fruit and bloom, all at once.
  • Force: A squadron of giant fighting dragonflies protecting the castle. (Bethany, I)
  • Legion: The waters of the moat move unbidden to defend against invaders with teeth of ice. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Mana Fountain: A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Masterpiece: Monuments to the ideal world, a promise forged in untarnished metal and stone. Upon them is written 'To protect the innocent; Harm none and you will not be harmed; People have time to do what brings them joy; Those who can help those who need'. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Miracle: An enchanted mirror continually displaying the tales of Valtaria; legends that inspire the viewer to seek out challenges to prove themselves against. (Vermilion, II)
  • Palace: A tower of white stone. The sound of the sea echoes within it at all times. (Mariana, II)
  • Wonder: Foul swamp beasts emerge from the marshes, held back by valiant knights in glorious battle. (Orb-Weaver, I)

Storing 3 Majesty

The Castle Of The Golden Blade

Owner: Demoiselle Lapin, The Lady Of The Golden Rabbit

A vast palace of glittering gold and ivory marble. The interior features hand painted walls and ceilings that depict past monarchs in all their glory. Neatly organised gardens and fountains and grand statues surround the palace for miles, and the smell of roses is always in the air. In the forecourt behind the pearled and gilded gates is a gigantic guillotine crafted from pure gold, from which the palace gets its name.

  • Aegis
  • Force: Giant butterflies defending the realm, and looking dazzling. (Bethany, II)
  • Palace*: The guillotine, grand and beautiful but also sinister. An aurora of fear dominates all that approach it. Some say this is the source of her power.
  • Wonder: Twelve carriages of ivory and gold, pulled by unicorns with golden horns and swan wings - those that enter are rejuvenated and healed. (Lapin, II)

Storing 9 Majesty

The Citadel Of Night

Owner: Her Exalted Beneficence Serennia, the Illustrious Conqueror of Drakenhold

A forbidding multi-tiered fortress-city carved from massive slabs of black granite, stalked by legions of twisted, joyless mutant darkling horrors with sewn-shut eyes and monstrous visages. At its centre lies a towering obsidian spire topped by a precarious windswept eyrie that draws a swirling cloud vortex around it, wreathing the surrounding lands in a perpetual dismal gloom.

  • Creation: The Squamous Sages: Blind, albino lizardfolk lie waiting within the caves of despair. Those who brave the peril are granted incomplete wisdom. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Force*: A seething, churning miasma constrained within the frame of a magical mirror crackling with lightning discharges and acrid smoke.
  • Miracle: Bold and bright, a beacon arises from the shadows and drives back the darkness. Joy, hope, inspiration and love flow forth as a legion of shining warriors emerge to battle the shadow's denizens. (Serennia, II)
  • Wonder: Within the darkness a faint ray of hope, a fountain of light. The sickly green emanations from within twist and sap and corrupt however, turning into monstrosities - all who congregate nearby. (Gedremonde, I)

The Glowing Labyrinth

Owner: Theobald the Unbroken Shield

A series of walls, arranged in roughly concentric circles, with an elaborate network of passages passing back and forth between each layer. The walls themselves are styled in the grand architectural manner of the great Valterian cities, complete with towering spires, protecting the inner sanctum at the center of the structure.

  • Aegis
  • 'Creation: A small field of flowers, the same as grew in our village. (Theobald, I)
  • 'Embassy: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk An ever-blossoming, ever-fruiting strawberry tree that brings hope to those who eat from it. (Vermilion, II)
  • Force: An ever-burning fire to roast the Combine upon. (Bethany, I)
  • Legion: A group of knights on dragons, keeping watch and guarding against the darkness. (Bethany, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Masterpiece: A craftsman forged of steel and copper, with a face formed of porcelain. He sits and toils, creating devices of beauty, blades fit for Monarchs, and treasures for children. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Miracle: A pattern of changing stars in the night sky from which the vigilant may draw meaning, inspiration, or insight into their problems. (Vermilion, II)
  • Rebuild: A heart for the craftsman of steel and copper, to allow them to love, and rouse them to fight back against the Combine menace. (Diesel, II)
  • Wonder*: A small bubbling brook, flowing into a wide, glistening lake, at the centre of the labyrinthine structure.

Gravin’s Fury, the Keep on the Ridge

Owner: Commander-Vindicate Kaldoria, the Vanquisher of Dark Despair

An imposing fortress in a defensive position atop a great ridge with a view of the valleys for miles around. It’s loaded with history, the walls layered with stone from numerous generations who have built endlessly atop the previous structures. The gloomy walls weave across the ridge, while the fortress inside looms ominously into the sky. The impaling spikes, jagged portcullis and extensive dungeons speak of a dark past, and although the colourful banners of Kaldoria do add some brightness, the sorrow of history still permeates through.

  • Aegis
  • Advisor: advantaging Vermilion A shadowy figure glimpsed in mirrors and dark corners, who poses questions and dark choices, to shape a future of challenges posed and answered. (Vermilion, II)
  • Obliviation: Understanding the power of dissonance brought about by the bodies of the dead, the people pulled together to right these wrongs! (At Dawn And At Dusk, II)
  • Palace*: The grand throne room of Gravin’s Fury is shrouded in a thousand years of majestic and bloody history.

Storing 3 blue and 13 Majesty

Homeworld's End

Owner: Ronan, Guardian of Valtaria (New)

Snow covered mountains give way to gentle valleys filled with verdant, bountiful farmsteads. At the centre arises a single large rocky plateau upon which are carved the founders of The Valtarian Kingdoms depicting their adventures. A natural staircase built into the rock leads to a tavern of polished oak and marble, resting on the summit. The Inn’s sign reads; “Homeworld’s End” underneath which is the motto; “No Pawns. No Monarchs. Only Heroes” Beneath the warm, friendly tavern in caverns built into the plateau, the next generation of heroes drawn from the nearby farms train for the new world to follow.

  • Wonder*: The vast ornate plateau known as ‘Valtaria’s Legacy’ inspires hope in all who remember Valtaria’s rich history, myths and legends.

Ildathach; The Island of Mercy, The White Shores

Owner: Mariana, Oceanheart

From the centre of a fathomless, sapphire blue ocean rises a small but perfectly formed island city that shines like the most beautiful of pearls. Crystal clear waters give way to softest white sands, and the city rises in concentric white stone tiers of protective walls, stylish villas, beautiful avenues and resplendent gardens, each more lovely than the last.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Strange mists flow through the realm, ignoring existing weather. (Adversity Breeds, II)
  • Force: A squadron of knights to inspire the people, and challenge them to better themselves. (Bethany, II)
  • Palace*: Atop the island is a gorgeous, many-towered castle, made entirely from solid, sea-washed blue-green glass.
  • Wonder: Exotic orchards covered in ripe fruit, glistening with dew. (Scarlet Crave, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Peaks That Pierce The Heavens

Owner: Telador Silverhand, Lance of the Stars (New)

A range of mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, their bases lost in mists that mark the edge of the domain. It is impossible to know where mountain ends and fortress begins, its towers rising into the chill air and its bridges weaving across the forbidding expanses between the peaks. The towers reflect the stars above, and are named for them, each containing an orrery devoted to the movements of their patron star, charting their movements across the heaven in pursuit of an understanding of patterns and what they mean for the world below.

  • Force*: The Tower of Sol, greatest of Stars. See it bring warmth, where absence chills, and where its wrath is focussed.

Solace, Island In The Sky

Owner: Beloved Seer-Protector Yaztromo, Archmage of the Seven Winds (New)

A floating island held aloft by crackling azure runes. A vaulted bridge of white marble links the earthen mote to a nearby mountain where a peaceful village has formed. Bands of would-be heroes the cross the bridge from the village daily, hoping to petition to gain an audience with the wizard who lives here and some guidance on their own quests.

  • Creation*: Seven Great Monoliths stand in a Circle at the centre of the Isle. The Sun shines and the Rain falls by Yaztromo’s wise direction. Rejoice!

The Spiteful Pits

Owner: Alaccastia, the Dead Heart

Dead black rock protrudes in jagged spikes between pools of burning lava that bubble and spit into the sulphurous air. A twisted castle hewn from volcanic rock bursts forth from the centre, the lava forming a natural moat at its imposing door. The castle interior is dark and shadowed and covered in the trappings of evil. Bones and dripping black candles adorn every surface.

  • Breach: Angry small red birds that peck the flesh of anything, living or dead. (Flare, II)
  • Creation: The ground shakes as gigantic mechanical spiders covered in cruel spikes stride across it, lava spewing from their terrible mouths. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Disaster: Devouring hordes overpower the land, rotting all that they touch. (Abanox, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Vermilion Will-o-wisps in the form of glowing worms that dance mischievously in the air, attracting moles, other worm-eaters, and weak-willed people to join in their dance. (Vermilion, II)
  • Force*: Sulphurous spouts of hateful wind that almost pull flesh from bone as they twist malevolently.
  • Ruination: The seas boil and overrun the shores. (Abanox, II)

Storing 5 green


Owner: His Incandescent Malevolence, Abanox the Soulchainer

A bountiful valley, filled with flowers, frolicking lambs, and all manner of nice things. Nestled within is a lovely, peaceful village, full of townsfolk with hopes, dreams, and lovely lives. Overhead floats a colossal fortress of chain and flames, sending down undead monstrosities to rend and tear at the villagers. Some might find this village familiar. Each night, the chains descend, scooping up the dead and drawing them upwards to be added to the horde.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Mystical shapes flickering in the flames of the fortress, showing long-lost knowledge and ancient secrets. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Disaster: With a scream, everything simply vanishes. (Abanox, II)
  • Force*: In the heart of the fortress swirls a great storm of flame, with the souls of the taken writhing within.
  • Legion: A shining group of armoured knights to inspire the people to rise up, and bring down the darkness. (Bethany, II)
  • Masterpiece: I am immortal. I have inside me blood of kings. (Ziggy Love, II)
  • Miracle: A tripartite mirror that reflects the viewer's full potential as a hero, a villain, or as one who acts outside the tales. A question posed? A glimpse of things to come? (Vermilion, II)
  • Ruination: Fire rains from the sky, scouring the land clean. (Abanox, II)
  • Wonder: A flight of dragons with phials of coloured smoke, able to etch in the sky the following message: "Cower, mortals, and redouble your efforts for you stand in the presence of true majesty". (Gedremonde, I)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Towers Of Dusk And Dawn

Owner: Exalted-Commander Garahart, Warden of the Towers (New)

A verdant river valley cuts a path through a towering mountain range, their highest peaks tipped with whitest snow. Twin fortresses guard the pass on either side; one a tower of prisine white marble reaching towards the heavens, the other a looming edifice of dark construction. Illuminated by ever-burning beacons, the twin towers of Dusk and Dawn stand over the valley as watchmen and protectors both.

  • Wonder*: Flocks of gryphons call the peaks their home, their cries echoing through the valley.

The Wastes Of Ash And Bone

Owner: Laszvelar of the Redemption Undying (New)

Before Laszvelar assumed his destined place as a Monarch-Victor, the lands of the undying were those of golden spires. The spires are now broken ruins of what they once were. The ground lies broken and the walled cities are left to huddle at the onslaught of dead monstrosities. At the centre of the Wastes lies Laszvelars Palace, the Necropolis, from whence his Deathknights ride out to protect the smallfolk from the abominations conjured up by the hubris of his youth.

  • Palace*: The Necropolis looks more like the abode of a Monarch in Shadow, but Laszvelar is well known for his evenhanded and magnanimous judgements and streams of pilgrims are seen venturing to the palace to petition his aid.

Winter's Teeth

Owner: Desolator Atherozan, the Heart Of Ice (New)

The skies are always grey over this frozen fortress, which seems less to have been built than to have erupted from the earth. Huge razor-edged crystals and towering pillars of ice house labyrinthine dungeons, the towers strung together with treacherous ice-bridges and riddled with sorcerous traps. Here and there, a passage will give way onto a courtyard or gallery full of icy figures, their faces uniformly caught in expressions of paralysing fear or devastating pain.

  • Force*: A freezing, screaming whirlwind plays around the icy towers, unnatural red lightning cracking between the heavy stormclouds.

The Wyrdwood

Owner: Carrion-Queen Vermilion, the Unrepentant

Tales of The Wyrdwood

A forest such as the old tales speak of, perpetually on the cusp of summer and autumn. Ancient trees tower to the sky and the scent of leaf-mulch fills the air. The twisting paths and burbling brooks that run through the forest shift and change in the space of a heartbeat. Branches and plants catch at those who pass by. Wild boar and herds of deer roam freely. By day, dappled green sunlight and gentle rains nourish the ever-fruiting trees and brambles. By night, the moon is always full, and the wolves are always hungry...

  • Aegis
  • Advisor: advantaging Bethany One mask of brightest red; another of striking green. Between the two, a face slowly drawing into focus. Two speak of courses known, and the third of a new path. (Vermilion, II)
  • Blight: The 'So Much For Subtlety' airship drops Combine propaganda on the embattled residents. (Axle, II)
  • Disaster: The earth rends apart and swallows the marvel whole. (Abanox, II)
  • Disgrace: A golden dragon flies through the sky, roaring "GLORY TO THE COMBINE!" (Axle, II)
  • Miracle: A cornucopia producing food fit for great feasting; those who eat the food find themselves thirsting to travel and seek out adventure. (Vermilion, II)
  • Palace*: A citadel of bone and black marble, hung with banners of blazing red; its towers haunted by ravens and spectres.
  • Plague: An unstoppable swarm of rats cover every surface, eating away at everything and spreading vile smells. (Axle, II)
  • Ruination: A giant banner hangs in the sky, in flashing red and gold, reading: "COMBINE RULES!" (Axle, II)
  • Wonder: Amongst the boughs and branches of the dark forest, ghost spiders weave beautiful ectoplasmic webs that warn the weary of dangers ahead. (Orb-Weaver, I)

Storing 24 Majesty


Sovereign: Glimmers Of Logic, Illuminated Prosecutor

From lazily swirling mists emerge tall, jagged, square pillars of iridescent metal crystal, whorled in blocky, fractal spirals. Passages entreat travellers to explore within, wherein smooth black and white ceramic shafts buzz with latent data, holographic skeins arcing across their surface like synapses firing. In the cracks one can sometimes see through to a sunset-scape of creams and purples and violets, as if there were an infinite vista just beyond a razor-thin barrier of impenetrable matter. This endless sky greets new arrivals upon the first summit they appear at from the rift.

These passages often end abruptly in new spaces, confusing direction entirely. A traveller might come to a sheer drop, finding themselves walking out onto a bridge of pure light perpendicular to the apparent gravity of the territory they are approaching. Or the ground behind them might sink away, a path of maddeningly wayward stones erupting from the mists before them. Sometimes, landmasses are seen, great heavy chains sinking up or down without apparent purpose. So rarely as to invite myth, shadows gloam just out of sight in the distance, a haunting song reminiscent of whales in contemplation gently lapping across the pillars and skies.

Geomantic Engine Status: Optimal

The Archive Of Woe

Owner: End Of Hope Is Truth

A crumbling spire of architectural impossibility defiantly reaching into an unending storm. Within are shelves of iron-bound tomes chronicling the eventual fate of legendary accomplishments and triumphs beyond where the tales customarily end, as all legacies are unravelled by entropy.

  • Creation: The Omen Engine - a great mechanism that charts the passage of the heavens and predicts disasters. Those who rely upon this prophecy find it eventually flawed. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Force: Dark templars, with elephant helms forged from black iron, circle the spire on cracking wings. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Masterpiece: The Repository Of Failed Dreams - stacks and shelves of plans and blueprints. Every one is a work of visionary genius with a single, fatal flaw. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn With porcelain skin and honeyed words, the synth-cleric evangelises the doctrine of quantitative finance. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder*: Robed and squamous servitors scurry and crawl across the tenebrous shelves, their blind tongues tasting the records for reoccurring folly as the cosmic narrative repeats itself.


Owner: If Only You Would (New)

A sleepy rural town, transfixed by the bright clean light of morning, beneath a sky that’s so very big and so very bright.

Every living thing here is dying; plants lose their hue, animals their fat, and the townsfolk are so drawn and wan you can almost see through them – but every one of them is at peace with their approaching end. They’re happy. The air sparks with intimations of expectation, of something sacred, just waiting to be born. Each day in Asyly feels like it’s the last day before the end of the world – and it feels great.

  • Wonder*: Ssh! You hear those pens, scratching? Young students unwrite every lie the old world ever printed, leaving only blank pages.

Concept Y'all

Owner: Celestial Grid

A vast, vaguely conical pit slowly digs itself, as though an invisible hand is absentmindedly searching beneath the ground. From time to time, objects are unearthed. The pit’s inhabitants are learning that they will find what they need when they don’t want it, and what they want when they aren’t looking for it. When not in motion, the sides of the pit are solid rock, often covered in soft moss and waterfalls, and dotted with caves. The fauna are curious and the flora are kind. The water tastes of springtime and uncertainty.

  • Creation*: A single flower. By day its petals hang dead. At night it blazes with radiant light, a tiny earthbound star.
  • Force: The templars roost among the moss, steel feathers still, awaiting the need to use their swords. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: Glints of gold and silver that shine through the distressed earth when the stars shine right. If you pick one up, for a brief moment you feel happy. (Desiderata Violet, II)

The Deep Flow

Owner: From The Source, The Flow

The quicksilver lake nestles high among glittering rainbow crystalline mountain peaks, its depths unfathomable. The colours of the jagged spires speak to minerals in abundance, but there is no life here. Look closer, and the surface swirls with intention; complexity stirs in the deeps. Closer still, and ten thousand trillion nanomorphic cells, each mindless, are together busy about their purpose. Devour: sunlight, materials. Multiply: repair, spread. Think: learn, be. Is this one mind, or many? Identity, memory, individuality all flow together and apart again as easily as shape and form. Rivulets of silver spill in cascades over the brink, exploring.

  • Creation: A large coffee machine, able to be operated by humans and owls. (Trip The Electric, II)
  • Force: A shimmering metallic pillar studded with gemstones, that repulses invaders and warns off spying. (Hawk, II)
  • Masterpiece: The Shifting Sculpture, a shape formed from obsidian and marble, twisting and shaping into beauties beyond compare. Beauty in the empty place. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Palace*: A lone amethyst outcrop breaks the surface; the adamant spring wells from the island's tallest column. This is the Source.
  • Wonder: In the shadowy vales, giant crystal spiders with squishy human brains stalk, their crystal bodies full of life-giving nutrients. (Orb Weaver, II)

Storing 2 Majesty, 2 blue, 2 green, and 1 red mana

The Elephant Cathedral

Owner: Whispers Of Autumn

A vast pachyderm of obsidian, polymer and basalt. Atop its back sprout mist-shrouded steeples, lotus towers, flying buttresses and the domes of a hundred basilica. Banners of neon light stream and glow, skybarges float lazily through the mist between the spires. The elephant’s legs are covered in dark stone statues of figures robed as Concord sifu, and naked forms twisted in indulgence. Walk the guts of scriptoriums, databanks, catacombs and galleries. Feel the thunder of its tread, and taste the scent of incense as it approaches.

  • Creation: A chorus of a thousand invisible voices raised in eternal, harmonious song. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Dream Foundry: A growing stream of brightly painted caravans follows the elephant. People constantly and leaving the caravan ferment in the light of the elephant's neon patterns. (Leaf, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Every Broken Clock A neon-lit scriptorium, where scholar-priests debate the merits of free or planned economic doctrine. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Force*: The Himmel hovers as a halo in the mists. Glowing lines of code and litany tumble from it like rain.
  • Legion: The Templar Talos division range a long patrol around the elephant's legs in bipedal mecha, bristling with C-beams and tachyon lances. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Every Broken Clock The Templar glide among the spires and skybarges, swords ablaze with neon flame. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: Mesmerising neon patterns cover the back of the elephant. Those who study them find their youth and health restored, and the power to assert their personal space. They are filled with missionary zeal to ensure this learning is available to others. (Leaf, II)

The Eternal Bridge

Owner: Soar Ever Upward

A huge suspension bridge crossing a seemingly endless stretch of still water. It is lined with blossoming trees and anonymous white buildings. The weather is fine, and otherwise unremarkable.

  • Creation: A tram with a cheerful bell trundles along the bridge, for when the walk is too long. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Force: A watchful roc with ruby-glittering eyes looks for intruders, and carries them away if it finds them. (Hawk, II)
  • Legion: Lightning arcs down from clear skies. Normally harmless, it can target intruders. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Miracle: A hanging garden beneath the bridge, trailing vines into the waters. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Wonder*: Something vast and scaled gleams beneath the water. Perhaps a statue. It has the appearance of sleep.

The Eye Of All Storms

Owner: Thunder Surrounding

Behind a great wheel of shifting storm-clouds lies the Eye, a vast orb of darkness in which glimmer a million stars. Look deep enough and you’ll find an answer to any question – though never one you’ll like. Between the Eye and the Wall lies a network of small floating islands, to which a host of battered airships are anchored.

  • Creation: A tower carved from the clouds, in which lies a library of books in some ancient, lost tongue. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Force*: “The Impertinent Gesture”, a heavily-armed Combine airship, rather drastically modified.
  • Masterpiece: A labyrinth of swirling clouds and flashing lightning. Those who dare walk its shifting paths will come to understand who they truly are. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Wonder: A hive of irridescent bees, whose honey inspires dreams of one's deepest desires. (The Luxophage Sun, II)

The Gallery Of Truth And Lies

Owner: By My Crooked Teeth

Tales of The Gallery Of Truth And Lies

A cavernous building filled with portraits of Homeworld and Outworld. Portraits of famous events, or events that never happened, or did happen but ended differently. Adjoining it is the library filled with literature from all over the Homeworld, as well as hand written texts. Statues and trinkets are scattered throughout acquired from all over. Some were taken, some were gifts and some were earned. A place of reflection, learning, and the safeguard of historical knowledge.

  • Creation: Door of Many Locks. A door that opens to anywhere, a different key leads to a different section of the Gallery, creating many wonders and opportunity. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Force: An imposing tapestry depicting a great battle. The fall of the Sublime Concord. (Hawk, I)
  • Palace: A mighty reading room where one may reflect on the knowledge learned, and discover the deeper truth within. (Theobald, II)
  • Rich Pickings: A grand archway with the names of all Realms carved upon, somehow always up to date. Those who pass through are blessed. (Gatling, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow Figures passing in and out of the paintings, bringing wondrous things out of imagination and taking things in trade back into the paintings (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Wonder*: The Floating Window, an ever changing view of the Outworld and Homeworld. A place of constant inspiration.

Storing 9 Majesty, 1 blue, and 1 green mana

The Garden

Owner: At Dawn And At Dusk

Tales of The Garden

A utopian landscape which at first may look like any other garden, but upon closer inspection appears to be made entirely out of food. Bread clouds, broccoli trees and lakes of the clearest chicken broth. The only inaccessible place is the fortress of rock salt.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Hot pools of water scattered over the salt castle, turning it into an oasis of relaxation and harmony. (Gatling, I)
  • Disgrace: The people of the Combine weep tears at Comrade Gatling's theft of the property and betrayal. The Palace dissolves. (Barrage, I)
  • Force*: Beautiful yet dangerous bees that swarm around the succulent roses, harvesting their power.
  • Geomantic Exodus: A song rises as the stars align, forming a bridge of aurora light that stretches to new lands. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Masterpiece: An apple tree constantly in bloom. Orbiting the branches is a constellation of golden fire, bringing light to the fields, and beauty to those within them. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Obliviation: They gather together in a vigil to remember the lost, and through the combine spirit the face is erased from their memory. (Gatling, I)
  • Palace: The glittering salt palace with flowing hot springs. (Gatling, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The Synth-Priest is ever walking on its porcelain feet, bartering mystic gadgetry and techno-charms for secrets and songs. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Hyperlinked Glossararium


Owner: Glimmers Of Logic

A shifting, colossal cube-like structure, the Glossararium contains a rich index of synergetic infostrands which autocatalogue data, metadata and infradata passing through their web. A user simply has to contact one of the psychonodes to gain access to this library of synaesthetic, synonymic entries on any genre of topic.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: The Automated Synthetic Environment generator. A virtual environment to simulate any location needed or desired, created by any who enter it. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Dark Wonder: A domed glasshouse hosting the plant life of the Glossarium. (Desiderata Violet, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Intriguing Glint Anki An enormous pyramid of glass holds within it the stunning new Flux Wildly Hotel. Stay in the kind of luxury only Flux could previously! Live like the stars! (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Forbidden Creation: A gleaming silver coffee machine. The coffee produced is always black as night and sinfully sweet. (Desiderata Violet, I)
  • Force: Vines raise from the ground, and as they take hold you feel as though those you love hate the thought of you. (Cornea, I)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing green The Iridescent Infinity Cube. A holographic mother-of-pearl matrix hovers in a wide inf-pit. Accessing it permits individuals to shape and create objects according to their specifications, forge concepts into reality. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Masterpiece: A white marble and black basalt hall whose edges are lined in neon light. Within, holographic projections demonstrate the legends of Valtaria and record its histories. (Glimmers Of Logic, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Intriguing Glint Anki Teams of independent media consultants, more than happy to assist in improving you or your company's public image, or assist in the production of Aethernet content. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A brilliant new star hangs in the sky, visible day and night. Harmonic crystals in the star receive and convey Aethernet feeds. Tune in now! #harmonise (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Miracle: A forest of folded paper. Words are printed all down the trees, and the roots are wires and cables. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Palace*: A glowing golden orb anchored midair by monofiligree datawires, pulsing with connective knowledge.
  • Rich Pickings: Opportunity Knoxx! It's so Ziggy! A vast cultural and Aethernet complex. Merchandise mall featuring all your favourite heartisans, holovid studio suites and comprehensive Aethernet coverage - Holovid 12 and Elysium Channel frontlining as ever. Free food and drink! Terms and conditions apply. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Last Lingering Music Semiotic exchange node. Automagic concept trade, sale and marketing. (Glimmers Of Logic, I)
  • Untamed Force: Automated announcements extolling the virtue of the Combine and their glory, during non-sleeping hours. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Wonder: Get down, make love. You say you hungry, I give you meat. You say you're lonely, I give you heat. (Ziggy Love, I)

Storing 21 Majesty

The Infinite Library

Owner: Rain Falls On The Snow

A vast library spanning every room of an enormous building. It is said to contain every possible book ever written or not written, and every variant thereof. Floating in the centre of the largest gallery is a silvery metal orb. Looking into it from different angles allows one to see any number of far-off places.

  • Creation: Scribes and savants. Beings who tend the library, transcribe the histories, and search out the stories. They tell the stories to all who will listen. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Patient Guardian Travelling archivists and indexers, exploring the lost spaces of the library and bringing the different indexing schemes into unity. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Force*: A concealed armoury of weapons from across the five civilisations.
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds a copy of this revered biography and holy book: 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Traders: advantaging By My Crooked Teeth Library Unification Network. Processes and compresses information for ease of storage and sharing. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Wonder: The librarians here are hooded human-arachnid hybrids, climbing a web-network to retrieve books from strange inaccessible geometries. (Orb Weaver, I)

Storing 5 Majesty

Kraken Heights

Owner: Adversity Breeds

A city built on island of rock, hanging in place above the mists from heavy chains.

  • Creation: Runes that channel the energy of the mists into shards of mana. (Adversity Breeds, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging End Of Hope Is Truth A temple of blind, albino lizardfolk in black robes attend to records of betrayals, broken pacts, and failed diplomacy. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Force: A group of exquisitely armoured undead ceremonial guards. (Bethany, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Palace*: The Mistgate Tower extends out over the mists like a crooked finger made of stone and polymer.
  • Wonder: A severed head prophesying the glories of overcoming challenges and conquering adversity. (Vermilion, II)

Storing 9 Majesty

Liminal Discordance

Owner: Carrion Comfort (New)

Fractured obsidian spires howl discordant notes. Lost souls or simply the biting wind? The carcasses of ships tower over the landscape; white sands are littered with broken weapons and bleached skulls. Ice shards (or is it glass?) dance in the air. Sometimes, blood falls in tiny drops. It is the only colour. You can always see, and yet, is always night.

  • Palace*: A tower of bone and steel coils skyward like a DNA helix, sparking lightning.

Nothing Valued Is Here

Owner: Test To Destruction (New)

A desolate wasteland, stretching out as far as the eye can see. A cold sun shines brightly overhead in a clear grey sky. Spikes of iron and obsidian jut from the soil at odd angles, casting long shadows against the dark earth. The air is cold, and dry, and still. Nothing grows here, and there is never any birdsong... except briefly, at the very moment of dawn. Sometimes, strange and shambling figures shuffle in silence from spike to spike, sitting for a while in the shadows. They do not speak to one another, communicating only in gestures and silent nods.

  • Palace*: A battered sign, reading: “This place is a message and part of a system of messages. Pay attention to it!"

The Obsidian Plateau

Owner: An Endless Falling

An intimidating dark rock face forms the edge of this territory, broken up by paths leading into tunnels beyond. The Draconian people who reside here have made their homes in the very rock itself, not on the arid plateau above. Despite what structures have been built and the low, wind blown trees that flourish upon it, the entire surface feels open, exposed and isolated.

  • Creation: A spiralling maze of tunnels that branch and fork in fractal patterns, tracing a new path for every explorer. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Force: A single crag of basalt rises, filled with the warrens of ferocious draconic warrior-poets. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Legion: Archery butts and racks of weapons sit at the base of the tower. Drills occur at regular intervals. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Palace*: An incomplete tower, covered in abstract monochrome patterns. While sometimes the tower changes height, the top is always raw scaffolding.
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain synth-cleric sits in a small chantry. It dispenses sage financial advice, and smells of prosperity. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: The sky sometimes swirls with murmurations of birds. (Soar Ever Upward, II)

Storing 9 Majesty

On High

Owner: Endless Radiance (New)

A crystal island, shining with a bright white light, that - wherever you approach it from - is above. Its robed acolytes wear low hoods covering their eyes. Visitors reach the island by prostrating themselves in supplication until a burning chariot descends from On High to raise them up.

  • 'Creation*: A temple-forge where white-hot molten crystal and burning light are wrought into weapons of pure flame.

The Nameless Whale

Owner: Last Lingering Music

A whale made of interwoven wicker, each twig inscribed inscrutibly. Wide white ribs hold aloft the structure, dank but bright. Curtains of white threads hang, a sussurous whispering againdt one's ears as one passes under each strand. Three inches of crystal clear water pools underfoot, gently lapping. Nameless creatures, moth-like, drift in the undertow. Walkways of coral wind across the hollow whale. Marking sigils, or perhaps not, silver fish dart between the reefs.

  • Creation: A great fish feeding on the smaller shoals, its hide showing spiralling patterns of beauty and insight. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Force*: A river of glass that flows from the hollow eyes of the hollow whale. Tales of sorrow and destruction are recited to the sea beast to continue the flow.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The Templar take to the skies on wings of steel and light. You see them coming by the light of their swords through the mist. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: A parade of mini-elephants singing in mysterious harmony. Those who hear the singing are rejuvenated and gradually transform into their ideal physical form, freed from the tyranny of need and age. (Leaf, II)

The Persistent Sojourn

Owner: Trip The Electric

A disorientating mass of corridors and rooms. An office with every surface covered in blank paper, another with the walls covered with riddles. A room in which there may have been a struggle, and one ordered so precisely it almost hurts to move through as if in doing so you are somehow out of place. It feels too quiet, slightly uncomfortable, you feel as if you cannot stay in any room too long. There are not enough chairs.

  • Advisor: advantaging Thunder Surrounding An intelligent presence that leaves all in the territory feeling more smart and self-restrained, especially regarding caffeine. (Trip The Electric, II)
  • Creation*: The glimpse of a Door in the corridor ahead. Only seen through the corner of your eye.
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn An inscrutable glossary promises insight into the library, but gives none. An Elephant is engraved upon the cover. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Force: A swarm of hawk owls, fuelled by coffee, guard the skies. (Hawk, II)
  • Wonder: A coffee mine! Grounds are extracted via marvellous machinery operated by owls. (Soar Ever Upward, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Proving Ground

Owner: Every Broken Clock

High steel fences encircle the complex, obfuscating activities within the quadrangle but not the humming of machinery. The pictographic warning signs are unflinching in their details. Beyond the gates are darkly verdant greenhouses, shuttered ateliers, and crystal palaces harbouring glowing structures and strange engines. Loudspeakers play gentle music and the engineers that flit between the buildings are always smiling.

  • Creation: Fog rolls through the grass, snuffles like a dog, leaving droplets of dew. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn A porcelain synth-priest sits encased in a box of glass. Appropriately authorised operatives may ignore the warning signs and hear its honeyed words. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Force: Small whirlwinds of sand and grit prowl the fences protectively. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Masterpiece: A console lights up when approached; it makes a low hum while producing the requisitioned supplies. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Miracle: A glimmering silver craft rests on a launchpad, primed to explore the stars. Its interior is impossibly large. (The Luxophage Sun, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain synth-priest peddles outside the locked gates. It trades idols and holovids for whispers and dreams. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder*: Harlequin lightning bounds along the earth, coils on the loudspeakers, barks like a dog.

The Thunderous Mountains

Owner: Patient Guardian

A mountain range that appears to grow and shift when unwatched. Filled with caves and valleys that are home to small nomadic tribes, forced to move often as the lands around them do. The environment cycles seemingly randomly between long periods of tranquil peace, and devastating natural disaster combined with unnatural growth of predatory beasts. Slowly, the tribespeople are coming together to pool their knowledge and ideas. Each time the disasters come, they are a little more prepared. Each time the predators attack, the traps are slightly better...

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: A great ramshackle library, built into mountainous caves, open to all to contribute to and learn from.
  • Disaster: A colossal landslide, filling the dark cave with glittering gold stone. (Gatling, I)
  • Force: A defence grid of weapons and lasers for training purposes. (Hawk, I)
  • Masterpiece: A cavernous laboratory, perfect for the analysis of toxins and poisons, and the creation of venoms and antidotes. (Patient Guardian, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow A communal marketplace where representatives from the various tribes can trade resources and knowledge. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Wonder: Gold and silver spiders produce hallucinogenic venom. Tribespeople ingest this to gain great insight, but risk madness or death. (Orb Weaver, I)


Owner: The Luxophage Sun

Smooth rainbow mirrored stone feels synthetic, in organised blocks and non-organic shapes. Like the view of a city from above.

  • Advisor: advantaging Thunder Surrounding A series of shadows on the edges of reflections, occasionally offering helpful and unhelpful advice. (Trip The Electric, II)
  • Creation: A curious machine that answers questions of fate and destiny, in haiku. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Force: Shifting patterns converge into the shape of winged figures. They leap forth as warriors of pure rainbow light. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Palace*: The blocks of fractal mirrors show altered reflections in myriad colours as you wander the mazelike path into the darkness.
  • Wonder: A clear pool of water, recursively refracting the surrounding rainbow spires. (The Luxophage Sun, II)

The Twilight Sanctum


Owner: Changing Of The Tide

A large, imposing building that glistens with the setting sun both inside and out. Stone dragons wrap around the pillars they are carved from. Inside is a network of corridors that join spacious rooms, the crystalline walls glowing with the reddish hue of twilight.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Fountain of life. Produces the purest of water to restore the weary. (Changing Of The Tide, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain Synth-Priest leads a sermon in a voice thick with gold, evangelising the virtues of personal freedom and the wonders of free trade. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Force: Venomous vines sprout among the gardens and between the open galleries, beating back the more aggressive tomes and providing a source of unique biomantic venoms - if the inhabitants are cunning enough to collect them. (Vesper, II)
  • Wonder*: An iridescent dragon patrols the sanctum, inhabiting a room that serves as storage for valuable items, which it guards.

The Liberated Skies

Sovereign: Maximum, Facilitator

The Liberated Skies of the People's Combine consist of many islands of matter hanging suspended in the brilliant blue skies. They bluster with strong winds, perfect for rippling through hair and billowing through capes, with majestic banks of clouds that glow orange in the eternal, beautiful sunset. A great steel railway extends in a loop joining the larger islands that contain territories loyal to members of the People's Combine. This Great Railway of Liberty is served by two mighty locomotives, one going clockwise, one anticlockwise, to allow the people of the Combine freedom to travel wherever their purpose is best served.

Those territories that lack the Combine's favour are not connected by the railway, and the skies toward them are perpetually dark with rainclouds. The light of the sunset does not reach there, and the winds are icy cold.

Geomantic Engine Status: Optimal (0/8)

The Armoury Of The People

Owner: Armourer Bolt, of the Hammer Of Progress

A large factory, where workers of the combine produce weapons of war. Anything from large anti aircraft rocket launchers, to combat knives. Airship mounted cannon , to tiny concealable pistols for 'special work'. At the centre lies a large meeting hall, where plans can be made, problems solved, and guests received. Covering its walls are prototypes and examples of almost every weapon the armoury has churned out, neatly arrayed.

  • Creation: Explosive research labs, developing various exploding devices and weaponry. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Force*: A series of machines, near the industrial heart of the complex, churning out weapons parts day and night.
  • Wonder: In the meeting hall, joyous songs ring out, lifting the Combine's spirits. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Cerulean Bounty

Owner: Hegemonic Engineer Valve, of the Symphony of Purpose

A vast, glimmering oceanscape, covered with a huge archipegalic chain of hovering, steel-clad refineries, where the joyful workforce of the Combine labours purposefully to claim the wealth of the seas for the benefit of the people.

  • Advisor: advantaging Rebar A mass communications relay whereby RevCorp reports are compiled at a single point. (Valve, I)
  • Creation: Large wellsprings scatter the ocean, bringing up salvage from the depths. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Axle A floating station where RevCorps' finest minds plan harmonious social policy. (Valve, I)
  • Force: Small mechanical creations scuttering about, making repairs and alterations to everything in sight. (Crankshaft, I)
  • Grim Spectacle: Large screens with videos displaying the dangers of false ideologies. (Rebar, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Axle A dedicated fleet of supply airships bring much needed provisions to the people. (Valve, II)
  • Untamed Force: A neural stimulator causing animals to berserk and attack humans. (Hawk, I)
  • Wonder*: Wells of a green-glowing oil; the remains of long-dead, leviathan-esque nightmares, their fearsome influence now decayed into a exploitable resource.

Storing 4 Majesty

The Dominion Of The Tyrant Vanquished

Owner: Liberator Flare, of the Victor Ascendant

A few small settlements each on their own island. Each settlement seems to live by a different ideal, and will try to bring others to their side through force or reasoning. Many of the islands are riddled with carved out mines.

  • Creation: Ziggy Love Machine. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Dark Wonder: Venomous spiders scuttle through miles of bloodsucking vines through which the TERROR TREE harvests the life of this territory. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Disruption: A tourney ground where liberators fight each other for propaganda and fame! (Flare, II)
  • Forbidden Creation: This is an enormous statue of Ziggy Love, wearing fabulous Combine apparel. (Dynamics, I)
  • Force*: Small red carnivorous birds that hunt in packs to take down enemies larger than themselves.
  • Wonder: Sleek jungle cats prowl the limits, eating intruders and dragging their mana home. (Barrage, II)
  • Untamed Force: This is an enormous statue of Liberator Flare, blowing the smoke from her gun. (Dynamics, I)

Storing 2 Majesty

Emergent Assemblage

Owner: Engineer Cam, of the Symphony Of Purpose

An ever-growing, constantly changing warren of corridors and chambers burrowing into the side of a mountain. A hive of activity, as workers and machines mine and build, constructing what seems at once to be a city and one single, many-roomed house, through which everyone wanders freely. The chambers move around on rails and cranes, constantly interlocking into new patterns. Everything is pervaded by a hum of mechanical activity, thrumming through the walls; nothing is still for long.

  • Creation*: A clattering mining railway that runs from the pit face all around the territory, carrying resources.
  • Force: A fleet of automata, gleaming and efficient. (Fluidity, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Crankshaft Mechanical badgers, burrowing, forming new tunnels for the mine. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Valve A matter composition editor, transforming excess materials into needed ones. (Valve, II)
  • Wonder: Glowing crystals grow from the walls, bringing soft light to the warrens. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

The Floating Falls

Owner: Rhetonomic Engineer Fluidity, of the Victory Through Persistence

Hundreds upon hundreds of rocks float in a loose column. The islands never touch, but spiral subtly in their orbits. The smallest bob along hosting a single wizened tree. The largest are too large to map. Flocks of birds fly between nesting sites. Industry thrives on water turbines. Where does the water come from? From the sky, but not as rain. Waterfalls, from trickles to torrents, tumble from island to island. Streams land on one edge and flow to the other. Gushing pillars of water hit islands as they circulate, crushing anything in their path. And when the rainbows start...

  • Creation: Between the cascades are shimmering rainbows that shower glittering blue crystals into lustrous pools. (Gatling, I)
  • Disruption: Teams of joyful labourers remove the unnecessary 'anti-brainwashing facilities' and construct buildings for the People's good. (Fluidity, II)
  • Force*: Thunderous showers of water pulse down from the islands and pound, roaring, through channels in the stony ground into unseen courses.
  • Miracle: Life and love and vitality blooms across the falls as the land erupts into a bright cornucopia of radiant rose blossoms, that shift and change colour to reflect the mood of those who walk among them. (Serennia, II)
  • Wonder: As the waterfalls scatter droplets in the sunlight, they turn into mana and fall to the grass below. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Freedom's Eyrie

Owner: Lancer Maximum, of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom

The peak of a mountain standing tall above the island on which it stands, Freedom’s Eyrie opens up to allow airships to dock. Below it in the mountain sits the great workshop of Invention’s Forge. Swarms of engineers and airship crews scurry about, dodging libcorp propaganda teams preparing their latest works.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: A weapon foundry, upgrading the ships' weapons. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Force: A flight of eagles, soaring and guarding the skies. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Valve An elite squad of jetpack wearing liberators, ready for maximum carnage. (Valve, II)
  • Palace*: A great brass statue of an eagle in flight, modelled on the figurehead of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom.
  • Wonder: Dew forms on the statue of the eagle, dripping into a basin. (Barrage, II)

Storing 21 Majesty

The Heart Of The Machine

Owner: Engineer Crankshaft, of the Relentless Advance On The Tyranny Of Authority

An old airship graveyard. The derelict vessels have been reclaimed, fused, welded together, and given life and function once again. Every surface is covered with pipes and cables and wires, for any number of purposes, and throughout the structure the pleasant hum of an engine can be heard.

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: A large metal heart in the centre of the structure, pumping along with the ambient thrum.
  • Dream Foundry: Beneath the beating heart of the machine is an engineer's workshop, outfitted with all tools imaginable, with the background hum allowing quiet contemplation. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Valve A grand discussion hall where all people may contribute to consensus and harmony. (Valve, I)
  • Force: A fleet of heavily reinforced airships. (Rebar, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Axle Refitted and repaired airships are collected for trade. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Wonder: Amongst the airships run rats, clever and quick. They gather mana for the Combine. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Invention's Forge

Owner: Engineer Wingnut, of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom

Carved into the mountain below Freedom’s Eyrie, Wingnut’s workshop is a warren of twisting tunnels circling around the central forge. A vast room, the forge is a hive of industry; a half-dozen unfinished inventions hang by the forge, completed only when inspiration strikes. The walls are covered in blueprints, with glass cases interspersed between them displaying Wingnut’s finished creations. Rooms for visiting engineers, patrons, and guests fill the halls surrounding the forge, decorated sumptuously. Rumours that a secret room exists below the forge may well be founded in truth, but few have seen Wingnut’s personal chambers or the inventions therein.

  • Creation*: A looming brass automaton built as charming, conversational companion and workshop assistant. The Overseer emits blue steam from his joints.
  • Embassy: advantaging Valve A small flying droid, informing the overseer of production requests from the Combine. (Valve, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Liberty Fells

Owner: Volunteer Pivot (New)

A landscape of lonely grey mountains. Towards the bottom of the fells are little villages, cottages made of slate, exuding steam through the brass pipes that link everything in this realm. Coarse brown-green grass covers the ground and moss appears along the walls, facilitated by the damp climate and myriad criss-crossing streams. As one ascends, the plant life starts to fade away until one is left only with the bare mountainside, the wind, and the golden light of the dying sun. And the pipes. Always the pipes.

  • Creation: A metallurgist's laboratory. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Force*: When under threat, the piles of scree that litter the landscape coalesce into the form of golems, ready to defend the land.
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Falconet The occasional train visits, bringing food and supplies for the people. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Wonder: A rainbow breaks over the mountains, and mana forms where it meets the ground. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

The Mirror

Owner: Liberator Falconet (New)

A grand park, with tall trees that tangle to form a forest so dense it's hard to see through, surrounding a clearing and at the centre of that is a shimmering, reflective lake. It sits at the bottom of a valley, the hills high and canopied around it. Birds song can always be heard from within the woods; their calls are particularly soothing.

  • Creation*: The surface is perfect and ever-clear, but when an individual approaches, the image shifts to a representation of what they most wish to be.
  • Force: A flock of bluebirds perch amid the treetops; their songs entrance all within miles, irresistibly. (Fluidity, II)
  • Mercenaries: Drill sergeants instilling the discipline needed to work and ignore the birdsong. (Valve, II)
  • Wonder: In the lake, under the surface, swim crystal carp. Their shed skins gather at the shore. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

The Perfect Forge

Owner: Fusilier Barrage, of the Symphony of Purpose

A mess of heat and noise, People’s Combine workers diligently bending their heads to the task of producing the finest milled weapons of war.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Dream Foundry: Above the glowing heart of the forge an irridescent bubble appears, glinting with prismatic colour. As the works gaze into it, images appear. Slowly, they solidify and float down to the workers' hands. (Barrage, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Valve A school teaching martial discipline and quartermastering techniques (Valve, I).
  • Force*: The searing, red hot forge at the centre, glowing with the purpose of the Combine.
  • Traders: advantaging Valve A grand computer, efficiently calculating the territory's resource needs and requisitioning appropriately. (Valve, II)
  • Wonder: A spa for 'Flux Wildly facial mud' treatments with production centre and vending areas. Relax with Flux... now! (Intriguing Glint Anki, I)

Storing 2 Majesty

Pioneer's Gulch

Owner: Rosie Ratchet

An island of forested mountain ranges, long canyons and open tablelands, with rivers of gold flowing through and large game animals roaming throughout.

  • Aegis
  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm Holovid 12 Media image consultants combat the unreasonable and tyrannical propaganda assailing the Territory. Let the truth be free (terms and conditions apply). (Auspicious Paradigm)
  • Creation: A gleaming steel train whirs across hoverfield tracks that stretch through the gulch. Its engine room has a glowing red heart. Its carriages house plush red velvet all around. Ready to take you where you want to go. Courtesy of HV12. (Intriguing Glint Anki)
  • Embassy: advantaging Leaf Missionaries from the Dreaming Savannah bring the secrets of prolonged life, self-transformation, and freedom from the tyranny of basic needs and aging. (Leaf, II)
  • Force: A troop of templar on elephant steeds patrol eternally, eyes always sharp and carbines always ready. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Palace*: A giant gleaming anti-aircraft gun, that hurts the eyes to look at, perched on the highest peak, with a tiny log cabin attached on the side.
  • Wonder: Intelligent and compassionate giant worms burrow great tunnels to form an underground railroad through which many escape the Combine's brainwashing centres. (Orb Weaver, II)

Storing 8 Majesty

Repurposed People's Collective X37F

Owner: Volunteer Axle, of the Symphony of Purpose

Tales of Repurposed People's Collective X37F

A fresh utopia, populated by the Combine's finest new volunteers, being drilled and re-educated by the finest Hegemonic Engineering techniques, leaving no room for thought of discontent or rebellion. This happy land is marred only by the frequent terrorist insurgencies of the large population of Industrioclasts, destroying and defacing in a series of futile grasps at relevance.

  • Creation: Civilisation expands outwards, bringing order to chaos. The walks, ferries, paths, roads, and buildings protect the people from malevolent and marauding plants and wildlife. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Desecration: A great party rolls into town: talking animals, flying monkeys, distributing cures, the end of unwanted pain, the freedom to choose your form and path. (Leaf, II)
  • Force*: Legions upon legions of VolCorp soldiers, ready to be thrown head first into the fight for freedom, armed with the best destruction equipment mana can buy.
  • Ruination: The people band together to remove the onslaught of nature and build great engines that work for the people in their place. (At Dawn And At Dusk, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Valve The labours of the volunteers are exported and rewarded with new guns. (Valve, I)
  • Wonder: Tiny rats bring ideologically sound biscuits to the VolCorps. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Self Portrait

Owner: Liberator Dynamics, of the Victory Through Persistence

Tales of Self Portrait

A lush grassy landscape good for living on and off is split down the middle by a canyon filled with storms. The skyline is dominated by an enormous statue of Dynamics desperately reaching over the edge of the canyon, grabbing the hand of a Volunteer, preventing her from falling.

The statue is hollowed out and the interior lit to show carvings of epic stories from Dynamics’s past. Dynamics’s head is inaccessible, but rumour says it contains carvings of those who matter most to him. The Volunteer statue is completely inaccessible and rumours run wild about what is inside.

  • Aegis
  • Advisor: advantaging Ziggy Love The Ziggy Love Show, with exciting new goggle range inspired by Flare. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Creation: A giant statue of Comrade Cam, poised to heal comrades. At the base, supplies of medicine and nutritious food are freely available. (Leaf, II)
  • Force*: Liberator Dynamic's mighty statue's mighty sword.
  • Obliviation: A huge statue of Flare has crushed the Axle statue, crushing it into the ground. (Gatling, II)
  • Palace: An edifice of whalebone. Wind whistles through in lingering song. Moths with words upon their wings can be read. (Last Lingering Music, I)
  • Wonder: A large statue of Desiderata and Dynamics embracing each other. Carvings around the statue describe their story, often featuring the word 'Vinamics'. (Desiderata Violet, I)

Storing 4 Majesty

The Skyforge

Owner: Engineer Rebar, of the Victory Through Persistence

Tales of The Skyforge

An expansive obsidian plateau towers above the surrounding plains. Geothermal vents drive massive turbines on the surface which power the vast network of factories that surround. Rivulets of molten ore give a fierce glow to the city streets and are forged by the denizens into machinery, weaponry and sculpture.

  • Creation*: The great foundry in the heart of the mountain creates steel beams the size of airships.
  • Force: A fleet of airships, guarding the Liberated Skies. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Valve A skyport, wrought of advanced alloys, where engineering supplies are brought in en masse. (Valve, II)
  • Rearm: The fleet of airships is rebuilt, stronger and faster than ever before. (Diesel, II)
  • Wonder: Above the vents mechanical birds hover, their wings sounding like the whir of tiny cogs. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Soldier's Rest

Owner: Liberator Diesel, of the Relentless Assault On The Tyranny Of Authority

A peaceful, quiet ship graveyard. The ocean laps at a sandy shore, and the stars sparkle above. Sunsets tend to be spectacular, and the weather warm. The ships lying there are in various stages of decay.

  • Creation*: Quick, clever cat-like animals that dash about the empty ships getting underfoot and mana rubbing off on them.
  • Force: A plaque to commemorate the fallen and forgotten, poignant and inspirational. (Fluidity, II)
  • Palace: A majestic golden cock, in gold and ivory. (Lapin, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Valve Airborne caravans bring supplies of anti-allergen medicines, letting comrades pet the cats. (Valve, II)
  • Wonder: Catwalks and scratching posts drip with crystals, knocked loose by troublesome felines. (Barrage, II)

Storing 3 Majesty

The Staging Camp

Owner: Volunteer Vector, of the Symphony Of Purpose

A sprawling camp of grey-green tents nestles in the foothills of a large mountain range. Moving from the outside to the inner areas takes the traveller through generators, gently purring vehicle bays, the heady noise of a firing range and finally into the central block of large square canvas, marked with the sign of the Medical Core of VolCorp. Off in shadowy corners, surgeons work grafting onto those who would yet live, nothing is wasted, if it can bring another month out of a soldier, then it is done without regard for the long-term consequences.

  • Creation: An airship foundry, building new ships to populate the Liberated Skies. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Diesel A large diplomatic tent, where differences are looked at peacefully. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Force*: Great veins of blood red ore protrude from the mountain ranges above the camp.
  • Traders: advantaging Valve Hover caravans bring food and alcohol to the Combine's loyal troops. (Valve, II)
  • Wonder: Healing herbs bloom in the cracks, wafting a sweet scent. (Barrage, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Opportunity Knoxx

Sovereign: Auspicious Paradigm, Prime Executive

Every party is an afterparty! Outworld after dark! A million flickering lights, an infinite helical cityscape of neon and pink under the night sky! Vast floating billboards advertising everything from Chain Dog's Cereal and Violet's new Flare inspired lingerie, to HoloVid 12's up-to-the-second news! Where the ratings sculpt the rise and fall of network industry! The city that never sleeps! A city that thrives! The city that moves... you! Here, the thriving megascraper territories grow and vie for position, orbiting around the perfect impossible wonderland at its centre: Ziggy Love's fairy tale paradise. Lights pierce the constant night, and lance up to Opportunity Noxx's own crystal star in the sky, spreading the Love all over the Outworld. The Ziggy Love.

Geomantic Engine Status: Within Tolerances (4/4)

The Amethyst Tower

Owner: Desiderata Violet

Tales of The Amethyst Tower

A skyscraper of gleaming steel and glass, inside is a maze of purple and white polished, brightly lit, and sterile looking corridors full of people busily meeting the demands of Desiderata’s clients. Music is constantly heard everywhere, interspersed with whispered questions: “Who are you?” “What do you want?”

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: An extravagant throne-like chair of polished purple crystal and glittering light sitting in the head office of the Amethyst Tower.
  • Dark Wonder: Ziggy and Violet's Flare-inspired lingerie range. (Desiderata, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Flare The seven seas of rhye. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Force: A cadre of purple and white adorned crystalline security dolls with porcelain faces. (C60, I)
  • Legion: A legion of bioengineers run hydroponics labs across floors eight to ten, providing food to the tower and selling on the excess for profits. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing red Clouds of scented smoke puff gently from the walls of one of the rooms in the tower. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Masterpiece: A production studio rented by NBTV, but always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing #givethepeoplewhattheywant #darling. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ziggy Love Dynamite with a laser beam. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A brilliant new star hangs in the sky, visible day and night. Harmonic crystals in the star receive and convey Aethernet feeds. Tune in now! #harmonise (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Miracle: A bright purple light suffusing the steel and glass hallways of the Tower, making everybody smile. (Desiderata, I)
  • Rich Pickings: Purple Roses that creep and climb up the side of the tower. Buried between the petals are impossibly sharp thorns. Reaching in promises great reward, but the cost leaves scars for a lifetime. (Gatling, I)
  • Wonder: A scented and glittering fountain, sweet-smelling and shining with purple light. (Desiderata, I)

The Archives

Owner: Pandora Romanov (New)

Dark. Still. Peaceful. If you can get lost in a good book, it’s even easier to lose your way in the Archives. The shelves rise floor to ceiling, stuffed full of books filled with empty pages, and rumours say they move to trap intruders before they read things they shouldn’t. There are doors leading to private rooms dotted around where the shelves allow space but, without permission from Pandora, they will stay firmly locked.

  • Creation*: Something in you knows sitting in the guest chair opposite the large oak Information desk will find you all you need.

The Chambers

Owner: Scarlet Crave

Long glass corridors lead to open rooms full of gaudily dressed scientists under bright lights. “Test subjects” willingly flock to the chambers to test the latest products and share in the excitement of the pre-release experience. Holovid advertising is created from the exuberant test subjects who are delighted to have experienced this first hand and gleeful to share their joy with the wider market world. There are no stories of failed products from the chambers.

  • Advisor: advantaging Ten Count Blessed with the fastest metabolism and greatest resistance in the Realm, if a new product excites C.Q., it's ready for the rest of mankind. (Ten Count, II)
  • Creation: A colourful 'waterfall' of crystallised emotion cascades into a sparkling pool. (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Force: A team of Spa and Care staff, looking after those taking part in Crave's testing. Feel better, look better, be better! (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Masterpiece: Vitamin Glee! A sparkling drug, which pops and crackles in the mouth, making the user happy, relaxed, and able to see the world in bright sparkling colours; as it should be! (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ten Count The first graduates of the Ten Step program may not be excited by their assignment, but protecting the supply is critical. (Ten Count, II)
  • Wonder*: At the entrance to the chambers stands a neon escalator, glowing in crimson and yellow, leading to the vid screens in the arrival dome.

Storing 1 Majesty


Owner: Intriguing Glint Anki

It’s beautiful and chaotic. The landscape is lush, undergrowth overflowing with life that piles into treetop canopies and over rivers as fat lilypads. Above it are the communities, moving as they wish around the scenery, rails available for tours to ‘nature’. Vibrant workshops, coloured steam bubbling out of spiralling chimneys and tubes. Whole walls are screens displaying the latest bloodsport match or invention competitions. The houses are sculpted, like glass blown creations they twist and bulge, fat columns around the glimmering windows. You don’t have to be mad to live here…

  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A consumer marketing and research consultancy from Holovid 12 Media to gauge interests and guide tastes in assorted shaping media. (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Creation': A flower of coloured glass blooms and cools in an open air forge. (Glint, I)
  • Force*: Creation and destruction in the name of beauty, structures beat and breathe like living things; forges, ranges, alchemical, mechanical bliss.
  • Palace: Multisense-network of instant messages refracted off the wings of messenger bees. Curated channels range from monochrome classics to bleeding edge scent-infused 3D programming. (Last Lingering Music, II)
  • Wonder: Gaps in the forest canopy show new growth. Bright flowers explode colours, animals wander between the tree trunks and birds sing. (Glint, I)

Storing 2 Majesty

The Clockwork Circus

Owner: Clarity Absolute (New)

Visions of daring do, precisely performed, every night and twice on Sundays. Clinically cut in white steel and black enamel, all the fun of the fair, none of the sawdust. A three ring circus of every joy imaginable, watch from the cameras, cheer from the seats, laugh while taking part. Or, for a special fee, look beyond the canvas. Try not to cross the ringmaster, though.

  • Palace*: A hidden room above the high wire, invisible from the ground below, offers the very best view of whatever goes on below.

The Eventful Horizon

Owner: The Void

The physical plane alone cannot contain this capacious, multi-dimensional structure. Split between realities, the Eventful Horizon coalesces in vivid form, bound only by the limitations of the visual spectrum. What you see is only the tip of the kaleidoscope. Incoming data streams synthesize in bismuth veins that flow through the storage matrix's macroscopic crystalline arrays.

All incoming information, be it visitor or message, is encoded via a rather uncomfortable dematerialization process and buffered in our dynamic replicators. The only post-process recollection possible is of the slogan pulsating through the central obelisk:

"Your opinion matters, as long as it's ours!"

  • Creation*: Upon re-materialisation, expendable assets decrypt blue mana from their code.
  • Force: An autoturret with advanced facial recognition software and voice activation. The interface advertises Franchise Centre Eight. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Legion: A team of paid researchers and analysts travels across the world gathering data. They also distribute advertisements for Franchise Centre Eight. (Thoughtful Spider, II)

Storing 1 Majesty

The Complex

Owner: "Talos" Perchik

An ever shifting network of silence and screams. The last bastion of protection in a storm. A maze of armouries, sparring chambers, cells, interrogation rooms, vaults and redoubts, all rotating and shifting around a locked central chamber. A juxtaposed place of calm and violence, filled with secrets known to very few. It is not suggested to wander the Complex without the knowledge or permission to do so, not if you value your sanity.

  • Creation*: A deathly calm falls, the constant shifting stops, the central chamber opens.


Owner: Dahlia Twist

Welcome to Experience©, where all of your dreams – and nightmares – can come true. Our Blendgineers will make sure you enjoy, or detest, everything Experience has to offer- or none of it at all. Here, you’re in charge. From our opulent velveteen dens, to our glittering pools and pulsing nightclubs – Everywhere you look there’s a door, and something behind it. Who will you be today? Be anyone, become anything, Try Everything – Thats the Twist motto! Grab an Experience Module and integrate, with any licensed Peer© headset or injection module, and immerse yourself. Welcome to no restrictions. Welcome to desire. Welcome, to EXPERIENCE©!

  • Creation: Peer Research and Development Faboratory. A sleek and modern facility for the development of money and thought technology & psychology. (Dahlia Twist, II)
  • Force: Experience consultants meet and match patrons with personalised services. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Mercenaries: A squad of heavily armed but unarmoured, steroid fuelled and oiled fighters with the TF logo tattooed across their rippling bodies. (Trojan Force, II)
  • Palace: A beautiful palace with rose gardens around it. It always smells of flowers. (Lapin, II)
  • Throne: The Elysium Memorial. A tribute to the Petitioners of the Elysium Towers following the Ziggy Love conflict. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Wonder*: Ceilings and skies are littered with beautiful glowing crystals that come when beckoned, and move affectionately around the caller.

Storing 19 Majesty

Force Majeure

Owner: Trojan Force

A neon-nightmare sprawling urban landscape, sense and practicality of design have given way to create the ultimate ongoing contest of survival. Every street is plastered with cameras and screens to record and relay every moment in a testimony to the primality of physicality in all its glory.

  • Creation: A giant elevator fitted for transporting the large testosterone beasts to the penthouse; logistics by Protean Dynamics. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Force: Soylent Force! A team of expert protein chefs cooking and serving Trojan Force's old time blend of hormones, supplements, and spices. Molecular reconfiguration by Protean Dynamics. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Palace*: Trojan Tower; where contestants must fight to reach the luxury of the Penthouse and duel Trojan Force.
  • Untamed Force: One thousand lucky Opportunity citizens win "Dr Weaver's Grow Your Own Great Beast' kits. Great beasts rampage and destroy many expensive buildings. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Wonder: A glass walled penthouse suite atop Trojan Tower, adorned with 'gargoyles' in the image of Trojan Force in various flexing poses. (Trojan Force, II)

Storing 2 Majesty

Franchise Centre Eight

Owner: Thoughtful Spider

Tales of Franchise Centre Eight

A vast subterranean, shopping mall, with entrances across Opportunity. The full height glazed shop frontages are constantly showing the latest products; over 20,000 brands are represented in Franchise Centre Eight, all of them owned, ultimately, by Protean Dynamics. There are no windows or clocks, so the outside world won’t distract the shoppers. The ceilings are a canopy of stars, neatly ordered as mandated by Protean Dynamics policies. At the centre of the mall – marked “Restricted” and behind heavy security – lies “the Nidus”, Spider’s inner sanctum, where teams of customer satisfaction operatives track customers’ every purchase, movement and conversation.

  • Creation*: A receiver dish and read-out display, displaying random assortments of letters numbers and non-specific shapes, apparently a received transmission.
  • Force: Cybernetically enhanced security operatives patrol the centre with nonlethal stun weapons. For your protection. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Legion: Suppliers collect fresh produce from the hydroponics labs of the Amethyst Tower, for sale to the wider Opportunity populace. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Masterpiece: Spider's Silks. Perfect from the boardroom to the bedroom. A commanding clothing and accessories line. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Miracle: The food court! Trojan's Tasty Treats! Hot and cold food molecularly reconfigured from fresh air, to your order. (Trojan Force, II)
  • Palace: REM pods give customers the mental, physical and emotional benefits of ten hours of sleep after just one ten-minute session. Complementary drink included with session purchase! (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Traders: advantaging The Void The finest and freshest biomantic enhancements and customer electronics, direct, new and improved. By Protean Dynamics. (The Void, II)
  • Wonder: Many neon spiders the size of cats, capable of changing their metabolism to provide a variety of refreshing beverages on demand. (Orb Weaver, I)

Storing 2 Majesty

The Gearhouse

Owner: Chain Dog

A grand Colosseum, with iron spiked rotating platforms, adjustable audience seating, and acres of vibrant advertising.

  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue Wall of Champions: names of victors carved into the walls above the names of the deceased. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Desiderata Violet The Dogs Of War: gangs roaming The Gearhouse armed with heavy belt fed weaponry and chainsaws. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Palace*: A mighty throne, the back of which is a large stylised spiked gear.
  • Rebuild: A desperate need of restocking my statues! Cereal is resupplied to The Gearhouse. (Synderella, II)
  • Ruination: A massive increase in ratings! Out with the old, in with the new. Everyone loves destruction. (At Dawn And At Dusk, II)
  • Wonder: Upon one of the rotating platforms, a sculpture of pain, spikes rotating into anguished forms. This is relentless red ruin made manifest. (Cornea, I)

Storing 1 green, 1 red, and 5 Majesty

The Grottos

Owner: Skyshock Sigma

A world of caverns, the far-far- distant ceilings hidden by the roiling clouds that spark with lightning. Specks of gemstone fleck the rough stone walls, wide as an ocean in some places, in others so narrow you can barely squeeze through. Soft blue and purple moss forms the carpet, allowing the inhabitants to walk barefoot, the air is soft and warm, except on the rocky mezzanines where the brave can hunt and dance with the lightning. Few crops grow in the moss, but those that do grow well and copiously, and along with the fine hunting of the native deer-like creatures, food is rarely scarce.

  • Wonder*: The Empyrean - A slick of colour creeps over the clouds, ever-changing, ever-moving. Legend attributes luck to those its light touches.

Storing 5 green, 1 Majesty

Holovid Towers


Owner: Vox

A gloriously appointed apartment block with jacuzzis, balcony swimming pools and fully equipped holo-suits. Holovid 12's office suites and digital database cellars are amongst the finest that mortals could dream of.

  • Aegis
  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A small executive suite and luxury facilities for the executives liaising with corporate headquarters. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Creation: The new and exciting 'Flux Wildly Theme Park'. Exciting rides, fairytale castle, and new Flux Wildly museum. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Force: A rushing waterfall serves as the water source for Holovid Towers. Complete with flumes and spa. (C60 2AT8, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm Spiders do much faster work producing Flux Wildly merchandise for sale. Customers say the clothing is much higher quality than before. The store staff are returned to their positions and Jonathan is found. There has never been a better time to buy! (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Wonder*: The audience ratings of Holovid 12, crystallised into green mana when they reach the Outworld.

Storing 4 blue, 3 red, 1 Majesty

Storing 1 Majesty

HV12M Corporate HQ

Owner: Auspicious Paradigm

A vast complex for the use of Holovid 12 Media in the new age. Four skyscraping towers hold well-appointed offices and meeting rooms with other necessary facilities for each department inhabiting much smaller nearby buildings. The first three are for the Financial and Accounting, Consumer Marketing and Research, and Solutions Management departments. The central and largest tower serves as the base of operations for Executive Management.

  • Aegis
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Force: Lush foliage covers rolling hills opening onto a picturesque hanging river. The perfect place to spend one's outdoor chillax timeframe. (C60 2AT8, I)
  • Grim Spectacle: Hooded spider-human hybrid hackers tap the feeds, remixing, remapping, shifting the rhetoric in line with random conflicting agendas. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Masterpiece: A necessary evil. A vast, underground computer network plugged into the Aethernet expunges all media including or pertaining to Ziggy Love. Gotta leave it all behind and face the truth. (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A new management hub that maximises the core synergies of the hacker spiders to produce great media remixes, whilst ensuring they do not violate corporate policies (NO BRAIN EGGS!). (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Palace*: The tower hosting Executive Management; an awe-inspiring, fully glass marvel of architecture grasping at the clouds, visible for miles around.
  • Throne: A titanic oak dominates the background scenery, reaching to the stars. Through it, #projectresurgence beams across the across the realm, a new wave of media entertainment of all sorts, pushing boundaries and taking no prisoners. A new paradigm reigns. (Changing Of The Tide, II)
  • Wonder: Mixed white and black crystal fountain in the plaza outside the executive tower. (Intriguing Glint Anki, I)

Storing 20 Majesty

The Silver Cross


Owner: "Ten Count" Markowitz

Tales of The Silver Cross

Buried deep beneath the Metropolis, accessible only by a single winding and extremely well-guarded staircase, lies the Silver Cross. Equal parts high-class bordello and dark, intense club, the Silver Cross is a slick and semi-stylish temple to hedonism and can cater to pretty much any desire a client can afford to pay for. Dark where it isn’t lit in red or ultraviolet, heated by the bodies of carousing patrons and backed by a loud, bass-heavy soundtrack, first-timers are advised to stay sober in order to keep their heads unclouded, their possessions undisturbed and their throats unslit.

  • Aegis
  • Force*: Markowitz’s inner sanctum is equally richly appointed – soft leather chairs, a solid oaken desk and enough weaponry to outfit a decent-sized army.
  • Legion: Ten Count's Ten Step School of Margin Driving. You too can join the illustrious alumni and kill everyone you're paid to. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Ruination: Ones and zeroes dance to a different tune. Firewalls fail and the neuro-ice ain't that cold. Access granted. (Stratos, II)
  • Wonder: A deep pulsing rhythm plays, leading all listeners to a heightened state of awareness. (Scarlet Crave, II)

Stars Rest

Owner: Flux Wildly

A valley surrounded by serrated peaks: an unblemished landscape of emerald and gold, dappled with the drifting shadows of clouds. A warm, inviting, land. Below the surface lies a complex network of caves and tunnels: dark, and cold, and damp.

  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A branch executive office of Holovid 12 Media's consumer marketing and research department with luxury facilities to manage local consumer preferences. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Force: Protean Dynamics security team offices working on commission for Holovid 12 Media's solutions department, maintaining the peace. (C60 2AT8, I)
  • Palace: A palatial complex of screens and 4D projectors. Whale-themed undersea programming can be viewed. Interactive adventures guide participants in self-discovery and greater emotional investment in current fashions. (Last Lingering Music, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm Flux Wildly's new range of designer drugs. Forget all your worries and embrace the same sensations as Flux Wildly, as seen every day on Holovid 12! (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Wonder*: A series of standing stones arranged in the shape of a star.

Storing 5 blue, 5 red, 2 Majesty

The Vale of Splendour

Owner: Synderella

A garden domain of unparalleled beauty; great obelisks of green ending in magnificent blooms of all colours surround the writhing mass of flora that form the home of their mistress, the Living Palace.

  • Aegis
  • Creation*: Lilies and roses that grow and blossom in her wake, incandescent blooms that flourish at every step: her ascendancy consolidated.
  • Disaster: Wedding photos of Chain Dog and Synderella. Everywhere. (Chain Dog, II)
  • Force: The Synderella Institute Of Fashion. A stylish campus with stunning lawns populated by dazzling white peacocks and cascades of shimmering water features. A home for the gifted designers of beauty. From Opportunity, with love. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Geomantic Exodus: A sigil burns in the air, expands in a fractal, and makes the air taste thick. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Obliviation: All citizens can recall is Synderella's glory and majesty. There is no bad press. (At Dawn And At Dusk, II)
  • Plague: Fashion outlet that sells Chain Dog merchandise t-shirts. (Chain Dog, II)
  • Rearm: Additional storefront security to protect Synderella's wedding gown. (Synderella, II)
  • Rebirth: Synderella's fashion instinct is so popular, doors have to be manned to prevent crowding and crushing. (Synderella, II)
  • Rebuild: Synderella and Chain Dog release romantic honeymoon photos. (Synderella, II)
  • Wonder: Synderella's new show is a massive success - ratings are astronomical. (Desiderata Violet, II)

The Underworld

Owner: 2²

Underground. Which ground? Who knows. It’s dark and disgusting and it is HAPPENING. Miles upon miles of concrete tunnels host the hottest parties this side of the outworld. Just watch out for the tentacles…

  • Creation: An emerald glowing barrier of tendrils, spanning 20 metres in each direction. Out with the old, in with the new - goodbye, nostalgia. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Force: A force of sexbots, created to 2²'s specifications, with the special tentacle additions and appendages. By Protean Dynamics. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Palace*: The Pumping Station: Pump and dump baby. A weirdly sticky industrial rave pit.
  • Wonder: The Karma Chameleon. A one of a kind statue. It comes and goes. (2², II)

Storing 1 Majesty