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A Visit

Authors:Lieutenant Balthazhar Piston Bennet

The lake glinted in the afternoon sun, casting a golden glow over the entire valley. The trees in a nearby forest swayed in the breeze and and birdsong echoed from the treetops as the dusk slowly descended. The Mirror and its surroundings were tranquil, the peace only occasionally broken by a school of crystal blue fish or a solitary deer dashing into the forest. The inhabitants of this realm quickly learned that while the Mirror is potent, it’s also dangerous in its awesome power and few can withstand the visions it shows for long without losing themselves.

The afternoon could have unremarkably continued in its beauty but that day was a to be different. If one looked closely, one would spy small ripples marring the surface of the lake, slowly building in strength. Eventually, when the waves threatened to spill over the banks, a giant glowing worm broke through the crescendo. As the worm approached the small dock, Lieutenant Bennett alighted from his saddle onto the land. An observer would expect him to be drenched from his unusual method of travel, but he stood tall in his rugged outfit apparently unbothered by simple physics. If asked, he would probably say that this is precisely why one wears hat.

His eyes swept over the path winding upwards from the jetty to the nearby woods. A single figure in a red and gold jacket emerged from under the trees towards the dock and Bennett’s long dead heart suddenly gave a single powerful beat.