Outworld/The Skyforge

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Author: Dynamics

The skeleton of the rebuilt Victory Through Persistence was floating in the sky above the Skyforge, suspended by miraculous creations of Engineer Rebar as steel beams forged in the factories below were passed up to continue the reconstruction. Dynamics had chosen a good time to visit, and walked along the backbone of the airship scaffold, watching as Engineers got welding, when a familiar name mentioned by two Rhetonomic Engineers who were walking past on a catwalk underneath him, cameras glinting in the light, caught his attention.

"She's not really all that though, is she?" chattered one of them, "Sure, she can fire a gun like anyone else, but so can any Volunteer. She's nothing special at all!"

The other offered an objection, "From what I heard, she did fight valiantly to bring the Shapers the victory they deserved."

"So they tell us, but so I hear did Engineer Rebar, Engineer Crankshaft, Fusilier Barrage - but where are their medals, huh? Axle's pathetic."

There was a loud CLANG as the walkway shook, and the Rhetonomic Engineer turned around to find themselves looking at the glowing point of Dynamics's sword, pointed square between their eyes.

"You'll want to watch your tongue when talking about a hero of the Combine, Comrade," he said, coolly, and the engineer nodded, garbling an apology. Dynamics lowered his sword and turned away, but heard it whispered just behind him.

"Just because he’s got a massive cr-"

The Rhetonomic Engineer hit a walkway two floors down, a pitiful "Ow" echoing back up. Dynamics peered over the edge and then whispered to the other Engineer, "You might want to cut that out of the footage."