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The Last Day The Chains Dropped

Author: The Outworld

Each night they unfurl, the great chains from the sky, bringing destruction as they do. Each new night brings new monsters, unrelenting, never pausing for breath. The people here deserved no peace. But no matter how many might die, the village lived on. New people arrived constantly, there as if only to suffer. And that was the fate of the village of Alderley Edge.

And then, one day, it wasn't.

The sky was brighter that evening, a low bright sun, as a stranger walked into town. Their flowing locks of hair held out of their face by a great crown, glided into the town, their flowing clothing drawn out behind them with a cooling breeze. In a single flowing motion they made their way into a tavern, and by the look in their eye ordered a drink which was delivered immediately.

They sat in the corner, reclined with their legs crossed over the edge of the table (no one daring to call out this rudeness) until the chains descended and people headed to their bunkers.

The stranger strode out into the streets, clutching at a sigil around their neck. They flew higher into the air and as they did ethereal tentacles began to form, spouting from the ground. The last thing any villager saw that evening, as they closed their hatch, was the stranger draw a rod from their holster and begin to form runes in the air.

And since that day, the chains have not dropped in Alderley Edge.