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A type of Shaped item that is worn as part of a character’s costume. You may wear as many Accessories as you like.


A type of Shaped item that can be added to another item, or worn by itself as an Accessory.


A special Quality that Sovereigns can add or remove. An Aegis is a powerful defensive protection in Geomancy.


One of four bonuses that enhance the effect of Battlegear. Affinities provide a speciality in combat, and are chosen at character creation. Classes can be changed between events.


A formal four-a-side duel. The winners of an Affront are able to place Hexes on their opponents.

Affront grounds

The area of the event set aside for Affronts to be fought. When not in use for Affronts, the Affront grounds can be used to have practice matches.


When a character is killed by another character, this triggers Aftermath. This is a process that turns the victim’s presence on the Geomantic tables into curses upon their murderer.


An item created by a character with the Penumbral Soulforge that allows them to cling to life longer, but experience negative roleplaying effects.


A member of crew that is playing a spectral projection of the Nexus. Apparitions are used to make announcements, to field questions (both IC and OOC), to manage the different game areas (Affront grounds, Geomantic tables, and Shaping tables), and to arbitrate rules disputes. Apparitions can be identified by their mark of office, which will be detailed before the event.


A type of Shaped item that is worn or wielded, and represented by a prop. Battlegear provides you with new abilities in Affronts.


A type of Shaped item that is used outside of combat, and does not need to be represented by a prop.


Fractures in the reality of the Outworld, which can be caused by Geomancy. Dissonance is represented by tokens, which are shared in a pool for each Realm.


The art of sculpting the fluid reality of the Outworld. Geomancy is done at the Geomantic tables.

Geomantic tables

Grand Quality

A powerful Quality that is created by combining Mana with a Trophy.


A curse that can be used on one of your opponents if you are still standing at the end of an Affront.


A one-use item that augments, redirects or mitigates a Hex when it is used.


The reality that shapers come from, and home of the five Origins.


A type of Shaped item that has temporary effects, and which is unidentified until it is used.


Tokens which are accrued on your Territory. The character who has the most Majesty tokens is the Sovereign of their Realm.


Crystallised energy, created by Geomancy and used in Shaping. Mana is represented by tokens, and has three different types: blue, green, and red.


An invisible counted number, like 'Hit Points', which is incremented or reduced during combat. When you are out of Morale, you are KO'd and out of the fight.


One of seven driving motivations, chosen at character creation. Your Motive(s) determine which Shaped items you can create, and which Tethers you can forge.


The main game area. The Nexus is a metaphysical space in the 'centre' of the Outworld.


The culture from which a character comes from. Characters can have two Motives if they are chosen from those favoured by their Origin, and their Territory starts in the same Realm as others from the same Origin.


A type of Shaped item that represents the basis of a character’s costume. You may wear only one Outfit at a time.


The reality in which the game takes place, and home of the five Realms.


A member of crew that is playing a mortal visitor from a player’s Territory. Petitioners are people with their own goals and agendas, but they are not Shapers and as such cannot become involved with Affronts, Geomancy, Quests or Tethers. Petitioners can be identified by the symbol on their foreheads.


A feature of the Outworld that boosts or weakens the Territory on which it is placed. Qualities are represented by cards that are placed on their Territory’s tablet in the Geomantic Tables.


One of the five areas of the Outworld. All players from an Origin have their Territories begin in that Origin's Realm.


A player character. Shapers were once mortal, but have been given divine power.

Shaped item

A mundane object that has been invested with power through Shaping.

Shaping list

A list of Shaped items that a character can create at the Shaping tables. There is one Shaping list for each Motive, and one advanced Shaping list for each combination of two Motives.

Shaping tables

A pair of tables at the event, staffed by Apparitions. This is where you go to create Shaped items, register Tethers and Soulforges, and report to if killed.


A permanent enhancement obtained by consuming Soulforging Seeds. Soulforges change how your Aftermath works, or how other people's Aftermaths affect you.


The character who has accumulated the most Majesty in their Realm, and who receives special powers as a result.


A metaphysical bond between two characters, created by using a Tether Hook and making a public announcement. Tethers provide both characters with new abilities.


A region of the Outworld that is created by, and linked to, a shaper. Territories are represented by tablets on the Geomantic tables.


A symbol of power that is granted to the Sovereign of a Realm. Trophies can be used to create Grand Motions.

Unshaped item

Battlegear that has not been provided with extra abilities through Shaping. Unshaped items have basic powers of their own.