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You are a shaper, one of your nation's greatest champions. The very fabric of reality bends itself around the strength of your will. But your world is broken, sundered by the very powers that made you great.

A new reality has been created. Its architects are gone, annihilated in a catastrophic act of sabotage. Seizing control of their great geomantic engines, you have a chance to make the world anew.

Granted the power of gods, what will you do?

ReGenesis is a live-action roleplaying game. The fifth event will be held between May 24th 2019 and May 26 2019 at L & A Outdoor Centre in Neath Port Talbot. The event is primarily indoor, with Affronts taking place outside. Indoor accommodation and full catering (including vegetarian and vegan options) is provided. If you have any questions regarding the event, please email or visit our Facebook page, ‘ReGenesis LARP’.

Details on how to book can be found here. The ticket price is £100, which includes accommodation and catering. Booking for event 5 is closed.



Forge the new world through the geomantic apparatus you have seized, in a game of strategy and political know-how. Describe your own creative vision and have it reflected - both in the world, and in its denizens that come to meet their makers. Reap mana from your successes, and use it to grant yourself new powers. Plague and foil the ambitions of your foes.


Empower yourself by forging mystical bonds with your peers - gaining new strengths by defining comrades, enemies, rivals, muses and more. Create your own unique style with our open physrepping rules, freely picking equipment that suits your characterisation and the abilities you have gained. Enjoy a new take on mortality with the grim threat of Aftermath to deter your would-be assassins, and experiment with the soulforging effects that alter it.


Try a new style of LRP combat, with onomatopoeic damage calls and a tactic-heavy system based on the five second rule. Regenesis uses a single tracked number, Morale, to reflect your remaining strength and allow you to unleash supermoves when at the top of your game. Resolve political quarrels with Affronts, four-a-side duels that enable victors to lay curses on their adversaries.

The Rift Beckons...