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When players book for their first event, details of their Territories (and the Qualities inside them) will be added here. After each event, this will be updated to reflect the changes made by Geomancy. They are separated into five Realms, which came into being when the shapers arrived. Whoever is a Realm's Sovereign when an event ends may rename it; it may also change in nature to reflect them, but this process is not under any knowable control.

Qualities marked with an asterisk (*) are starting ones; they cannot be removed, and will provide the Territory's owner with a stipend of mana or majesty at the beginning of each event.


The Chromatic Expanse

Sovereign: Dahlia Twist, Ranger

This is a land of dreams and stories, of strange possibility and subtle revelation. The breath of the Skalds whispers through the twilight air, a spoken archive of legend and wisdom unfettered by time. Among these living words lies an endless wasteland, wrapped in the mists of tales yet to be told. Geography is not subject to maps and logic; the inhabitants navigate by pure desire. The points of the compass are curiosity and song, insight and bloodshed.

Yet there are islands of stability here, where great sagas have found form in the minds of the Tribes. Bulwarks of growth harbouring whole ecosystems have been shaped into existence. Hives and webways thrum with glittering life and calm pools provide oases of respite for travellers. But this is life in all its unfettered aspects and only fools think every tale ends well. Here too beasts track burning footprints through the nightmares of the unprepared and an endless storm shatters the distant sky. Among the auguries and portents of many futures The Shapers of the Tribes lay the foundations of a new and better world, through unrestrained passion and the raw power of biomancy unleashed.

Geomantic Engine Status: Within Tolerances (16/24)

Antisolar Point

Owner: Rainbow (NEW)

A cave system that appears from a distance misty on a hillside, like a cloud bank, but when entered it becomes almost solid: the hues shift on its walls, iridescent, never quite decided. There are no doors, simply where you entered; you roam and explore freely here, when welcomed. The floor is granite, the quartz glittering from the light that permeates the space.

  • Creation*: A bowl of hewn quartz, its flaws scattering different colours, each providing a different kind of power to its water.


Owner: Crystal Nex

The triangular island of AthlantiX emerges with the tides from the oceans of the Outworld. Its gorgeous caves have vast ceilings of shimmering obsidian crystals in geometric patterns, with pools of bright cyan water and white sand below. These caves are the place of secret convocations with sea monsters, great and small. Above the caves, the island pretends to be a beautiful paradise – however, every bit of it is made out of treacherous machinery, and contains hidden defences.

  • Creation*: Mana is brought to the AthlantiX’s caves by a variety of sea creatures.
  • Wonder: A group of birds that gather mana. (Mirador, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Ribs A pool of brackish water contains insects that chitter trange and unsettling advice. (Abyss, III)

Storing 10 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana
Storing 11 majesty

Athyrium Falls

Owner: Mirador

A tumbling waterfall in the foothills of towering mountains, partially hidden by thick deciduous forest.

  • Wonder*: The power of the falls causes glimmering stones to be revealed, washed clean and life giving.
  • Traders: advantaging Abyss Travelling caravans of catfolk gather outside settlements promising unique and curious artefacts for sale. (Abyss, III)
  • Creation: A crystal statue that gazes at the starblossom. When the blossom blazes, the statue weeps. When the blossom is dead, the statue looks on with radiant joy. (Celestial Grid, II)
  • Masterpiece: The highest peaks of the mountains form wicked claws that tear open the sky, bleeding perfect crystals into the falls. (Abyss, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Abyss The sabre toothed cats hoard mana in their dens, to give to Abyss. (Mirador, II)
  • Aegis

Storing 2 green mana Storing 3 blue mana


Owner: C60 2AT8

Tales of Austere

Emerging from turmoil of the ocean at Rift’s End, the twin spires of Austere rise skyward. White surf breaks over their sleek obsidian sides, then recoils to reveal the tip of labyrinthine structures that extend for miles into the deep. The mirrored walls within shift and change, diverting away those who advance without steadfast resolve. At its core the Geomantic engines grind into existence the dreamscapes of all who enter. “Better this than the deafening silence of ignorance” reads the iconography displayed across the inner sanctum’s vaulted ceiling.

  • Force*: Upon expulsion from the structure, mana bleeds from a Shaper’s skin and may be channelled to any will Austere has set in motion.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Orb-Weaver Spider-droids, programmed to feel intense, beautiful emotions, engage in intense rivalries and doomed love affairs. (Orb-Weaver, IV)
  • Wonder: Adorable small furry creatures spontaneously generate from the surroundings. Their fur bears a potent painkiller which reverses agin and heals all impairments. Those affected feel a strong desire to protect the creatures and expose others to their effects. (Leaf, II)
  • Miracle: Tentacles from the deep emerge to embrace the spires of Austere, crackling with bioluminescence. An enormous squid - delivering Aethernet connectivity - a marvel of biomancy! (Glint, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Orb-Weaver Creatures of glass with sharp teeth and claws step through the mirrored walls when all is dark at night. They trade in the dreams of those who dwell here in exchange for secrets from their hidden world. (Orb-Weaver, III)
  • Creation: A towering statue of a shark god rises over the land, worshipped by human-spider cultists praying for sharks to come to their lands. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Orb-Weaver AN EMERGENCE! In the brains of inhabitants of the territory, spider eggs hatch, causing their owners to preach the joy of the spider-god. (Orb-Weaver, IV)
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds this revered biography and holy book 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb-Weaver, II)

Storing 15 majesty

The Beach of the Lost Souls

Owner: PebbleChrome

Desolate, cool, and bathed in moonlight. The sea and sky are dark but glimmering. Small crabs scuttle and burrow, building infinite sandcastles and fighting and breeding and collecting each other’s abandoned shells. Worms of varying sizes dig complicated cities under the sand. The main flora are thick long grasses and wiry bent trees. The human population mostly eat the crabs, build houses from the wood and worship the sea.

  • Creation*: A giant sandcastle made out of shells.
  • Embassy: advantaging Endless Radiance Robed and hooded monks from far away speak of distant lands and ask the locals to speak of life and the many faces of the sea. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Force: A roving band of marauding mariachi strum their way from village to village here, fighting oppression and silence. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Wonder: Flying willow trees that flap their branches mournfully and nest their roots in the sand. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Miracle: An orchard of mangrove trees twisted into a workshop. Tools appear, fully-formed, through cracks in the bark. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Palace: A vast sandcastle made of sands and shells and willow-boughs. A contented sighing is sometimes carried on the wind nearby. (Pebblechrome, IV)

Storing 1 majesty

The Cabaret of Blood

Owner: Claw (NEW)

Everywhere you look, wine is flowing, blood is being spilled, laughter mixes with the pained cry of conflict. Any experience, sensation or emotion you seek can be found here.

  • Force*: A rolling brawl of glorious bloodshed.
  • Legion: A discussion circle. Lively chatter as the wine flows, talking through their experiences and desires, taking joy in learning. (Cam, IV)
  • Wonder: Mangrove trees, scuttling on their roots across the surface, drinking up their blood and becoming red. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Creation: A pack of mechanical guard-dogs which guard against that which would destroy reality. (Thunder Surrounding, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Carrion Comfort A half-built bridge arcs//Across the horizon//Promising changes. (Carrion Comfort, IV)

The Carved Land

Owner: Ribs

High peaks and vast moors, patterned with heather and small, twisting streams. A few determined trees stand battered by the constant winds. Strange figures roam the horizon, vanishing on a second look. Storms are frequent but never last long.

  • Creation*: Clusters of metal tubes and chimes harness the gales to create a haunting melody.
  • Wonder: A subterranean labyrinth, the pathways changing, growing and decaying like a living organism. (Soar Ever Upwards, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Orb-Weaver The spider-priests bring strange machines that pump raw emotion into the atmosphere, inspiring joy, rage, passion and fevered curiosity in those who live here. (Orb-Weaver, III)
  • Force: Great aerial leviathans travel from place to place in eternal migration. As they pass, stories carves into their bodies are displayed and disseminated for all to see. (Ribs, III)
  • Palace: This bone-wrought pillar/Speaks the wisdom of wildness/Growth arises here (Carrion Comfort, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 10 majesty

The Diabolical and the Found

Owner: Ash (UPDATED)

The Labyrinth remains but the highest ceilings are cracked and smashed from the explosive force of the Infernal Becoming. Parts of the Heap have risen into mountainous volcanoes of molten glass and metal that stretch up through the lattice of the roof. Stars sometimes peek through a sky of rolling, angry thunderclouds. The Forge at the heart now branches out into rivulets of fire and lava encased in black glass, like the veins of a giant beast. At the center is a scavenger city of inventors called the Found. The buildings are made of salvage, towering above the piles of scrap with swinging walkways and ziplines between. The Found create incredible devices from the things left behind, a lot of which are weaponry. They speak in frantic whispers about 'getting back at Them'. Although none of them really know who 'They' are it fuels their creativity, their inner fire, and brings them closer together. The air is filled with screams, crashes, pounding music, laughter and cackling.

  • Force*: The forge is in the shape of a volcano and radiates heat constantly. You feel if whatever you made wasn't worthy it would pull you in and consume you as penance.
  • Wonder: Geometric hanging gardens span the walls, tessellated shapes composed of leaves and flowers. (Soar Ever Upwards, III)
  • Creation: Two small robot mice that move at incredible speed, taking the junk and turning it into mana. (Ash, III)
  • Masterpiece: A vast biomantic reactor snakes vine-like tendrils throughout the tunnels, threatening to ensnare and drain the unwary. (Abyss, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Carrion Comfort A half-built bridge arcs across the horizon, suggesting journeys. (Carrion Comfort, IV)
  • Dream Foundry: forging Infernal Seeds for 1 trophy, 8 blue mana and 16 red mana for 5 A great machine powered and kept alive and running by a force of hyperintelligent and obedient rats. (Red Tail, III)
  • Palace: An enormous, glittering spectacle made of old washing machine drums, car parts, and huge glass windows. (Pebblechrome, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 1 majesty

The Cave Of Stars

Owner: Hand

A honeycomb labyrinth of tunnels. Pulsing roots frame every corridor and tubers shed a gentle light throughout the domain. The inner sanctum is a vaulted chamber, constellations of the World Before twinkling above. The floor is unnaturally smooth, and a littered with keepsakes of the Homeworld.

  • Wonder*: Pearlescent salamander-creatures winding their way through clear rockpools, nesting amid mana-infused kelp, and growing vibrant with its power.
  • Miracle: Fecund aurora. Nightfall brings gleaming sheets of light that catalyse growth and yields of crops and other plants. (Hand, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Abyss Flocks of crows, ravens and magpies carry glittering objects which sparkle in the light from their glowing eyes. (Abyss, III)
  • Force: The green bond. Spores bind to the nervous systems of every organism in the territory, lending every creature a strange gestalt consciousness. (Hand, IV)
  • Creation: Turtles living in a waterfall collect mana in their mouths. (Mirador, II)
  • Palace: An echo of the Bloom's ground zero. The names of all the Walkers who perished in the uprising, carved into the tower. (Desiderata Violet, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

The Ceaseless Climb

Owner: Tor - UPDATED*

Once a mountain, now a volcano beneath a stormy, indigo sky. A long descent into swirling magma pools awaits those who attempt to reach the summit without being sure of their footing. But there are still those who make the climb, if only to find an answer to their question: can any reward outweigh the risk?

  • Creation*: Impossibly, water still flows here; steam seeps into every tunnel and rises. It chokes and obfuscates, but always guides upwards.
  • Aegis

Storing 3 majesty

Corpus Callosum

Owner: Flood

A shimmering web of waters bridging and re-bridging floating nodes of land which nurse extremophile symbiotes. A caldera. A glacier. Benthic expanses. These roiling columns of water change colour and viscosity with the disposition of the creatures that dwell in the connected nodes, and these various streams mingle in the bridgeways, producing strange commixtures.

  • Creation*: These commixtures are relayed to Flood's brain directly, so they may share the sense-experience of every dweller in their Territory.
  • Masterpiece: Genesis relay: Transmits the feelings and desires of the denizen to the apparition called Change. (Flood, IV)
  • Force: Accumulator: Tendrils of flesh, bone and blood writhe through the waterways, reinvigorating the denizens with the desire to thrive. Bypass the relay. (Flood, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Pebblechrome At the request of the Walkers, the Silver Cross' transmutation station has spewed out nothing but furry eels named Dave. Just 'Dave'. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Wonder: Verdurous flip-flop: Changes the qualities on this territory which target 'Change' to target 'Curiosity' instead. A fractal forest of possibility. (Flood, IV)
  • Palace: Walls made of giant bookcases surround seats. Reading stands at different heights hold many books, next to a central throne. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

The Dark Heart Of The Woods

Owner: Maggot (NEW)

This was once a sprawling industrial complex whose chimneys belched out thick black smoke that blocked out the sun. Now the land has reclaimed what was taken from it – the buildings lie in ruins, a mass of rusted metal, broken glass and shattered machinery covered in moss, vines and rot. The inhabitants of the area are twisted, stunted creatures that spend their short, pathetic lives scavenging the ruins.

  • Wonder*: A great tree whose branches are hung with an array of trinkets – each remembering an inhabitant of the realm.

The Discordant Cradle

Owner: Ragweed

Amidst ever-growing, biotechnological spires, arcane machinery like great musical instruments calls into being creatures and lifeforms of various shapes and sizes. These creations live mayfly lives, compelled to return to the Cradle so that the energy composing them can be recombined into new entities, based on their qualities and experiences. This hyper-accelerated evolution continues with no apparent direction or purpose, creating an endlessly developing ecosystem.

  • Wonder: At the base of the spires, dead matter accumulates into life of its own, forming necrotic titans and skeletal conglomerations. Here even rot is verdant, developing, rapturous.
  • Miracle: Envisioning engines and thaumaturgical oracles extrapolate cultural and biological development, simulating and eventually creating visions of future denizens to mingle with the present. (Ragweed, III)
  • Traders: advantaging An Endless Falling Heavily laden monks arrive weekly with trade goods, mushrooms, and scrolls of philosophy and stories. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Force: Occasionally, creatures find themselves compelled to make war, to prove themselves the stronger. The urge passes quickly – and they are united ever afterwards. (Ribs, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging If Only You Would Pilgrims, RPGs on shoulders and blessings on their lips, flood the Cradle. The only coin they take? 'Remember me.' (An Endless Falling, IV)
  • Creation: The dead aren’t gone, but live in what they become. This stela reminds us: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. (If Only You Would, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging An Endless Falling Burning volcanic eruptions bring forth secrets long buried beneath the verdant rot. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Throne: A great hourglass full of sapphires which stretches the lives of those who touch it out to many times their original lengths. (Mariana, IV)

Storing 17 majesty

The Dreaming Savannah

Owner: Leaf

Endless blue skies broken only by sudden storms that bring the healing rain; wide rolling savannah, which feels like it might just go on forever. Everything is green and growing and healthy and beautiful, abundant and good to eat and delicious - plants and wildlife and people alike, if even there is a distinction to be made between them.

  • Force*: A beautiful, healthy tribe of nomads hunt, gather and photosynthesise, never ageing past their prime, always ready for the chase.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ragweed The knife throwing act can miss a person on a spinning wheel from 100 feet, If they want to.
  • Wonder: A beautiful rainbow spring of fresh life-giving water rises from the ground; those who drink gain health and youth, and the compulsion to enable others to drink. (Leaf, II)
  • Creation: A glowing blue cavern imbues those who enter with powers of self-modification and personal sanctity. The leave in a self-designed and near-invincible form and with the desire to bring this power to all. (Leaf, II)

Storing 0 red mana
Storing 10 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana

The Emptiness

Owner: Cornea

The sands stretch forever in The Emptiness, but here a settlement clings, survives, despite all the punishment the world has thrown at it. Here only emotions reign, the Red Path, and here the betrayal and pain, the lies and the false, fuel the karmic heart. Here the pain she feels is crafted into guilt made manifest, to rip out the heart, to crush the breath, to show the art of the Red Path.

  • Force*: Emotional payback sunders the guilty betrayer of the karmic heart.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Pebblechrome Led by an experienced gentlemen, a convoy of carnivorous, adventurous and ravenous goats wander the paths, taking bites out of flora, fauna and folk alike. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Wonder: A sparkling oasis where it is always twilight. Those who drink find their memories replaced with those of exotic strangers. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Exploitation: advantaging Ash A swarm of small biomantic bees. They gather the mana into their little leg-pouches. (Ash, IV)

The Entropolis

Owner: Agony (NEW)

A paradoxical perversion of an opportunity metropolis. Twisted spires converge at impossible angles and the din of hedonism and excess permeates the air. It is possible to walk in one direction for a week and never reach the other end of the city, turning back to find yourself overlooking the void from the highest balcony. Raiders and Gladiators joust in the skies on dangerously fast speeder bikes and vicious fights to the death blend into the bonfires of a carnival of carnage. The Red path taken to its ultimate conclusion, on the precipice of death, you never feel more alive.

  • Force*: Killers astride perilously fast jetbikes armed to the teeth with cruel weapons. When not raiding, they entertain themselves with aerial-jousting.

The Ethereal Wilds

Owner: Juniper

A huge expanse of densely-packed forest, with a canopy that near covers the sky. Dangerous woodland animals roam these hallowed lands, and only those few folk with intimate knowledge of the forest survive here. Amongst grazers, predators, and scavengers, mysterious creatures prowl. Half-seen at twilight, they fit no description of any beast of the Homeworld, and no two encounters with these beings are the same.

  • Wonder*: A colossal, broad-leaved tree that reaches up almost endlessly into the clouds, emanating a sense of ancient wisdom.
  • Legion: The surface of the earth splits as a column of geomantic moles rise skyward, splattering the trees with red. (C60, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Bunny Big cats stalk the land. Eating their hearts brings great strength and long life. (Bunny, III)
  • Creation: In the dark caverns below the forest where spiders roam, tribespeople gather to consume narcotics and dance to pounding tribal music. (Orb-Weaver, II)
  • Palace: A serene pool, hidden within a grove. It heals and energises any who walk within it. (Juniper, II)

Storing 10 red mana
Storing 7 green mana
Storing 7 blue mana
Storing 8 majesty


Owner: Dahlia Twist (UPDATED*)

Welcome to Experience©, w̩̲̳͓he̪̪͓͓re all ̙̰̞͙o̲̗̰ͅf your dreams – and nightmares – can co̹͕̫me true. Our Blendgineers w̲̻̻̲ill make sure you enjoy, or det̮̭̥ͅest, eve͚̗͚ͅrything Experi͕̦̲̭ence has tọ̹͔͓ ̦̲̩offer- or no͓̩͖̘ne of it at all. ͈̙͙̥Here, y̠̫̯̭ou’re in ̫͖͍̪charge. From ouṛ̞̱̙ opulent velveteen dens, to ͙͚͕ͅour̩̣͔ͅ glitter͉̥̜̰ing̻͈̞ pools and p̞̗̮͙ulsing nightclubs – Everywhere you look the͍͕͖re’s ̥͍͇̳a door, and something behind it͕͉̟. Who ̯͉̹͕will yo̘͍̞ͅu be today? Be a̗͙̯̥nyone, bec̭̤̻ome aṋ̭̜͕ything, Try Evḙ̺̲͓rything –͙̘̦͚ Thats the Twi

  • Wonder*: The Relay: Atop the tallest spire of the Experience Complex is a dazzling LED and neon construct of communication, interception and broadcast technology, filling all those who see it with a desire to connect, inspire and achieve.
  • Miracle: In Experience©, scarcity is a thing of the miserable past, and with our future there is no place for it. With Torgue Munitions' 'Raise the Bass' wealth generator, everybody gets the Opportunity to realise their potential. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Force: Experience consultants meet and match patrons with personalised services. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Trojan Force A squad of heavily armed but unarmoured, steroid fuelled and oiled fighters with the TF logo tattooed across their rippling bodies. (Trojan Force, II)
  • Creation: Peer Research and Development Faboratory. A sleek and modern facility for the development of money and thought technology & psychology. (Dahlia Twist, II)
  • Masterpiece: NBTV Corporate HQ: The nere centre of all NBTV programming! ❤#NextBigThingVideo (Dahlia Twist, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Thoughtful Spider A hundred thousand glowing moths and butterflies flutter, scintillating colours seen before only in a forgotten dream. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Palace: A beautiful palace with rose gardens around it. It always smells of flowers. (Lapin, II)
  • Throne: The Elysium Memorial. A tribute to the Petitioners of the Elysium Towers following the Ziggy Love conflict. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Switchgear The Freedom of Mind and Heart airship floats in the sky, advising to avoid the mistakes of the Volunteer Programme. (Switchgear, III)
  • Festival: We achieve nothing by tearing each other down. Build each other up, release their potential, help them realise the opportunity they have to become MORE. (Dahlia Twist, IV)
  • Dream Foundry: forging E-Motive Implants for 1 Trophy and 36 green mana each The Academy of Greater Opportunity, where the children of all visions learn the foundations of diverse business strategy to dream big and make it happen. (Thoughtful Spider, III)
  • Geomantic Exodus: A dome of plant life envelops the territory, transporting it to greener pastures. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Beacon: A great spire is raised, near which voices can be heard. **"Hydra stands ready. Kraken awaits you now. Siren wishes to meet you. Begin our hunt together."** (ERROR, IV)

Storing 55 Majesty

The Forgotten Path

Owner: Mist

A land almost entirely covered by marshy waters. Small patches of land, some big enough for villages, some mere stepping stones, litter the fetid land. Even young children learn which way to jump to get to where they need to – the fishing pools, the next village, home. Most days are forgiving to those who don't, but when the fogs descend, sometimes for weeks at a time, and you cannot see your feet, let alone where they are going, it is important to be confident where you step… There are things below the marsh surface, waiting.

  • Creation*: Eel-like monsters, ten feet long and slimy, that lurk beneath the waters of the Forgotten Path.
  • Tumult: A force of engineers, infiltrating and destroying tech. (Axle, I)
  • Force: There are mechanical sharks that swim out of waters - mostly fins. (Mist, I)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Orb-Weaver Teams of daredevil shark riders thrill observers with their daring stunts, and cause the invading engineers to huddle scared in their camps. (Orb-Weaver, II)
  • Wonder: Wondrous tools and items hang from a tree in the swamp. But they are lures set by a giant jellyfish to attract and kill the unwary. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Miracle: Rainbow crystal domes protect settlements, admitting only things invited. People may let the crystal settle on their skin as they leave, restoring health, youth, and vitality. (Leaf, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Orb-Weaver The shark riders trade mechanical parts taken from dead engineers. In return, giant spiders give silk hooked nets for catching sharks. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing green Fast breeding jellyfish create pools of glowing energy as they expire. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Aegis

The Golden Temple

Owner: Spite (NEW)

A gigantic temple complex – incense burning and acolytes scurrying through the shining stone corridors.

  • Force*: The acolytes forage for red mana – where do they find it? Spite doesn’t care, but as long as they keep bringing it she’ll allow them to live.

The Glass Jungle

Owner: Hawk

A block of skyscrapers made of metal and glass, held up by the myriad of trees, vines and other plants. The trees have absorbed shards of glass or grown around steel beams almost intelligently to support themselves without destroying the building and their place in it. The largest tree in the centre of the tallest building has its bark infused with glass and steel and has grown to the top of the building as a central pillar to stabilise the building itself. Some trees pass between the buildings allowing for free roam between them for those not afraid of heights.

  • Wonder*: Green bio­luminescent ant­like insects inhabit the Glass Tree, strengthening and fusing the natural materials to the glass and steel.
  • Force: A mist bank controlled by the strongest willed person in the area, used to confound their enemies. (Hawk, II)
  • Creation: A shimmering silver sphere that acts as a digital library. (Patient Guardian, I)
  • Masterpiece: A genetic splicing chamber for creating natural perfection. (Patient Guardian, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Orb-Weaver Travelling through this series of tunnels changes the traveller into a spider so they can negotiate with the web-queens. (Orb-Weaver, III)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue This territory is in flux, ever changing primal chaos. Inhabitants change their surroundings and forms according to their subconscious desires. (Orb-Weaver, II)
  • Palace: A library of empty books, where the pages are riddled with word-shaped holes. Moths of letters litter the ceiling. (Last Lingering Music, I)
  • Aegis

Storing 9 red mana
Storing 11 green mana
Storing 14 majesty

Grease And Bolts

Owner: Typhoon

A vast toolshed full of tools - biomechanical and mechanical - and bits and bobs. There are benches and worktables full of plans and schematics, and a beaten up comfortable chair to rest in.

  • Creation*: A small mechanised sentient assistant who is much like a Swiss army knife, always covered in grease, and smells like a workshop.
  • Palace: A clockwork building with long, spider-like legs that deliver oil to the workshop spaces. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)

Storing 4 majesty

Labyrinth Of Mischief

Owner: Red Tail

A winding maze of long deserted sewer tunnels, that span for miles under the earth, giving easy access to the world above though hidden access points. The centre of which is a huge, living hive of rats, swarming around the bone throne and the piles of junk and scavenged loot.

  • Creation*: The throne sits around a large construct, a grinder. The rats scavenge for anything infused with mana, feeding it into the mechanical nightmare's teeth.
  • Force: A large swarm of painted rats, numbering from between 50-60. (Red Tail, II)
  • Wonder: A giant fountain in the shape of Cornea's wondrous tits produces owl-friendly coffee. Surrounded by a forcefield. Owls may enter but they cannot leave. Book-eating spiders erupt from the structure almost constantly. (Cornea, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Abyss Whispers heard from empty stalls, where whispers, rumours and intrigue are traded. (Desiderata Violet, IV)
  • Throne: A grand chair, made of the remnants of walkers past and anything scavenged. (Patient Guardian, III)

Storing 11 majesty

The Mountain's Jaws

Owner: Teeth

A land of wild, sublime beauty - for those who can survive it. The best view of the blood-red sunsets and neon aurora lights is found in the place that gave this Territory its name - a high, windswept plateau, jutting out from one side of a rugged mountain and bordered by two rivers hurtling off the edge. Far below these twin waterfalls lies a rainforest, thick with lush plantlife and growls and chitters of strange creatures: an abundant yet threatening environment, easy to get lost in. Beyond even this, an untamed expanse of savannah stretches out to the horizon.

  • Force* - Close-knit packs of giant thylacines roam the land - efficient predators, though friendly and playful with Teeth.
  • Wonder: A beautiful, psychedelic display of aurora lights showing visions of the past and future. (Teeth, IV)
  • Miracle: Biomantically engineered ambulatory trees bringing shelter and delicious, edible fruits and nuts to any wanderers they find. (Teeth, IV)
  • Creation: Throughout the realm, trees, stones and water flows conceal map fragments. If you assemble the map, it leads to a tree. Each fruit of the tree inspires knowledge. The apparition known as Change also learns these. (Subsidiary, IV)
  • Masterpiece: A grand obelisk of stone and glowing wires in red/green/blue, inscribed: 'If in doubt, bang it out.' The inhabitants can interact with it to reveal the full Gospel of Apple and her adventures in the nexus; the story is constantly added to with new inspirations on uniting the paths and walking free. (Subsidiary, IV)

The Outrider Flotilla

Owner: Dauntless Karash (UPDATED)

The ocean sprays with prismatic haze kicked up by a hundred grav-boats racing endlessly across the infinite sea, spurring each other to move ever faster and with ever more reckless abandon. Beneath the waves, something terrible lurks, an all-consuming shadow yet to surface.

  • Creation*: When the conditions are just right, the mist forms like dew upon exposed surfaces, leaving behind tiny glowing crystals and an empty taste in the air.
  • Masterpiece: A great albino lizard-beast. Blind but tasting the arrogance and hubris of the unworthy who it devours. (End Of Hope Is Truth, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Dahlia Twist The Divine Experiment: An Experience© testing facility, where citizens may temporarily experience the virtual reality of being a Shaper. (Dahlia Twist, III)
  • Force: Mosquitoes buzz through the darkness, alert for any movement. They taste the motives of intruders and swarm to drain the blood of those with ill intent. True explorers receive an infusion of healing, transformative vigour which lets them reinvent themselves from the inspiration to be found here. (Leaf, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Mirador A band of shadowy warriors who fight and hunt in the fashion of big cats. (Abyss, II)
  • Wonder: The mana infused mists form dew which runs into rivulets, streams and torrents before cascading, unending, into the void below. (Abyss, II)
  • Miracle: Phosphorescent floating eels slithering silently through the mist, hunting for intruders. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Palace: The huge, gnarled roots of the immense tree cradle a crumbling structure of crystal and rock perilously above the void. (Abyss, II)
  • Throne: At the nadir of the realm the mists coalesce into a throne - almost solid - from which can be surveyed nothingness. (Abyss, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Tableau BOOM! A waterfall of wise echoes. Whisper under the rainbow spray and listen for the answer coming back from the stone. (Tableau BOOM!, IV)

Storing 2 red mana
Storing 2 green mana
Storing 3 blue mana
Storing 38 majesty

The Paper Hive

Owner: Vespa

Catacombs of parchment, the air thick with communication and a thousand captured stories; huge sectoid insects gather words and mana and weave both into new structures. The walls beat with the tales of their enemies spoken through dripping mandibles.

  • Creation*: Soft-furred bees pluck ambient mana from the air and seal it into luminescent pulp walls, forming a chamber of manacomb.
  • Force: Swarms of bees gather in large spheres, condensing mana out of the air or anything trapped inside. (Hawk, II)
  • Legion: You will be safe. Security is winged and carapaced, slick with ink and biomechanical oils. They will hunt and provide for you all. Safe. (Vesper, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Orb-Weaver The husks of an ancient army of warriors guard the land, animated by millions of spiders crawling beneath their flesh. (Orb-Weaver, III)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing red The bees harvest blood, turning it into the sweetest honey. (Orb-Weaver, II)
  • Wonder: A beautiful oasis, which on closer inspection is made of infinitesimally small spiders. The trees, the water, the ground - all spiders. (Orb-Weaver, II)

Storing 9 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana

The Shrieking Canyons

Owner: Harmattan

An ever shifting set of sandstone valleys and channels that are constantly worn away and remade by the winds that blow across the landscape. A never-ending cacophony of howls, shrieks and whistles plays discordant music as the ground shifts and changes.

  • Creation*: Small, violent cyclones that remake the sand picked up into glistening droplets of beautiful glass and gems in their wake.

Storing 5 blue mana

Sorrow Swamp

Owner: Bogwort

You smell the place long before you see it. The air is almost unbreathable, uncomfortably warm and thick with the stench of salt and tar and rot. It is a fetid swamp clogged with dead mangrove trees whose roots and branches twist into narrow paths across stinking waters. The surface of the water bubbles and oozes. Giant skeletons of long-dead kaiju rise from pools of smoking tar, among clumps of yellow grass and strange, calcified shapes. Despite the acrid air, there are people here. Well, not people; masked, mummified things that make their homes in the tree branches, occasionally traveling across the swamp on stilts or sending their deformed young into the water to hunt for (what may have once been) fish. They hide when they see you. It isn’t a good place for a picnic. Try somewhere else.

  • Force*: Tar-coated Kaiju bones from half-submerged skeletons; webs of light barely visible through surface fractures reveal mana-infused marrow.
  • Wonder: Weeds with yellow flowers and winding tendrils which lash out to strangle passers-by. The petals are a delicacy. ((READ ERROR), IV)
  • Miracle: Giant, eyeless worms that exhale hallucinogenic gas, bestowing 'fun' upon those who breathe it in. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Ragweed The story market, where tales of adventure and wonder are the real currency. (Desiderata Violet, IV)
  • Creation: A gigantic kaiju made of rock and moss that lumbers through the swamp. (Ash, IV)
  • Masterpiece: A giant crocodile that stalks the swamp. Atop is a clockwork engine that puffs out little smoke rings that smell of sweet raspberries. (Ash, IV)

Soulscour Bluffs

Owner: Tsingy

A desert landscape populated with razorsharp stone spires. Relentless heat beats down, and from the spires eyes watch, waiting for the unwary or weak. Each step is discovery of the self, as sins, flaws, and weaknesses are laid bare, the lies you tell yourself to help you live stripped, until all that remains is truth - about who you are, what you 've done, and what you want. The desert is the forge of the soul – the crucible in which self-deception is discarded, and the soul cleansed if it can survive staring at itself without the protection of lies.

  • Creation*: Moments of clarity – insights made solid and crystal by the hammer sun. Forged genius, frozen insight.
  • Embassy: advantaging Hemlock The shadows of all those who enter remain behind and advocate for their owners. (Abyss, IV)

The Still Sea

Owner: Hemlock (UPDATED*)

The sea stretches forever, in writhing waves of darkness. Dead trees crawl towards the sky. Moonlight reflecting off of their bone-white branches. It is still. It is silent. Then comes the hordes. Glowing red eyes light the darkness. Leaping through the canopy, gripping with skeletal hands. Flame pouring from open wounds and sharp smiles - looking; searching; hunting. The land itself retreats desperately. Not a noise is made but a war is fought. People fall and strange flowers bloom in their corpses. Claws rake across leaf and stem leaving deep bleeding marks.

  • Force*: Snakes appear out of the water, leaving small piles of sparkling mana in return for the gift of song.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos The blue dragon's flight value magic above all else and will fight for those that provide them with wonders. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Wonder: After death, corpses blossom, warp and mutate, forming strange new creatures. Living again. ((READ ERROR), IV)
  • Creation: A book of plans and 100 ways to fix your problems with gaffa tape and penetrating oil. (Typhoon, IV)
  • Masterpiece: A sturdy wall with a hole smashed through it. Light shines through. ((READ ERROR), IV)

Telluric Fastness

Owner: Stratos

Tales of Telluric Fastness

There is a heartbeat in the air, an organic rhythm to the charged atmospherics. Above the tangled twilight of the Verdant Reach floats a strange geometry of stacked monoliths, slate-dark and glistening in the endless storm. Another pulse and the configuration of the towering construct shifts effortlessly. A gap appears momentarily in the formation and through it, lit by an actinic glare, you see a shuddering heart, a vast biomantic reactor connected only to the aether. Arcing energies scour the sky, earthing themselves in blinding flashes that leave living afterimages, ephemeral forms that breed and fight, even as they die.

  • Force*: Control rods of rune-carved vermilion crystal, plunged into the reactors heart.
  • Wonder: A glorious golden statue of Cornea's magnificent tits eclipses the horizon. Whenever someone approaches, a shrill voice exclaims 'SCREW SYNDARARARA'. (Cornea, II)
  • Creation: When the lightning from the maelstrom strikes certain patches of ground it causes, through intense heat and energy, a seed that has been dormant to germinate. (Mirador, II)
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds a revered tome named 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb-Weaver, II)

Storing 10 red mana
Storing 10 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana
Storing 12 majesty

The Temple

Owner: Bunny

“You are all gods, and this is your temple.” These words greet everyone in this land. Empty of people the terrain is flat and grey, given life and meaning only by those who enter it. The land responds to their moods, their needs, their desires, giving each person a small portion of their own personal heaven everywhere they go. When two stand close together their desires merge, showing a world where each one can have what they want without taking from others.

  • Creation*: At the centre of the Temple lies the Wall Of Glory, where every Walker's legend is constantly updated in real time. Every failure is a lesson, every victory an inspiration. You are worth more than you know.
  • Masterpiece: The Bonfire of Memory. An oil drumfire that remembers the stories told around it. A memory for those of the territory. (By My Crooked Teeth, III)
  • Force: The beasts turn into delicious prey. Eat their hearts to become your perfect version of your body. (Bunny, III)
  • Wonder: The great bounty, more than is needed, is harvested. The excess is stored here, at the entrance to the Green Roads, ready to be taken to feed the Outworld. (Bunny, III)
  • Miracle: Children are born strong and healthy. They instinctively know about freedom and personal boundaries. (Bunny, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Yaztromo A great pair of standing stones between a crackling arcane gate. Wizards and golems come, trading advice and arcane trinkets. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds this revered biography and holy book – ‘Dr. Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification.’ (Orb-Weaver, III)

Storing 6 red mana
Storing 18 green mana
Storing 12 blue mana
Storing 6 majesty

Time's Ending

Owner: Wing

A lonely archipelago of islands, vainly reaching for each other within a bottomless indigo sea. From coarse sand, and rougher earth, springs a low brush; sheltering underneath towering branches of trees that grow towards a glittering violet sky, full of jewelled stars, and dancing nebulae. Lean beasts stalk the shadows - all opalescent scales and bold plumage - while glowing growths under the earth, and within the trunks of trees, throw the place into a sharply contrasting light. These islands are always rising afresh from the ocean, only to sink deep below them again later in a never ending cycle of rebirth.

  • Creation*: An endless path among the stars, evoking a butterfly's wings. Its glowing crystal remains as ever constant above the islands.
  • Masterpiece: The sea sings. The sand sings. An ever-changing song with a recurrent leitmotif of rise and fall. (Soar Ever Upward, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Ash An old fashioned gentleman with a coon-skinned cap. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Force: A seam of glowing rubies which, when compressed, produce vast quantities of energy, or even explode in extreme circumstances. (Wing, III)
  • Legion: A set of larger and more intelligent scaled beasts. They roam around the raised island. (Wing, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging An Endless Falling A friendly party of crystal soldiers, here to help the needy and protect the defenseless. (Mariana, IV)
  • Wonder: Vibrant, multi-coloured fruit that hum in minimalistic, ever-shifting harmonies. When eaten, the fruit nourishes and heals. (Wing, III)
  • Miracle: A great reef of coral that gathers around the islands as they sink. For some, it provides a path. (Wing, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging An Endless Falling Draconic traders bring supplies from Horizon and imports from Holovid 12. ((READ ERROR), IV)

Storing 2 red mana
Storing 2 blue mana


Owner: Lanuaria

A land by the sea marked with ever-green hills, where ancient ruins are ruled by flowering ivy. Under the endless blue sky, in a small valley, protected by the ruins, grows an ancient tree. Its roots stretch wide and deep into the crystal-clear water of a small lake, where tiny fish find shelter. The tree’s broad canopy creates a peaceful spot to bathe in the warm water and watch other magnificent beings at rest and play. Those that do are regenerated, body and soul. Tranquillity is disturbed only by the rain drops that refresh the land and nourish its life.

  • Creation*: When the time is right, at sunrise, a branch of the ancient tree produces intricate blue blossoms.
  • Embassy: advantaging Ribs A travelling seer who gives visions and knowledge – for a price in blood. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Force: A small legion of painted war rats. (Red Tail, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Typhoon The shadows of all those who enter watch over and protect their owners. (Abyss, IV)
  • Wonder: Creatures of pure water emerge from the deep lakes, constantly transforming - now human, now beast, now water once more. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Tor The shadows of all those who enter gather needful things for their owners. (Abyss, IV)
  • Aegis

Udoma, The Tree In The Middle Of Nowhere

Owner: Amaryllis (NEW)

A space under a great tree that seemingly grows in the middle of nowhere. Bioluminescent moss lines space, as do multiple flowers, cultivated by their Amaryllis's hand. Of course, there’s material reminders – a vast array of books, shiny objects (knives, jewellery and anything they can pinch from invading forces) and clothing. They give the place an appearance that resembles an unholy union a magpie’s nest, a greenhouse, and a teenager’s bedroom.

  • Creation*: Flower petals and feathers that change and move depending on Amaryllis's emotions.

The Verdant Biosphere

Owner: Spine

A vast biome, with supports grown from the twisted branches of trees, and windows that look as if they are made from the wings of insects. It has many rooms, none with any apparent purpose. Walkways meander through vast areas of lush, and peculiar vegetation. The apparent chaos all works in perfect harmony, providing light, food, and seeds; each tells a story, or a tale. The seeds are the raw essence of geomantic energy, waiting to be grown and formed by the will of its shaper.

  • Palace*: A cathedral grown from trees, its windows made from the many coloured transparent leaves. Inside is a great organ that constantly plays the music of the earth.
  • Throne: When seated here, a person can engage in 2 way communication with kith and kin who are far from home. (Carrion Comfort, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Ragweed The airship Fly The Red Path soars above, telling tales of glory and unity by speaker to the masses. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Force: Giant beetles buzz around. Defeat them in a contest and they will tell you a story that will change your life for the better. (Bunny, III)
  • Wonder: A sparkling reflecting pool which reflects an idealised version of the looker. (Spine, III)
  • Creation: A stone golem covered in moss who tends the plants. (Ash, III)

Storing 5 red mana
Storing 5 green mana
Storing 5 blue mana
Storing 8 majesty

The Web­ways Of The Gossamer Athenaeum

Owner: Orb-Weaver

Ruined skyscrapers stand tall, a framework upon which the jungle has grown. From ground level the sky is obscured by an immense network of webs strung between trees and buildings. Daytime is a half­light as the sun makes the webs glow. At night the blackness is near absolute and there is often the sound of something...immense...moving in the darkness. But there is knowledge here – a great storehouse of biomantic research from before the Great Walk began. Up amongst the web­ways, humans and enormous spiders live in symbiosis, the humans providing warm host bodies for gestating spider young.

  • Force*: Powerful beasts move in the darkness, their life essence captured and harvested in the great webs.
  • Legion: Obscuring fog banks swirl with phantasms of pure desire. Those trapped in the fog are lost in dreams of their own creation. (Hawk, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Hawk A smartly dressed spider-general commands an airforce consisting of heavily-modified insects. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Mana Fountain: empowering red An intricate network of organic pipework pumps energy from deep in the ground to power biomachinery in the webway. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Wonder: A pool glows with pulses of coloured energy. Those bathing there come back randomly changed: scales, feathers, claws, teeth, wings. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Creation: The geomantic engines are laid bare here, their worker spiders churning out fantastical creatures, each one unique, each dangerous. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Advisor: advantaging The Geomancy Apparition A hooded apparition calling itself ‘supremacy’ reads from a cobweb covered tome, sharing the secrets of world crafting with favoured acolytes. (Orb Weaver, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 3 majesty

The Winding Stream

Owner: Petrichor

The rain, a fine mist, falls through the canopy of the trees forming droplets on the twisted vines and moss covered rocks. They merge, rolling off the leaves to form rivulets in the soft earth. The rivulets flow together, becoming one. The gentle trickle becomes a stream and then a river: strong enough to shape the stone to be able to wind it’s path as it wills.

  • Creation: In sunlit pools, nestled in the roots of the oldest trees, iridescent crystals shimmer.

Storing 5 blue mana

The Crucible Of Legends

Sovereign: Ronan, The People's Regent

The Crucible of Legends; a mythic landscape where mountain peaks and rolling valleys emerge from a primordial forest surrounded by a tempestuous sea. Home to plants and beasts, both mundane and fantastical, the realm promises adventure beyond every horizon.

Great roads connect the territories and at every crossroad, taverns share tales of heroes and villains, past and present. Courageous Monarch-Errants discover hidden dungeons and abandoned citadels scattered throughout, filled with powerful foes and wonderous treasures ripe for the taking so long as one proves themselves brave and true. It is hard to get lost however as flocks of tiny dragons, the legacy of the Steadfast, always guide the weary traveller home.

The reawakened realm shifts to the accommodate the new order. To the east lie the kingdoms of the Monarch-Victors bathed in starlight, rich and prosperous. To the west, the provinces of the Monarchs-in-Shadow, eclipsed in eternal twilight stand ready to test the worthy. Nestled between them, the Monarch-Pawns claim the hinterlands for The People’s Republic, where mortal hands work tirelessly to prove they can best any Shaper. As its Monarchs’ fates change, so does the realm’s terrain in an everlasting dance of light and darkness, forging Valtaria’s eternal story.

As one travels further into the Crucible, there are two constants in the mythic and varied landscape. Firstly, flocks of tiny dragons roam the land, helping travellers who wish aid to find what they seek. Secondly, bridges, portals, and other means of getting from one point to another abound. It's not always easy to see where they lead, but it feels like you could get anywhere, if you’re determined enough.

Geomantic Engine Status: Within Tolerances (5/0)

The Adumbral Isle

Owner: Pandora, the Libertine

A city that hangs in a lightless void. Rivulets of water stream over the edges, trickling into the vast obscurity. Within, all is larceny, decadence and perpetual night. Spiralling alleyways culminate in a vast rain-slicked square. A river splits the streets, winding its way around the dark, teetering buildings that overlook the shore; the rush of the waves is faintly musical. At the edge of one’s vision, shadows dance and twine.

  • Wonder*: A towering theatre in the round. Gargoyles and grotesques peer over the boxes, shadowing the sparsely-decorated stage. Strange light flickers behind an ornate velvet curtain.
  • Miracle: Bright light shines between the clouds, brilliant Jacob's ladders inspiring hope. (Mariana, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Kerebos An alchemist, selling poisons to the malicious, and potions to the heroic. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Force: Swarms of dragonflies flock over the rooftops in infinite shades of purple. They prey on the unwary – drawing you in after one look. (Ribs, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Celestine Siege weapons to drive back Combine assaults. (Theobald, III)
  • Creation: Long-limbed creatures lurk in the shadows, whispering forgotten secrets and new inventions into the ears of passers-by (Rain Falls On The Snow, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging An Endless Falling A stately, yet crumbling, building of black marble. Here, guests are entertained by masques and revels. (Pandora Libertine, IV)
  • Palace: A glorious, towering ruin. Dark brickwork crumbles into the void. Shadows glare hungrily form every crevice. Gargoyles leer. (Pandora Libertine, IV)
  • Throne: A beautiful jeweled structure, set up in the closest and most visible box at the theatre. Here, amidst silver and onyx, the queen sits and observes – occasionally critiques – the performances before her. (Pandora, IV)
  • Festival: A theatrical extravaganza: poets from within the territory compete in improvised rhyme, hurling extravagant insults at one another. (Pandora Libertine, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 4 majesty

The Archipelago of Util

Owner: Cuicatl (NEW)

A beautiful archipelago. There is trade between islands in an idyllic state of bliss. There is a smattering of old architectural features in marble. There are domes and spires on each of the islands. There is a great fleet that maintains order, but there are no rulers. Anyone that seeks to put themselves above another, is first castigated and then ejected from the highest point on the largest island into the living volcano. Thus, end all tyrants.

  • Palace*: A great living volcano, bubbling frequently but not erupting. It grants warmth to the island and a source of justice.

Bastion Now Sleeps

Owner: Push, Until It Hurts

The lands of Bastion are lands of duality. From dawn until dusk one might walk amongst the pleasant forests, enjoy the cool breeze, and drink from the streams that burble by the roadside. One might enjoy the taverns, the shops, and meet new and interesting people. From dusk until dawn the land is changed, and becomes one of superstition. Doors are barred, and running water provides protection from things that go bump in the dark. Fairy rings in the forest tempt unwary travellers. The land is harsh. But remember; do not go gentle into that good night.

  • Force*: A Wyld Hunt of animalistic hunters who traverse the land, maintaining the fragile balance.
  • Legion: A large pack of giant direwolves, hunting out those whose hearts are wicked. This pack needs no leader; they work as one to hunt their prey. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Wonder: A man with a machete crawls out of a ditch, only three teeth in his mouth and blithering madness. He harrasses travellers. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Miracle: A fresh patch of earth where 'anything' you plant will grow and flower for a day before returning to the earth. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Masterpiece: A white and black marble epitaph raises up to the sky. On it a haiku: 'This too an ending//With quill, as too, with parchment//Two lives, not wasted.' The epitaph is made out to Soil, When Seeds Are Sown and If Only You Would. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Scar: There is a place where there is a garden that is not a garden. Birds sing in sorrow. (Soil, When Seeds Are Sown, IV)

The Castle Of The Golden Blade

Owner: Demoiselle Lapin, The Lady Of The Golden Rabbit

A vast palace of glittering gold and ivory marble. The interior features hand painted walls and ceilings that depict past monarchs in all their glory. Neatly organised gardens and fountains and grand statues surround the palace for miles, and the smell of roses is always in the air. In the forecourt behind the pearled and gilded gates is a gigantic guillotine crafted from pure gold, from which the palace gets its name.

  • Palace*: The guillotine, grand and beautiful but also sinister. An aurora of fear dominates all that approach it. Some say this is the source of her power.
  • Throne: A golden throne with dancing rabbits engraved upon it. A perfumed smell surrounds this magnificent chair. (Lapin, III)
  • Coup: advantaging Aadiahe Money and trade flow in part towards the Sea of Fire and Thorns, despite all attempts to prevent this. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)
  • Force: Giant butterflies defending the realm, and looking dazzling. (Bethany, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Adversity Breeds Beast wranglers dressed as finely dressed servants keep dangerous beasts at bay. (Adversity Breeds, III)
  • Wonder: Twelve carriages of ivory and gold, pulled by unicorns with golden horns and swan wings - those that enter are rejuvenated and healed. (Lapin, II)
  • Creation: Little diamond golems that fly around the spire. They are shiny and sharp! (Ash, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Aestival A still pool, calm amid the turmoil surrounding. (Mariana, IV)

Storing 10 red mana
Storing 3 green mana
Storing 21 majesty

The Catacombs Of The Forgotten

Owner: The Golden Lady, Laszvelar's Hubris

A mazelike structure, impossible to track where sounds come from within it, full and the howls of lost souls, and creatures of despair and misery which seem to reflect the failings and worst memories of the viewer.

  • Creation*: A pool of silvery liquid, the faces of the dead flickering across it.
  • Wonder: Upon a pillar of white marble sits a beating heart. Those who approach feel inspired. Goldilocks is carved into the pillar. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Palace: A stone monument sits at the centre of a plain field. Here the people meet, appoint their leaders, discuss the Republic and guide Ronan. On the monument reads: 'I am sorry. I will return to you when this is done.' None can read this bar Shapers. (d'Eon, IV)

Château D’If Inverse

Owner: Santiel (NEW)

Moorland stretching and undulating over a large duchy, brackish streams perforating the land around fortified farmhouses and homesteads which scatter the fertile, peaty land. A low, brutish castle dominates the centre of the duchy, a singular circular tower rising from walls built for defence rather than beauty. Then cast down below to the realm inverse, to the prison of the hopeless and the harsh moorlands of night where hope is fleeting and never fulfilled. Everything is a nightmarish twin of its form above ground but here the sun never blesses the ground and the dogs of judgement chase the judged.

  • Palace*: A squat castle prison sitting low and brooding. A reminder to all folks of their right to justice’s protection.

The Citadel Of Night

Owner: Serennia, the Illustrious Conqueror of Drakenhold

A forbidding multi-tiered fortress-city carved from massive slabs of black granite, stalked by legions of twisted, joyless mutant darkling horrors with sewn-shut eyes and monstrous visages. At its centre lies a towering obsidian spire topped by a precarious windswept eyrie that draws a swirling cloud vortex around it, wreathing the surrounding lands in a perpetual dismal gloom.

  • Force*: A seething, churning miasma constrained within the frame of a magical mirror crackling with lightning discharges and acrid smoke.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos A magic circle, allowing the summoning of elemental allies. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Wonder: Within the darkness a faint ray of hope, a fountain of light. The sickly green emanations from within twist and sap and corrupt however, turning into monstrosities - all who congregate nearby. (Serennia, I)
  • Miracle: Bold and bright, a beacon arises from the shadows and drives back the darkness. Joy, hope, inspiration and love flow forth as a legion of shining warriors emerge to battle the shadow's denizens. (Serennia, II)
  • Creation: The Squamous Sages: Blind, albino lizardfolk lie waiting within the caves of despair. Those who brave the peril are granted incomplete wisdom. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Masterpiece: A chamber filled with eyeless monsters, twisted and broken. If you can bear to gaze upon them they may dispense great wisdom to those who ask the right question. (Patient Guardian, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Kerebos A scrying pool, giving contact with the demons of the planes below. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Advisor: advantaging From The Source, The Flow Rivers run silver. Liquid metal seeps from cracks in the granite and flows across the plains. Strange whispers emanate from the depths. (From The Source, The Flow, IV)

Storing 2 red mana
Storing 10 green mana
Storing 3 blue mana
Storing 1 majesty

The Final Resting Place

Owner: Raziel, the Light In The Shadows

A series of catacombs, almost impossible to navigate unless you are a regular visitor. At its heart is an underground lake, surrounded by towering basalt columns.

  • Creation*: Fireflies light the way of any traveller, singing beautiful melodies in an unknown language.
  • Masterpiece: A waterfall spills down crystals and rocks. The sound is melodious and soothing. (Pandora Libertine, IV)
  • Legion: Rats made of shadow that emit light from their eyes. (Red Tail, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ronan From Homeworld's End, an Opportunity Margin Driver, Combine Liberator, Valtarian Scion, Walker Skald and Penitent enter the labyrinth for adventures great and small. Together, they learn and grow. (Ronan, IV)
  • Wonder: The walls whisper stories about legendary figures in the far future. (Soar Ever Upward, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Kerebos A tailor comes to town, sewing gowns from pure-spun magic. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Palace: A sheer, dark monolith emerging from the catacombs: intricate brickwork appears almost black against the horizon. Gargoyles glower on the battlements. (Pandora Libertine, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

The Glowing Labyrinth

Owner: Theobald, the Unbroken Shield

A series of walls, arranged in roughly concentric circles, with an elaborate network of passages passing back and forth between each layer. The walls themselves are styled in the grand architectural manner of the great Valterian cities, complete with towering spires, protecting the inner sanctum at the center of the structure.

  • Wonder*: A small bubbling brook, flowing into a wide, glistening lake, at the centre of the labyrinthine structure.
  • Miracle: A pattern of changing stars in the night sky from which the vigilant may draw meaning, inspiration, or insight into their problems. (Vermilion, II)
  • Traders: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk Fruit traders to share exotic goods between our people. (Theobald, III)
  • Causality Weld: An emerald pool purifying the realm from dissonance. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Force: An ever-burning fire to roast the Combine upon. (Bethany, I)
  • Legion: A group of knights on dragons, keeping watch and guarding against the darkness. (Bethany, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk A pact to allow our territories to defend one another, to ensure the weak don't suffer to the strong. (Theobald, III)
  • Creation: A small field of flowers, the same as grew in our village. (Theobald, I)
  • Masterpiece: A craftsman forged of steel and copper, with a face formed of porcelain. He sits and toils, creating devices of beauty, blades fit for Monarchs, and treasures for children. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk An ever-blossoming, ever-fruiting strawberry tree that brings hope to those who eat from it. (Vermilion, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk Get lost, and you shall find the Elephant Market, where fragments of prophecy and whispers of fortune may be traded for trinkets. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Rich Pickings: A beautiful apple bush bearing sweet fruit (Gatling, III)
  • Aegis

Gravin’s Fury, the Keep on the Ridge

Owner: Kaldoria, the Vanquisher of Dark Despair

An imposing fortress in a defensive position atop a great ridge with a view of the valleys for miles around. It’s loaded with history, the walls layered with stone from numerous generations who have built endlessly atop the previous structures. The gloomy walls weave across the ridge, while the fortress inside looms ominously into the sky. The impaling spikes, jagged portcullis and extensive dungeons speak of a dark past, and although the colourful banners of Kaldoria do add some brightness, the sorrow of history still permeates through.

  • Palace*: The grand throne room of Gravin’s Fury is shrouded in a thousand years of majestic and bloody history.
  • Advisor: advantaging Vermilion A shadowy figure glimpsed in mirrors and dark corners, who poses questions and dark choices, to shape a future of challenges posed and answered. (Vermilion, II)
  • Aegis

Storing 4 majesty

Homeworld's End

Owner: Ronan, Guardian of Valtaria

Snow covered mountains give way to gentle valleys filled with verdant, bountiful farmsteads. At the centre arises a single large rocky plateau upon which are carved the founders of The Valtarian Kingdoms depicting their adventures. A natural staircase built into the rock leads to a tavern of polished oak and marble, resting on the summit. The Inn’s sign reads; “Homeworld’s End” underneath which is the motto; “No Pawns. No Monarchs. Only Heroes” Beneath the warm, friendly tavern in caverns built into the plateau, the next generation of heroes drawn from the nearby farms train for the new world to follow.

  • Wonder*: The vast ornate plateau known as ‘Valtaria’s Legacy’ inspires hope in all who remember Valtaria’s rich history, myths and legends.
  • Miracle: A pool which shows memories of a life on Homeworld. Sadly, as soon as you look away, they are forgotten. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging d'Eon At night, journeying through the shadows, traders meet to exchange armaments and advice to aid the people. (d'Eon, III)
  • Force: The morning comes, and a new door is found at the rear of the tavern. Locked hard shut, once the evening comes, miners from far away find this as their access to the tavern. Room to breathe, stretch, think and speak their minds in comfort and safety. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Legion: This formidable group stands guard, the taven to their backs. Their uniforms each are unique, personal, stylised, but that does not detract from their quality, steadfastly guarding those who wish it by their own willing. 'Long live the republic!', they cry. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Lorentz Armed soldiers from the Arcadian Gate, the People's Piece and the Sanctuary of Embers defend the border of the Territory, promoting the Republic's ideals. (Ronan, IV)
  • Creation: A statue depicting some of the great Valtarian heroes of old. (Raziel, IV)
  • Masterpiece: Musicians which inspire anyone who hears them to acts of valour. (Raziel, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Lorentz Carved into a rock face is a small enclave. A weary traveller visits once in a while with tales of derring-do and the People's Republic. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Palace: When the sky weeps, an unreachable tower appears on the horizon, evoking nostalgia for the far, the fair and the majestic. (Flood, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 31 majesty

Ildathach; The Island of Mercy, The White Shores

Owner: Mariana, Oceanheart

From the centre of a fathomless, sapphire blue ocean rises a small but perfectly formed island city that shines like the most beautiful of pearls. Crystal clear waters give way to softest white sands, and the city rises in concentric white stone tiers of protective walls, stylish villas, beautiful avenues and resplendent gardens, each more lovely than the last.

  • Palace*: Atop the island is a gorgeous, many-towered castle, made entirely from solid, sea-washed blue-green glass.
  • Force: A squadron of knights to inspire the people, and challenge them to better themselves. (Bethany, II)
  • Legion: A city watch garbed in blue and silver livery and upholding justice (Bethany, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging An Endless Falling Tiny, helpful dragons that see to needful tasks. ((READ ERROR), IV)
  • Wonder: Exotic orchards covered in ripe fruit, glistening with dew. (Scarlet Crave, II)
  • Miracle: The sands of the beaches form abstract figures that rescue the shipwrecked and the drowning (Soar Ever Upward, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Bethany A floating market springs up every few days, boats full of food, drink and sparkling wares fill the harbour. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Creation: Strange mists flow through the realm, ignoring existing weather. (Adversity Breeds, II)
  • Masterpiece: A white clipper ship with blue sails, which skims across the waves like a bird. (Mariana, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Pivot An embassy from the fells, where people can learn about foreign lands and taste blackberry wine. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn A great sea gate rises from the waves. Two rearing hippocampus made of marble invite spice ships and trade vessels from across the known world and beyond. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 2 majesty

The Labyrinth Of Echoes

Owner: Ariadne, the Irritant

A disorientating complex of subterranean caverns that resound with the chittering of arthropods and beset the unwary traveller with snares and pitfalls. Not the most convenient of bases, but the kind of place that oozes atmosphere. And ooze.

  • Wonder*: An immense central chamber, lit by luminous fungi, with a stronghold that resembles a cluster of cocoons, suspended on stalactites.
  • Miracle: A ferocious dragon, wreathed in flame; potent as an ally, terrifying as an enemy. (Héloise, IV)
  • Force: A horde of horrifying, yet oddly cute, spider-goat hybrids that will devour anything but which particularly enjoy apples and scritches. (Pivot, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos At dusk, the spider riders gather to harry their prey – or that of the people who pay the most. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Kerebos Envoys from a far land, looking for opportunities for trade or war. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Palace: A huge, gothic mansion that appears to have been plucked from its foundations and suspended, somewhat jauntily, from the threads of innumerable spiders. ((READ ERROR), IV)

Storing 1 majesty

Land's Bounty, Protected

Owner: Milisandia, She Who Takes The Harvest

Rolling farmland shared, without enclosures, in which iridescent vegetables grow, bulging with nutritious juice. This is no unified territory – those who refuse to live in harmony with the land form bands in the surrounding woods, riding on giant locustworms to pillage. Wooden watchtowers and ditches, and ice-cold streams moving at a breakneck pace, force invaders across small bridges on which owl-oxen guard. On common land, long ungulates with two dozen sharp, insectoid legs graze, awaiting herders to harvest their secretions. The farmers must train every hour they are not toiling, and each carries sword and bow at all times.

  • Force*: A thick forest floats above a clearing, ready to descend in case of attack, a fortress carved into the trunks.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ronan Owl-oxen guards with billhooks promote challenge for a stronger Valtaria. (Ronan, IV)
  • Enrapture: advantaging Bogwort Sprouts of deadly hemlock, choking the waterways and poisoning the livestock. (Bogwort, IV)
  • Blight: Ice crystals crackle and thicken in the blood. Corpses strew the ground. (Aestival, IV)
  • Creation: A library of Elder Lore, staffed by scholars from Light's Bastion. (Celestine, IV)
  • Occupation: advantaging Hand A sentient plague that eats away at the flesh of every living creature. (Hand, IV)

Storing 4 red mana

The Last Beacon

Owner: Kerebos, Wielder of Dragonsfire

Once a small village, beset by darkness, now a citadel stands on the borderlands. Heroes rise in their fight against dread fortress which assails them, and they strive to push back the horrors.

  • Force*: In the heart of the fortress swirls a great storm of flame, with the souls of the taken writhing within.
  • Legion: A shining group of armoured knights to inspire the people to rise up, and bring down the darkness. (Bethany, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Mariana The ghouls will fight for anyone. Their only price is the flesh they slay. (Theobald, III)
  • Wonder: A flight of dragons with phials of coloured smoke, able to etch in the sky the following message: "Cower, mortals, and redouble your efforts for you stand in the presence of true majesty". (Gedremonde, I)
  • Miracle: A tripartite mirror that reflects the viewer's full potential as a hero, a villain, or as one who acts outside the tales. A question posed? A glimpse of things to come? (Vermilion, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Mariana, Oceanheart A small, unremarkable shop, selling weaponry to those brave enough to fight against the darkness. (Theobald, III)
  • Causality Weld: Lightning arcs between two towers of steel and obsidian. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Creation: Mystical shapes flickering in the flames of the fortress, showing long-lost knowledge and ancient secrets. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Masterpiece: I am immortal. I have inside me blood of kings. (Ziggy Love, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Mariana, Oceanheart Adventurers from a strange land come, spreading tales of heroism. (Theobald, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn A pewter elephant idol sits on a stone throne. It is coiled in vines and cables and wires, and speaks in prophecy. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Dream Foundry: forging Bindings Of Chains for 8 blue mana, 8 red mana and 1 trophy each A focus of lines of power, on which is built a great ritual site. (Bethany, III)
  • Aegis

Light's Bastion

Owner: Celestine Brightheart, Blade of Truth

A gleaming, marble citadel spires above a dark, sprawling forest filled with lupine monsters. Radiant white banners hang from immaculate fortress walls which seem to never have been touched by tarnish or wear. At the centre of the fortress lies a vibrant flower garden where the resident Monarch-Errant may be petitioned by the local serfs for aid.

  • Force*: “The Companions of Celestine” are a band of gallant knights chosen from amongst the peasantry.
  • Wonder: New at Light's Bastion: Peasant vs. Monster. Fighters from all walks of life face hideous chimeras the likes of which humanity has never seen! BUY TORGUE (Ten Count, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Theobald Horses and carts ferrying wares between our territories. (Theobald, III)
  • Creation: A great library of heroic legends, each undone by a fatal flaw. The blind, albino lizard monks each whisper similar prophecies. (End of Hope is Truth, III)
  • Masterpiece: An academy of warfare where the shimmering host hone their craft. (Celestine, IV)
  • Palace: The fortress of Soulfire's Grace looms above the land; its shimmering white walls stand fast against the forces of evil. (Celestine, IV)
  • Throne: The Elder Throneroom crowns Light's Bastion. The fair folk's finest warriors and captains meet with their star-queen to discuss strategy. (Celestine, IV)
  • Festival: A festival of love, light and hope. Great, nourishing food is given to everyone. Music plays and happiness is restored. People take this time to care for and treasure each other. (Marina Montague, IV)
  • Desecration: The horrifically mutilated corpses of a few most loyal subjects are placed on the sundered throne, their blood staining it forever. (Ariadne, IV)

Storing 1 red mana
Storing 2 green mana
Storing 2 blue mana Storing 12 majesty

The Peaks That Pierce The Heavens

Owner: Telador Silverhand, Lance of the Stars

A range of mountains stretch as far as the eye can see, their bases lost in mists that mark the edge of the domain. It is impossible to know where mountain ends and fortress begins, its towers rising into the chill air and its bridges weaving across the forbidding expanses between the peaks. The towers reflect the stars above, and are named for them, each containing an orrery devoted to the movements of their patron star, charting their movements across the heaven in pursuit of an understanding of patterns and what they mean for the world below.

  • Force*: The Tower of Sol, greatest of Stars. See it bring warmth, where absence chills, and where its wrath is focussed.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Yaztromo A gargoyle sits over each bridge. Their eyes glow with the light of the stars as they watch for intruders. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Wonder: A network of glowing hives suspended in the sky by floating whales. Star-like bees collect bitterness and sorrow and turn it into sweetness. Monasteries of star-gazers brew this honey into mead. (Last Lingering Music, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Endless Radiance Monks from far away soar in defiance of gravity, coming in search of rare crystal from the mountains. They bring in trade, intricate sky-watching tools, and maps of unknown skies. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Blight: Carved into a mountainside as if by giant claws, the word 'FRIVOLITY' is a blight on the landscape. (Vallora, IV)
  • Creation: A vast astrolabe that shows the position of stars from the ancient past and unimaginably far future. (Thunder Surrounding, IV)
  • Masterpiece: An array of enchanted machinery, from telescopes to orreries and more, continually tracks the stars and records their movements in beauteous tapestry. (Héloise, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Héloise Night-blooming vines from the Wyrdwood shift and change their position and pattern, echoing the movements of the stars. (Héloise, IV)

The People's Peace, The People's Piece

Owner: Lorentz, The Bulwark

Be fooled not by the dry humour of its name. This place is in fact a vast collection of razor peaks, through which biting snow-filled winds howl and only the most hardy survive. The riches of these tough lands are buried in deep mineral veins and dour salty locals. Deep natural caves are smooth-hewn as homes to man and beast alike, a vision of the ruin brought about by the great and glorious falling by choice into shadow for their own entertainment.

  • Creation*: Within unassuming peaks lies sanctuary from Monarchs and Shadows. The price? Your oath to fight back. The People’s Heart.
  • Force: A large weaponsmith's, whose forges burn bright, day and night. Weapons of all types are produced by the most hardened blacksmiths, who fight to protect their livelihood. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Wonder: A giant statue of a battle long forgotten that makes the viewer feel as if they could uncover ancient secrets. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Miracle: A giant two-handed sword, forged from seven child swords by seven blacksmiths. The sword is called 'flange'. (Ghastly Whens, IV)
  • Palace: Atop the greatest peak, Progress is found. Worked flat rings of carved stone benches encompass a hollow with perfect acoustics, where any and all may stand, speak, and themselves shape their own fortune. Congress. (d'Eon, IV)

Storing 1 majesty


Owner: Kystennin, the Unyielding

High walls and gates of iron and basalt encircle a rich land of fertile meadows, mighty rivers, and prosperity. At its centre stands the vast edifice of the Redoubt itself, its foundations anchored as far into the earth as its towers rise above it, the rock against which chaos and disorder beat in vain. Gothic spires and majestic buttresses abound under the varying but ever-present sun.

  • Palace*: A fortress in its own right, though sharing deeply in and reflecting the surrounding grandeur.
  • Advisor: advantaging Tableau Boom! East wing marble offices of white and blue, filled with leather chairs. A giant desk stands in the centre of every room. (Tableau Boom!, IV)
  • Force: A selection of well-placed watchtowers, armoured bowmen watching the skies, and additional gates. (Kystennin, IV)
  • Legion: A series of barracks, armouries and towers, reinforcing the already formidable redoubt. Silver-armoured knights patrol every wall, bows and spears guarding against any foe. (Kystennin, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos Swords for hire at a reasonable price. Betrayals available for unreasonable prices. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Wonder: A carved, floating crystal beacon, tracing an airborne path over the Territory, trailing etheric streamers with a scintillating blue glow. (Hand, IV)
  • Creation: A great mechanism that divines the location of those who are missing. (Thunder Surrounding, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Theobald An embassy, to welcome this new realm to the outworld. A feast, and other gifts needed to start a great civilisation. (Theobald, IV)

Storing 12 majesty


Owner: Her Magnificent Benevolence Dolorea, the Blood Mother (NEW)

A sprawling monastery on the slopes of a mountain, constantly building and expanding, where great minds study the physical world and the infirm are healed in comfort. The screams and viscera of the unluckier patients are mostly kept from the more public areas, but the faint smell of blood is ever-present.

  • Wonder*: A shady bower where fruits ripen on the vine and patients stroll the winding paths to hasten their recovery.

The Sanctuary of Embers

Owner: d’Eon, Blade of the People

There is a lake that never freezes over, the dark gray waters a stark contrast against the sparkling white snow surrounding it. A road leads into the water, forming a path to the towering island commune known as the Sanctuary of the Embers. The buildings are surrounded by a high stone wall protecting those inside from the turmoil of the waters, the gray rock buildings towering up in tiers to the centre fortress. This is the fortress where those weary of being oppressed go, those who need help in nurturing their spark to fight.

  • Force*: A mechanical forge in the middle of the fortress, embers constantly burning. The brass structure contrasting starkly against its surroundings.
  • Legion: The wildest of winds, controlled by forces unknown, course and soar here. The typhoon is supplemented by a large frenzy of sharks, baying for blood. (Lorentz, IV)
  • Untamed Force: The Vogelchevalier; a mechanical knight guards the forge. Vast like a castle, it remains enchained, to be unleashed when the Republic needs it most. (Ronan, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Ronan An old battered tavern, warm and welcoming, where drinks are bought and stories shared. Its name; "The Steadfast". (d'Eon, III)
  • Creation: Strange mists rise at night, filled with shadows and fleeting shapes. (Adversity Breeds, III)
  • Forbidden Creation: A stained glass greenhouse. Contains a beautiful garden, each plant deadly unless handled properly. An old sign reads "Herbologists only". (d'Eon, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Ronan Great heroes and philosophers visit the great marble hall to discuss hopes, dreams and a new free Valtaria. (Ronan, III)
  • Palace: A large, round fortress, grafted by stone and water. Inside lies the Congress, the rulers (as voted by the people) of the Sanctuary of Embers. They sit around a circular table and together work to better the lives of the people, as well as that of their Shaper, d'Eon. (d'Eon, IV)

Storing 1 majesty

The Sea Of Fire And Thorns

Owner: Aadiahe, the Feasting Flower

A vast desert of shifting sand dunes and rare beautiful oases. The great caravan crosses from one oases to another and often is the only way to make the journey. The Feasting Flower atop her great behemoth, within her cavernous tent feasts those who honor community, hospitality and loyalty. When she is pleased the great desert blooms and transforms into a flowered garden for a single day.

  • Palace*: The Walking Palace, a great tent atop a huge desert behemoth.
  • Throne: A great golden throne from which food and wine pour, and flowers bloom. Behind the head, a great golden sun shines. (Aadiahe, IV)
  • Force: Intelligent fennec foxes who protect the downtrodden and support the needy. (Mariana, IV)
  • Wonder: A vast flock of winged lions prowl the sky, blocking out the sun as they pass. Their song is mesmerising and wonderous. As they die, their bodies seed oases in the endless sand, blooming fields of sunflowers around ponds. (Last Lingering Music, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging The Tears Fall Gladly Joyous visitors from another land, brightly coloured and spreading joy and wonder. (Mariana, IV)
  • Creation: A great carpet flows from the throne, covered in flowers, animals and people. As you look, they appear to move. (Subsidiary, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Crankshaft A refuge of calm and quiet. An oasis in the storm. (Mariana, IV)

Storing 24 majesty

Solace, Island In The Sky

Owner: Yaztromo, Archmage of the Seven Winds

A floating island held aloft by crackling azure runes. A vaulted bridge of white marble links the earthen mote to a nearby mountain where a peaceful village has formed. Bands of would-be heroes that cross the bridge from the village daily, hoping to petition to gain an audience with the wizard who lives here and some guidance on their own quests.

  • Creation*: Seven Great Monoliths stand in a Circle at the centre of the Isle. The Sun shines and the Rain falls by Yaztromo’s wise direction. Rejoice!
  • Forbidden Creation: In the bowels of the island, a freezing cave holds a coffin of ice. Unnatural geometries flicker beneath its surface. (Atherozan, III)
  • Force: A host of gargoyles stand on parade, their stony forms protecting the entrance and lining the edges of the bridge. (Serennia, III)
  • Legion: A herd of majestic unicorns roam the forest, helping travellers. (Diesel, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ronan As fate fortold, the People's Republic of Valtaria arrive to help the populace to learn freedom and democracy. Sometimes you hear 'This is for hexing Ronan!' (Ronan, IV)
  • Wonder: From the waters emerge a host of scintillating-scaled merfolk, singing songs of the wisdom and exploits of the wizard within. (Serennia, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Bunny Walker traders, enthused by travel, trade food from the Temple for new foreign tastes. The food is fresh and delicious, preserved by the power of the Green Roads. (Bunny, III)
  • Palace: A spiral tower of deep red and gold with glowing magical runes down the side and a golden observatory dome on top with stars and moons floating around. (Lapin, III)

Storing 3 red mana
Storing 2 green mana
Storing 2 blue mana
Storing 3 majesty

The Spiteful Pits

Owner: Alaccastia, the Dead Heart

Dead black rock protrudes in jagged spikes between pools of burning lava that bubble and spit into the sulphurous air. A twisted castle hewn from volcanic rock bursts forth from the centre, the lava forming a natural moat at its imposing door. The castle interior is dark and shadowed and covered in the trappings of evil. Bones and dripping black candles adorn every surface.

  • Force*: Sulphurous spouts of hateful wind that almost pull flesh from bone as they twist malevolently.
  • Breach: Angry small red birds that peck the flesh of anything, living or dead. (Flare, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Atherozan Armoured caravans export the product of belching, sulphurous mines. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Creation: The ground shakes as gigantic mechanical spiders covered in cruel spikes stride across it, lava spewing from their terrible mouths. (Orb-Weaver, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Vermilion Will-o-wisps in the form of glowing worms that dance mischievously in the air, attracting moles, other worm-eaters, and weak-willed people to join in their dance. (Vermilion, II)

Stars Rest

Owner: Flux Wildly

A valley surrounded by serrated peaks: an unblemished landscape of emerald and gold, dappled with the drifting shadows of clouds. A warm, inviting, land. Below the surface lies a complex network of caves and tunnels: dark, and cold, and damp.

  • Wonder*: A series of standing stones arranged in the shape of a star.
  • Miracle: Every night the stars dance, forming uplifting messages, stories and gossip. SHINE, DARLINGS! (Flux Wildly, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm Flux Wildly's new range of designer drugs. Forget all your worries and embrace the same sensations as Flux Wildly, as seen every day on Holovid 12! (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Force: Protean Dynamics security team offices working on commission for Holovid 12 Media's solutions department, maintaining the peace. (C60 2AT8, I)
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Intriguing Glint Anki Air rails snake into the heart of the territory, bringing with them eccentric tinkers from Charming. They carry miniature forges and more, ready to create their finest inventions to elevate the art of the acrobats. (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Palace: A palatial complex of screens and 4D projectors. Whale-themed undersea programming can be viewed. Interactive adventures guide participants in self-discovery and greater emotional investment in current fashions. (Last Lingering Music, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A branch executive office of Holovid 12 Media's consumer marketing and research department with luxury facilities to manage local consumer preferences. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Geomantic Exodus: Lights down, scene change. A territory in the Crucible of Legend, live in 3... 2... 1... (Crankshaft, IV)

Storing 2 majesty

The Vale Of Erin

Owner: Sétanta (NEW)

Several small streams flow down forested valley sides into a large lake, shaped like a human heart, which, in turn, feeds into the sea. In the lake sits a single barren island, reachable only by an eternally swaying bridge. Several small settlements exist among the rivers and around the shores of the lake, many of which are nigh indistinguishable from their verdant surroundings. The air is constantly filled with the scents of the sea and fresh growth, with the morning mists burning off slowly to reveal the Vale like an emerald, before concealing it from sight once more.

  • Palace*: A circle of standing stones, utterly covered in dense runic script. When powered, they open gates into a chosen afterlife.

The Wastes Of Ash And Bone

Owner: Laszvelar, of The Redemption Undying

Before Laszvelar assumed his destined place as a Monarch-Victor, the lands of the undying were those of golden spires. The spires are now broken ruins of what they once were. The ground lies broken and the walled cities are left to huddle at the onslaught of dead monstrosities. At the centre of the Wastes lies Laszvelar's Palace, the Necropolis, from whence his Deathknights ride out to protect the smallfolk from the abominations conjured up by the hubris of his youth.

  • Palace*: The Necropolis looks more like the abode of a Monarch in Shadow, but Laszvelar is well known for his evenhanded and magnanimous judgements and streams of pilgrims are seen venturing to the palace to petition his aid.
  • Desecration: A large plinth, carved of deep amethyst and adorned with barbs of steel, supports a tall, abstract fist. At irritatingly irregular intervals, the middle finger extends into the sky. Beneath, a sign: 'Contracted, is not personal.' (Asset Sin, IV)
  • Wonder: The Wards of Bone. Designed to ensnare the wayward undead lest they escape and wreak chaos. Two clawed hands jut from the ground in bright, incongruous colour. Sponsored by Vitamin Glee. (Ten Count, III)
  • Dark Wonder: A black spire, inspiring awe. It stretches endlessly to the sky, a symbol of our reach. (Celestine Brightheart, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow Necromancers and bards who collect the names and stories of the lost and the dead, that no-one be forgotten. (Rain Falls On The Snow, IV)
  • Creation: Blind, albino lizardfolk, clad in dark robes, record the name and deeds of all who fell and joined the army of the dead. (End of Hope is Truth, III)

Storing 1 red mana
Storing 5 blue mana
Storing 17 majesty

The Weeping Pools

Owner: Vallora, the Open Wound

Quiet pools gather in the shadows below black-leafed willow trees, trailing their branches in the impenetrably dark waters below. A maze of narrow stone pathways crisscross the domain, providing safe passage to those who know the way, and an eternity of hopeless wandering to those who don’t. A slender and graceful tower sits at the centre of the natural labyrinth, all sweeping white marble, glowing faintly with a chill and eerie light.

  • Creation*: Blue-green fireflies flit softly through the trees, casting strange and confusing shadows, leaving faint trails of magic on the air.
  • Tumult: The ground is broken, pools shattered by a force from above. Whispers on the wind: 'Why do you weep?' (Teleador, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos A roving band of heroes, ready to face any foe – for the right price. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Kerebos A shop which only appears to the worthy, but will sell an item essential to their quest. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Palace: A great series of white marble treehouses, providing comfort and sanctuary from the constant drizzle. (Vallora, IV)

Storing 1 majesty


Owner: Aestival, Heart Of Summer - UPDATED* Tales of Solstice

The rocky peaks of this natural fortress stretch upward like clawed fingers, grasping at the zenith. Stone has run and bubbled like taffy, wood charred and wept sap: everywhere bears the scars of acid or of fire. Once, great columns of ice supported bridges and balconies; now vast trees rise from the rich black soil, thick with flowers. Half the castle is a blackened shell - but bright frogs hop in the courtyards and vivid creepers knit the broken beams. There is nowhere amid the fractured walls that is not touched, a little, by the sun.

  • Force*: Vicious rapids course through the narrow valleys left when the glaciers burned, teeming with spined and glittering fish.
  • Legion: A thousand knights in silver armour, coated with ice. (Kystennin, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Kerebos A guild of adventurers, for him to protect or attack, to recover or steal, to slay or save. (Kerebos, IV)
  • Wonder: A magnificent ice dragon, who dwells at the heart of an eternal blizzard. She has great wisdom to share with any who can convince her they are worthy, but her standards are high, and disappointing her is perilous. (Vermilion, III)
  • Creation: Strange mists rise at night, full of shadows and darting shapes. (Adversity Breeds, III)
  • Masterpiece: A monolithic sculpture of a leviathan, rising from the centre of a mirror-smooth lake, roaring defiance to the uncaring sky. (Hand, IV)
  • Aegis

The Wyrdwood

Owner: Heloise Dragon-Hearted - UPDATED*

Tales of The Wyrdwood

A primordial forest straight out of legends; ever-changing, ever-verdant, home to monsters. The plantlife is fruitful, and the hunting is good. Here the line between ‘creature’ and ‘person’ is blurred; the humans bear aspects of the predator, the monsters of legend think and speak and claim their place as citizens, the rats are in charge of the education system. Only a fool presumes any who call this place home are less than dangerous; only a great fool assumes that a monster is just a monster.

  • Palace*: The decadent towers of the Citadel of Bone jut from the forest like the ribcage of a slain leviathan.
  • Advisor: advantaging Bethany One mask of brightest red; another of striking green. Between the two, a face slowly drawing into focus. Two speak of courses known, and the third of a new path. (Vermilion, II)
  • Grim Spectacle: The perils of cultural cross-contamination sit in the Harmony Complex foyer, although 'sit' is perhaps not quite accurate. 'Rust, impaled' would fit better. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Disgrace: A golden dragon flies through the sky, roaring "GLORY TO THE COMBINE!" (Axle, II)
  • Force: The eyes of the misshapen gargoyles glint in the sun. If they start glowing by themselves... don't stand in one place for too long. Buy Torgue! (Thoughtful Spider, III)
  • Legion: Ten Count's Ten Step School of Margin Driving. You too can join the illustrious alumni and kill everyone you're paid to. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Untamed Force: The mystery egg has hatched. Asyly's bounty has borne fruit. Soon the skies of Opportunity will shake to the roars of dragons. Quiver. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Trojan Force No science is flawless, and the Transmutation Station can't keep up with the demands of its more voracious patrons. Happily, the resultant abominations have found a new lease of life being loaned out to Opportunity's armies as cannon fodder. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Wonder: A deep pulsing rhythm plays, leading all listeners to a heightened state of awareness. (Scarlet Crave, II)
  • Miracle: Torgue Munitions branches out into cosmetic surgery with the transmutation station – you too can tap into your bestial side. Not suitable for children or the elderly. Or anyone. (Ten Count, III)
  • Dark Wonder: Kaiju Burger Dethplex. Take a kaiju spawning pit, death squads, carnage and a franchised eatery: PROFIT. (Hand, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Endless Radiance A link between worlds in dark and uncertain times. (Mariana, IV)
  • Creation: The Meat Shields; zombies clad in ballistic armour. For when the ideal security response to a situation is both unsubtle and unstoppable. (Vermilion, III)
  • Masterpiece: Watchful wraiths pay voyeuristic attention to the living, invisibly noting every whispered secret, every transgression, and relaying the juiciest gossip to those who’ll pay dearest for it. (Vermilion, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging At Dawn And At Dusk If you believe him, the appearance of the lush botanical gardens deep below the Opportunity earth is purely because the humidity is good for 10C's scales. Nobody believes him. (Ten Count, IV)
  • Beacon: A great spire is raised, near which voices can be heard. **"What is it we cannot know?//What is it we cannot do?//As an Illuminator knows their ignorance,//the Itinerant does the impossible."** (ERROR, IV)
  • Aegis
  • Legacy of Gratification
    • This will be the nature of emotion and motivation in the Outworld:
    • All shall have agency over how they express their emotions, subject only to context and, if chosen, self-control. No-one can force emotions on another.
    • Emotions are used to build connections and to help us grow and develop.
    • With the consent of the parties involved, emotions can be empathically transmitted and received.
    • Every individual contains the potential for any of a vast, multi-faceted array of emotions and motivations; an individual may choose their emphasis and not lose access to the rest.
    • Motives will have power in the new world, and anyone can use that power.
    • Motives have the potential to be infinite in variety, to change, develop, mutate and multiply with time.
    • The existing avatars of the Motives will persist and survive, but will have no special power over their Motive.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.

Storing 23 majesty


Sovereign: An Endless Falling, Mentor

From lazily swirling mists emerge tall, jagged, square pillars of iridescent metal crystal, whorled in blocky, fractal spirals. Passages entreat travellers to explore within, wherein smooth black and white ceramic shafts buzz with latent data, holographic skeins arcing across their surface like synapses firing. In the cracks one can sometimes see through to a sunset-scape of creams and purples and violets, as if there were an infinite vista just beyond a razor-thin barrier of impenetrable matter. This endless sky greets new arrivals upon the first summit they appear at from the rift.

These passages often end abruptly in new spaces, confusing direction entirely. A traveller might come to a sheer drop, finding themselves walking out onto a bridge of pure light perpendicular to the apparent gravity of the territory they are approaching. Or the ground behind them might sink away, a path of maddeningly wayward stones erupting from the mists before them. Sometimes, landmasses are seen, great heavy chains sinking up or down without apparent purpose. So rarely as to invite myth, shadows gloam just out of sight in the distance, a haunting song reminiscent of whales in contemplation gently lapping across the pillars and skies.

Geomantic Engine Status: Within Tolerances (12/8)

The Acid Jungle

Owner: Knight Of Pentacles (NEW)

Be careful where you step. Watch where you put your hands. Try not to breathe, if you can, because in the Acid Jungle everything drips with venom. From the soil underfoot that scorches the sole, up to the treetops where birds feast on the burning sap of the leaves, the only way to survive life here is to make sure you’re the most poisonous one of the lot.

  • Palace*: This Knight’s castle is buried deep down. When the winds are caustic and the clouds weep poison, the only place that’s safe is underground.

The Amethyst Tower

Owner: Desiderata Violet

Tales of The Amethyst Tower

A skyscraper of gleaming steel and glass, inside is a maze of purple and white polished, brightly lit, and sterile looking corridors full of people busily meeting the demands of Desiderata’s clients. Music is constantly heard everywhere, interspersed with whispered questions: “Who are you?” “What do you want?”

  • Creation*: An extravagant throne-like chair of polished purple crystal and glittering light sitting in the head office of the Amethyst Tower.
  • Masterpiece: A production studio rented by NBTV, but always on the lookout for the Next Big Thing #givethepeoplewhattheywant #darling. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Forbidden Creation: Towering crystal mirrors surrounding the Amethyst Tower. The reflections of the tower's occupants are not always the same every time they look. (Desiderata Violet, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Flare The seven seas of rhye. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Force: A cadre of purple and white adorned crystalline security dolls with porcelain faces. (C60, I)
  • Legion: A legion of bioengineers run hydroponics labs across floors eight to ten, providing food to the tower and selling on the excess for profits. (Thoughtful Spider, II)
  • Untamed Force: Blinding, glittering spotlights pointed at the mirrors surrounding the tower. The light illuminates and shows things for what they want to be. (Desiderata Violet, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Ziggy Love Dynamite with a laser beam. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing red Clouds of scented smoke puff gently from the walls of one of the rooms in the tower. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Wonder: A scented and glittering fountain, sweet-smelling and shining with purple light. (Desiderata, I)
  • Miracle: A bright purple light suffusing the steel and glass hallways of the Tower, making everybody smile. (Desiderata, I)
  • Dark Wonder: Ziggy and Violet's Flare-inspired lingerie range. (Desiderata, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Switchgear The denizens of the Tower trade not in money, but in dreams and desires as they bustle through the corridors. (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Flare The frozen sun hangs at the apex of the tower, scintillating all beneath it in never-before-seen colours. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Palace: A tall and beautiful statue of Liberator Switchgear stands outside the Tower gazing up towards the pinnacle. She is depicted wearing purple glittering goggles. (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Switchgear Tall porcelain automata wearing purple goggles, roaming the corridors and whispering secrets. (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A brilliant new star hangs in the sky, visible day and night. Harmonic crystals in the star receive and convey Aethernet feeds. Tune in now! #harmonise (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Rich Pickings: Purple Roses that creep and climb up the side of the tower. Buried between the petals are impossibly sharp thorns. Reaching in promises great reward, but the cost leaves scars for a lifetime. (At Dawn And At Dusk, I)
  • Geomantic Exodus: A shimmering mist envelops the Amethyst Tower, obscuring it from view. When it clears, all that can be seen is a distant horizon. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Aegis

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Owner: Intriguing Glint Anki

It’s beautiful and chaotic. The landscape is lush, undergrowth overflowing with life that piles into treetop canopies and over rivers as fat lilypads. Above it are the communities, moving as they wish around the scenery, rails available for tours to ‘nature’. Vibrant workshops, coloured steam bubbling out of spiralling chimneys and tubes. Whole walls are screens displaying the latest bloodsport match or invention competitions. The houses are sculpted, like glass blown creations they twist and bulge, fat columns around the glimmering windows. You don’t have to be mad to live here…

  • Force*: Creation and destruction in the name of beauty, structures beat and breathe like living things; forges, ranges, alchemical, mechanical bliss.
  • Wonder: Gaps in the forest canopy show new growth. Bright flowers explode colours, animals wander between the tree trunks and birds sing. (Glint, I)
  • Miracle: The workshops connect; lost floating communities, held together by fragile ties. The memories of their last moments in Opportunity fade. Horrors that may or may not have happened, left behind with our broken home. We are adrift, but we are creators. Together, we live and experience life, with its many pleasures and moments anew. (Intriguing Glint Anki, IV)
  • Creation: A flower of coloured glass blooms and cools in an open air forge. (Glint, I)
  • Masterpiece: A showground for the celebration and demonstration of the marvellous inventions of the people. Competitions, exhibits and tests are performed here; a space of breadth and practicality, to the delight of all. Winning or treasured pieces move to the gallery. (Glint, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm An enthroned porcelain idol, who casts divinatory sticks and cards to give fortunate prophecy of wealth and power. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Palace: Multisense-network of instant messages refracted off the wings of messenger bees. Curated channels range from monochrome classics to bleeding edge scent-infused 3D programming. (Last Lingering Music, II)
  • Throne: A gallery of the people's creations, beautiful and ever moving, accessed by a mahogany train carriage. (Mariana, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A consumer marketing and research consultancy from Holovid 12 Media to gauge interests and guide tastes in assorted shaping media. (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Geomantic Exodus: Facing a poor financial climate, Holovid 12 closes shop to re-open in greener pastures. All that remains of home is the colossal biomechanical gate through which they passed. (Crankshaft, IV)

Storing 20 majesty

The Chequered Floor

Owner: Subsidiary

A vast space of alternating white and black squares. Stepping onto it niggles at you to become a piece, and take part in the game. But the game is invisible, unless you join it. Inside the game, you are a white or black piece, the same as all other pieces on your side, making moves that form part of a huge strategy you can’t see. You can leave the game any time, but the heart of the territory, a vaulted hall with black and white pillars, can only be reached by playing, and crossing the board.

  • Creation*: The Chequered Floor continually creates new pieces within the game, so that it never ends. These mirror and match pieces around them, so that the board is always full of identical pieces.
  • Force: Stone towers, covered in vines, roam the board, protecting the people from outside attack. (Pivot, IV)
  • Wonder: A many-hued, protean beast in a constant state of exploration/disruption. It has FANGS. (Teeth, IV)
  • Palace: The last row, where pawns are promoted. Aspiration. A chance to grow into something more. (Subsidiary, IV)

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Concept Y'all

Owner: Celestial Grid

A vast, vaguely conical pit slowly digs itself, as though an invisible hand is absentmindedly searching beneath the ground. From time to time, objects are unearthed. The pit’s inhabitants are learning that they will find what they need when they don’t want it, and what they want when they aren’t looking for it. When not in motion, the sides of the pit are solid rock, often covered in soft moss and waterfalls, and dotted with caves. The fauna are curious and the flora are kind. The water tastes of springtime and uncertainty.

  • Creation*: A single flower. By day its petals hang dead. At night it blazes with radiant light, a tiny earthbound star.
  • Force: The templars roost among the moss, steel feathers still, awaiting the need to use their swords. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: Glints of gold and silver that shine through the distressed earth when the stars shine right. If you pick one up, for a brief moment you feel happy. (Desiderata Violet, II)

Storing 10 red mana
Storing 8 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana

The Deep Flow

Owner: From The Source, The Flow

The quicksilver lake nestles high among glittering rainbow crystalline mountain peaks, its depths unfathomable. The colours of the jagged spires speak to minerals in abundance, but there is no life here. Look closer, and the surface swirls with intention; complexity stirs in the deeps. Closer still, and ten thousand trillion nanomorphic cells, each mindless, are together busy about their purpose. Devour: sunlight, materials. Multiply: repair, spread. Think: learn, be. Is this one mind, or many? Identity, memory, individuality all flow together and apart again as easily as shape and form. Rivulets of silver spill in cascades over the brink, exploring.

  • Palace*: A lone amethyst outcrop breaks the surface; the adamant spring wells from the island's tallest column. This is the Source.
  • Throne: The spring has become a soaring fountain; the lake an inland sea. Minds within minds, realms within realms, exist here in endless complexity. (From The Source, The Flow, IV)
  • Advisor: advantaging Adversity Breeds A pool of flow nanites that advise the shaper favours From The Source, The Flow (Adversity Breeds, III)
  • Wonder: In the shadowy vales, giant crystal spiders with squishy human brains stalk, their crystal bodies full of life-giving nutrients. (Orb-Weaver, II)
  • Miracle: A spider-web lattice of flowing quicksilver filaments extends outwards from the mountains in every direction, as far as the eye can see. (Orb-Weaver, III)
  • Force: A shimmering metallic pillar studded with gemstones, that repulses invaders and warns off spying. (Hawk, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Adversity Breeds
  • Creation: A large coffee machine, able to be operated by humans and owls. (Trip The Electric, II)
  • Masterpiece: The Shifting Sculpture, a shape formed from obsidian and marble, twisting and shaping into beauties beyond compare. Beauty in the empty place. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)

Storing 56 majesty

The Delta

Owner: Still Moon On Rapids

A temperate eden. Huge glacier lakes glisten and weave high and low. Gouged landscapes with exposed sedimentary cavern networks stand testamentent to the power of the ice rivers that came before.

The lakes are teeming with crustaceans, amphibians, reptilians and all manner gleaming piscene wonders. Their shores attract vast herds of deer, elk and wild boar. Pine forests stretch and roam in every direction to the north, and maple forests to the south. Migrating flocks of geese ascend carelessly, punctuating the murmuring of infinite brooks and streamlets.

  • Force*: A dominating fortress on a high mountaintop glistening with garish ceramicwork throughout. Dome-topped towers encrusted with saffron, vermilion and indigo tiles featuring competing geometric patterns, for supremacy over the horizon line. Areas of high relief sculpture reveal panoramas of titans doing battle, their features visible from several miles away.
  • Legion: A flock of Kite Drones, invisi-shielded, are ready for deployment, able to silently and seamlessly gather military intel. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Whispers of Autumn Elephant-mounted Templar in red jackets and wide-brimmed hats pick their way through the forests. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Wonder: Creeping vines snake through the walls like veins, and the entire structure seems to pulse like a living organism. (Soar Ever Upwards, III)
  • Miracle: A forest of pens, boughs laden, such that one can pluck handfuls at a time. (Credit to the paint apparition.) (Soar Ever Upwards, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers of Autumn Silk-clad pilgrims come from every city and sprawl to be refreshed and rejuvenated by nature’s bounty. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Creation: An underground network of hyper fast mag-lev trains speed through a network of natural caverns that span the realm. They emit a cheerful hum whenever they pass by a station. (Every Broken Clock, III)
  • Masterpiece: A shining chrome orb flies silently overhead, seeding new biospheres and tending to the flora. (Every Broken Clock, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn A porcelain synth-priest sits within a golden shrine at the centre of a lake. Petitioners row out to hear its words. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn Beneath the rich earth, roots grow deep and spread across the lands. In other places, they sprout into saplings, bearing ripe, rich fruit. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)

Storing 8 majesty

The Elephant Cathedral

Owner: Whispers Of Autumn

A vast pachyderm of obsidian, polymer and basalt. Atop its back sprout mist-shrouded steeples, lotus towers, flying buttresses and the domes of a hundred basilica. Banners of neon light stream and glow, skybarges float lazily through the mist between the spires. The elephant’s legs are covered in dark stone statues of figures robed as Concord sifu, and naked forms twisted in indulgence. Walk the guts of scriptoriums, databanks, catacombs and galleries. Feel the thunder of its tread, and taste the scent of incense as it approaches.

  • Force*: The Himmel hovers as a halo in the mists. Glowing lines of code and litany tumble from it like rain.
  • Legion: The Templar Talos division range a long patrol around the elephant's legs in bipedal mecha, bristling with C-beams and tachyon lances. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Untamed Force: A revolutionary legion that tasted freedom for the first time will never stand oppression again. (Bennet, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Every Broken Clock The Templar glide among the spires and skybarges, swords ablaze with neon flame. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing red A network of wires crackling with deep red sparks connecting the Scriptoria of the Elephant Cathedral and infusing them with power. (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Wonder: Mesmerising neon patterns cover the back of the elephant. Those who study them find their youth and health restored, and the power to assert their personal space. They are filled with missionary zeal to ensure this learning is available to others. (Leaf, II)
  • Miracle: A gallery of paintings or statues that move whenever no-one is looking. The populace find themsees inspired to strengthen their familial bonds. (Last Lingering Music, III)
  • Causality Weld: They say the Heirophant shapes this place. They say he has many faces. They say she whispers like an autumn breeze. What they do not know is that the Heirophant is many, and one, guiding and watching from the shadows and the lights. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Every Broken Clock They dress in robes of brightest vermilion and walk on iron hooves to hear the doctrine of free majestic trade. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Creation: A chorus of a thousand invisible voices raised in eternal, harmonious song. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Masterpiece: A glittering fountain flows fresh from the altar within a serene and peaceful stupa. (Every Broken Clock, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Every Broken Clock A neon-lit scriptorium, where scholar-priests debate the merits of free or planned economic doctrine. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging Every Broken Clock Every thunderous step of the Elephant leaves scintillating gemstones that whisper prophecies of the future. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Palace: On high, a cathedral made of pure light. Pure white doves flock in its spires. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Throne: The Wandering King is walking home through the mists between worlds. The synth-priests sing at the return of their porcelain-crowned lord. He has a new path, to lead the Elephant to walk new lands waiting to hear its doctrine. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Dream Foundry: forging Synergies for 6 red, 6 blue and 6 green mana each A growing stream of brightly painted caravans follows the elephant. People constantly and leaving the caravan ferment in the light of the elephant's neon patterns. (Leaf, II)
  • Rich Pickings: The door opens, and you step through to the Market of All Tomorrows. All things are for sale, all might be traded for from across lands that are, and have been, and might yet be. If you so wish, here you may trade the life you had for one that is foreign, new, and beautiful. (At Dawn And At Dusk, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 7 majesty

The Eternal Bridge

Owner: Soar Ever Upward

A huge suspension bridge crossing a seemingly endless stretch of still water. It is lined with blossoming trees and anonymous white buildings. The weather is fine, and otherwise unremarkable.

  • Wonder*: Something vast and scaled gleams beneath the water. Perhaps a statue. It has the appearance of sleep.
  • Miracle: A hanging garden beneath the bridge, trailing vines into the waters. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A HV12 media exchange platform. Quality, exciting Opportunity multimedia brought to Horizon and Horizon’s unique take on programming sent the other way. (Auspicious Paradigm, III)
  • Force: A watchful roc with ruby-glittering eyes looks for intruders, and carries them away if it finds them. (Hawk, II)
  • Legion: Lightning arcs down from clear skies. Normally harmless, it can target intruders. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging An Endless Falling Draconic monks tell tales of a vast plateau to the far north. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Creation: A tram with a cheerful bell trundles along the bridge, for when the walk is too long. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Masterpiece: A travelling library traverses the bridge slowly, it contains many texts and stories, including the full works of Drumlin (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging An Endless Falling A radio broadcasting station able to receive and convert signals to the Aethernet. Visitors can tune in for music, helpful advice and philosophy. (Auspicious Paradigm)
  • Synergy: advantaging An Endless Falling A porcelain synth-priest sits on the edge of a bridge, fishing with an impossibly long line and bringing up wondrous lagan from the depths below. It trades its salvage to passers-by. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Palace: A towering palace of deepest obsidian, spiralling into the clouds. Gargoyles adorn the battlements. (Pandora Libertine, III)
  • Throne: A mountainous stone chair, carved from black marble. Its bulk entirely obscures one end of the bridge, rendering passage difficult. (Pandora, the Libertine, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 6 majesty

A Place Of Refuge

Owner: Liberator Arclight (UPDATED)

Concealed within a great wall of storm-clouds, a network of floating towers, linked by bridges and woven all about by sinuous cables. A haven for the lost and the dispossessed, here is a place that those fleeing tyranny or disaster may always find shelter, guarded and tended to by the immortal mechanoid warrior-philosophers who call this place home.

  • Force*: The “Steadfast Against Ruin”, a mighty warship, forged anew from the broken hulls of many a derelict vessel.
  • Legion: A brood of dragons patrol the storm-walls, protecting those who seek refuge here. (Bethany, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Whispers of Autumn The wings of the Templar are forged of hardened light as they glide silently, porcelain faces serene. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Wonder: A hive of iridescent bees, whose honey inspires dreams of one's deepest desires. (The Luxophage Sun, II)
  • Causality Weld: Lightning arcs between two towers of steel and obsidian; broken parts are forged anew as ships pass between them. So too, the memories of their crews are reintegrated. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Creation: A tower carved from the clouds, in which lies a library of books in some ancient, lost tongue. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Masterpiece: A labyrinth of swirling clouds and flashing lightning. Those who dare walk its shifting paths will come to understand who they truly are. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn A storm blows up, roiling with lightning of unknown colours. It promises a wind of prosperity that blows to new lands. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Palace: Above the storm walls, a tower of unimaginable vastness, forged of a hundred airships docked to a central core. From its apex, one might see glimpses of myriad distant lands. (Thunder Surrounding, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Carrion Comfort A soft-voiced whisperer that says: 'Don't forget your promise to Bethany.' (Carrion Comfort, III)
  • Festival: The names of the dead are spoken. They are remembered. Thus, they endure. (Thunder Surrounding, IV)

Storing 15 majesty

The Gallery Of Truth And Lies

Owner: By My Crooked Teeth

Tales of The Gallery Of Truth And Lies

A cavernous building filled with portraits of Homeworld and Outworld. Portraits of famous events, or events that never happened, or did happen but ended differently. Adjoining it is the library filled with literature from all over the Homeworld, as well as hand written texts. Statues and trinkets are scattered throughout acquired from all over. Some were taken, some were gifts and some were earned. A place of reflection, learning, and the safeguard of historical knowledge.

  • Wonder*: The Floating Window, an ever changing view of the Outworld and Homeworld. A place of constant inspiration.
  • Miracle: The Dream of the New World, a wing of art and stories. Depicting and inspiring all those who see it to strive to make a better world and foster a better way to live and the choice to decide for themselves. (Scarlet Crave, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow Figures passing in and out of the paintings, bringing wondrous things out of imagination and taking things in trade back into the paintings (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Force: An imposing tapestry depicting a great battle. The fall of the Sublime Concord. (Hawk, I)
  • Legion: Cave paintings of rats that move over the walls, following visitors. (Red Tail, III)
  • Creation: Door of Many Locks. A door that opens to anywhere, a different key leads to a different section of the Gallery, creating many wonders and opportunity. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Switchgear A large room with a large table around which anyone from anywhere is able to discuss ideas clearly, concisely and swiftly with brevity.
  • Palace: A mighty reading room where one may reflect on the knowledge learned, and discover the deeper truth within. (Theobald, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Red Tail A room of portraits of all the people you were or could be. There, they give advice and council. (By My Crooked Teeth, IV)
  • Rich Pickings: A grand archway with the names of all Realms carved upon, somehow always up to date. Those who pass through are blessed. (At Dawn And At Dusk, I)

Storing 6 majesty

HV12M Corporate HQ

Owner: Auspicious Paradigm

A vast complex for the use of Holovid 12 Media in the new age. Four skyscraping towers hold well-appointed offices and meeting rooms with other necessary facilities for each department inhabiting much smaller nearby buildings. The first three are for the Financial and Accounting, Consumer Marketing and Research, and Solutions Management departments. The central and largest tower serves as the base of operations for Executive Management.

  • Palace*: The tower hosting Executive Management; an awe-inspiring, fully glass marvel of architecture grasping at the clouds, visible for miles around.
  • Throne: A titanic oak dominates the background scenery, reaching to the stars. Through it, #projectresurgence beams across the across the realm, a new wave of media entertainment of all sorts, pushing boundaries and taking no prisoners. A new paradigm reigns. (Changing Of The Tide, II)
  • Grim Spectacle: Hooded spider-human hybrid hackers tap the feeds, remixing, remapping, shifting the rhetoric in line with random conflicting agendas. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Advisor: advantaging Vox A suite of quantum-entangled communication terminals allow data collection and collation across the realms, enabling programming to shift with second to second trends. (Auspicious Paradigm, III)
  • Force: Lush foliage covers rolling hills opening onto a picturesque hanging river. The perfect place to spend one's outdoor chillax timeframe. (C60 2AT8, I)
  • Wonder: Mixed white and black crystal fountain in the plaza outside the executive tower. (Intriguing Glint Anki, I)
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Masterpiece: A necessary evil. A vast, underground computer network plugged into the Aethernet expunges all media including or pertaining to Ziggy Love. Gotta leave it all behind and face the truth. (Auspicious Paradigm, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging Vox An enthroned porcelain idol whose triple faces speak prosperous advice. The cables that flow from it link through space to distant worlds. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A new management hub that maximises the core synergies of the hacker spiders to produce great media remixes, whilst ensuring they do not violate corporate policies (NO BRAIN EGGS!). (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Aegis
  • Geomantic Exodus: Facing a poor financial climate, Holovid 12 closes shop to re-open in greener pastures. All that remains of home is the colossal biomechanical gate through which they passed. (Crankshaft, IV)

Storing 15 majesty

The Hyperlinked Glossararium


Owner: Glimmers Of Logic

A shifting, colossal cube-like structure, the Glossararium contains a rich index of synergetic infostrands which autocatalogue data, metadata and infradata passing through their web. A user simply has to contact one of the psychonodes to gain access to this library of synaesthetic, synonymic entries on any genre of topic.

  • Palace*: A glowing golden orb anchored midair by monofiligree datawires, pulsing with connective knowledge.
  • Force: A shimmering force field protects against the intrusion of foes, hunger, thirst, sorrow and inefficiency. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Legion: A giant mech towers above the glossarium, its porcelain face serene, its form still, its weapons ready. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Untamed Force: Automated announcements extolling the virtue of the Combine and their glory, during non-sleeping hours. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Intriguing Glint Anki Teams of independent media consultants, more than happy to assist in improving you or your company's public image, or assist in the production of Aethernet content. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Wonder: A set of geomantic engines hum gently, tended to by a series of holograms, for use of the visitors or inhabitants of the realm. (Last Lingering Music, III)
  • Miracle: A forest of folded paper. Words are printed all down the trees, and the roots are wires and cables. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Dark Wonder: A domed glasshouse hosting the plant life of the Glossarium. (Desiderata Violet, I)
  • Traders: advantaging Last Lingering Music Semiotic exchange node. Automagic concept trade, sale and marketing. (Glimmers Of Logic, I)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing green The Iridescent Infinity Cube. A holographic mother-of-pearl matrix hovers in a wide inf-pit. Accessing it permits individuals to shape and create objects according to their specifications, forge concepts into reality. (Desiderata Violet, II)
  • Creation: The Automated Synthetic Environment generator. A virtual environment to simulate any location needed or desired, created by any who enter it. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Masterpiece: A white marble and black basalt hall whose edges are lined in neon light. Within, holographic projections demonstrate the legends of Valtaria and record its histories. (Glimmers Of Logic, II)
  • Forbidden Creation: A gleaming silver coffee machine. The coffee produced is always black as night and sinfully sweet. (Desiderata Violet, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Intriguing Glint Anki An enormous pyramid of glass holds within it the stunning new Flux Wildly Hotel. Stay in the kind of luxury only Flux could previously! Live like the stars! (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers of Autumn We are flesh, circuit and bone. We are flow, and dynamism. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Mind Harmoniser: A brilliant new star hangs in the sky, visible day and night. Harmonic crystals in the star receive and convey Aethernet feeds. Tune in now! #harmonise (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Rich Pickings: Opportunity Knoxx! It's so Ziggy! A vast cultural and Aethernet complex. Merchandise mall featuring all your favourite heartisans, holovid studio suites and comprehensive Aethernet coverage - Holovid 12 and Elysium Channel frontlining as ever. Free food and drink! Terms and conditions apply. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Aegis

Storing 27 majesty

The Infinite Library

Owner: Rain Falls On The Snow

A vast library spanning every room of an enormous building, stretching far above the clouds and descending deep into the earth. The shelves and rooms rearrange themselves constantly, with shifting panels and walls, great robotic arms and vast systems of rails, sorting the library towards a single perfect system.

  • Force*: A smooth silver room that becomes a training hall, office, or library, with a vast armoury concealed behind every wall.
  • Legion: The curator stands as still as a statue, its porcelain face serene. Its hands are knives and its teeth are bullets. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Patient Guardian A group of librarians who sell or trade information on threats and dangers within the Library and beyond (Rain Falls On The Snow, III)
  • Wonder: The librarians here are hooded human-arachnid hybrids, climbing a web-network to retrieve books from strange inaccessible geometries. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Miracle: Plants grow up between the bookshelves whose fruit nourishes and strengthens and allows the eater to control their form, shifting their self towards what they want and what they need. (Spine, III)
  • Traders: advantaging By My Crooked Teeth Library Unification Network. Processes and compresses information for ease of storage and sharing. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Creation: Scribes and savants. Beings who tend the library, transcribe the histories, and search out the stories. They tell the stories to all who will listen. (By My Crooked Teeth, I)
  • Masterpiece: A great cascade of open galleries with a waterfall and river running through them, bringing light, life, fresh water and fish to the centre of the library. (Rain Falls On The Snow, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Patient Guardian Travelling archivists and indexers, exploring the lost spaces of the library and bringing the different indexing schemes into unity. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging Patient Guardian Hidden in the depths of the stacks, a triple-faced synth-priest whispers secrets that are contained in no book. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Palace: A webbed shrine holds a copy of this revered biography and holy book: 'Dr Weaver, or how I learned to stop worrying and love biological transmogrification'. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Rich Pickings: Leather bound books, old and worn, invite those who read them into warm comfort. (At Dawn And At Dusk, III)

Storing 17 majesty

The Ivory Tower

Owner: The Tears Fall Gladly

In the deepest forest lies a city of glass and mirror. At its heart stands an ever-growing tower of ivory. Obsidian rose vine crawls over everything, a painting of all there was, is and will be, shattering the city every eighteen years with its growing weight. Only the tower remains, always.

  • Force*: Rains of crystal and glass come and go, leaving radiant shards and broken hearts behind.
  • Wonder: A mirror that sings of stories far away, and reveals 'the fairest' to its beholders. (The Tears Fall Gladly, IV)
  • Miracle: From every broken heart, blooms a red rose. The roses sing the only song they know, but the harmony changes. (The Tears Fall Gladly, IV)
  • Creation: A tall, black, glass tower in the form of a chess rook, which is topped with a glowing and changing star. (Subsidiary, IV)
  • Masterpiece: The tale of the apocalypse of liberation. Squamous, blind, albino lizard-monks guard a mechanism that tells of the gateway to dissonance. (End of Hope is Truth, IV)

Kraken Heights

Owner: Adversity Breeds

A city built on an island of rock, hanging in place above the mists from heavy chains.

  • Palace*: The Mistgate Tower extends out over the mists like a crooked finger made of stone and polymer.
  • Advisor: advantaging From The Source, The Flow Shapeshifting quicksilver visitors from another realm bring guidance to those who embrace the vision of the Flow. (From The Source, The Flow, III)
  • Force: A group of exquisitely armoured undead ceremonial guards. (Bethany, II)
  • Wonder: A severed head prophesying the glories of overcoming challenges and conquering adversity. (Vermilion, II)
  • Traders: advantaging From the Source, the Flow Shapeshifting quicksilver merchants offer wondrous items to the relatives of those who offer their minds to the Flow. (From the Source, the Flow, III)
  • Creation: Runes that channel the energy of the mists into shards of mana. (Adversity Breeds, II)
  • Masterpiece: A high court that judges the crimes of criminals in this realm. Those found guilty are sacrificed to the mists. (Adversity Breeds, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging End Of Hope Is Truth A temple of blind, albino lizardfolk in black robes attend to records of betrayals, broken pacts, and failed diplomacy. (End Of Hope Is Truth, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)

Storing 5 red mana
Storing 10 green mana
Storing 30 blue mana
Storing 18 majesty

Liminal Discordance

Owner: Carrion Comfort

Fractured obsidian spires howl discordant notes. Lost souls or simply the biting wind? The carcasses of ships tower over the landscape; white sands are littered with broken weapons and bleached skulls. Ice shards (or is it glass?) dance in the air. Sometimes, blood falls in tiny drops. It is the only colour. You can always see, and yet, is always night.

  • Palace*: A tower of bone and steel coils skyward like a DNA helix, sparking lightning.
  • Force: The sacred threshold where the old breaks down and the new begins to form. Nothing and everything. You enter liminality. (Cam, III)
  • Wonder: A hall of polished obsidian, where the force of the risen dead is contained, consultable if wisdom is desired. (Bunny, III)
  • Creation: All life deserves a chance. A thousand handmade nooks and crannies harvest water; a chance to grow, to change. (If Only You Would, III)
  • Masterpiece: A tower of bone and glass symbolising aspiration. It provokes a purposeful sense of respectful curiosity and contemplative investigation. (Thunder Surrounding, III)

Storing 4 majesty

The Nameless Whale

Owner: Last Lingering Music

A whale made of interwoven wicker, each twig inscribed inscrutably. Wide white ribs hold aloft the structure, dank but bright. Curtains of white threads hang, a susurrus whispering against one's ears as one passes under each strand. Three inches of crystal clear water pools underfoot, gently lapping. Nameless creatures, moth-like, drift in the undertow. Walkways of coral wind across the hollow whale. Marking sigils, or perhaps not, silver fish dart between the reefs.

  • Force*: A river of glass that flows from the hollow eyes of the hollow whale. Tales of sorrow and destruction are recited to the sea beast to continue the flow.
  • Legion: The setting sun shines vermilion against the clouds. It marks a road through the mists between worlds, so that the whale might sing and fly in skies anew. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The Templar take to the skies on wings of steel and light. You see them coming by the light of their swords through the mist. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Wonder: A parade of mini-elephants singing in mysterious harmony. Those who hear the singing are rejuvenated and gradually transform into their ideal physical form, freed from the tyranny of need and age. (Leaf, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn A porcelain synth-priest collects tales, trades them for laughter. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Creation: A great fish feeding on the smaller shoals, its hide showing spiralling patterns of beauty and insight. (Rain Falls On The Snow, I)
  • Masterpiece: A wicker trellis garden on which grows egg-sacs of baby whales. Porcelain synth-priests tend the gardens. One in a thousand whales grows huge and needs to be taken out to swim in the mists. (Last Lingering Music, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn Obelisks of stone and glass float broken in the air. At the heart of each is a face that whispers scripture. (Whispers Of Autumn, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn A small pool that, when dived into, opens into boundless depths of sea. Scintillating jellyfish glowing in many colours glide its flows. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Palace: Trees tangled into the shape of an enormous clock, each soothing chime a peal of colours. A flush of delicious scents laugh in the pendulum. Fruits that burst into cakes grow in the topmost branches. (Last Lingering Music, III)
  • Throne: A distant whale-song sounds across the whole world. A few of those who hear it shall feel their spirit ignite with a Shaper's spark that shall persist and burn. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Advisor: advantaging Whispers of Autumn A tiny golden elephant gambols through pools and puddles. It dispenses advice in the voice of a family member. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 16 majesty

The Obsidian Plateau

Owner: An Endless Falling

An intimidating dark rock face forms the edge of this territory, broken up by paths leading into tunnels beyond. The Draconian people who reside here have made their homes in the very rock itself, not on the arid plateau above. Despite what structures have been built and the low, wind blown trees that flourish upon it, the entire surface feels open, exposed and isolated.

  • Palace*: Strive Ever Upward – An incomplete tower, covered in abstract monochrome patterns. While sometimes the tower changes height, the top is always raw scaffolding.
  • Throne: A dazzling white throne, carved of quartz, broad enough to dwarf any who sits in it. (Pandora Libertine, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Endless Radiance A robed, hooded monk – a different one each day – stands by the throne, questioning those who would lead and thus strengthening their understanding. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Force: A single crag of basalt rises, filled with the warrens of ferocious draconic warrior-poets. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Legion: Archery butts and racks of weapons sit at the base of the tower. Drills occur at regular intervals. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm A hit squad of fashion police patrol, hired from the elite HV12 cadres. They cheerfully provide fashion and accessory tips to all along with gift coupons to help. (Auspicious Paradigm, III)
  • Wonder: The sky sometimes swirls with murmurations of birds. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Miracle: A spring of clear water, deep underground, always clean and never exhausted, with no obvious source. (Soar Ever Upward, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain synth-cleric sits in a small chantry. It dispenses sage financial advice, and smells of prosperity. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Mana fountain: enhancing green Trees, laden with golden fruit, infested with biting insects. These consume the mana-infused flesh of the fruit and inject the magical venom produced into the realm's inhabitants, provoking extreme physical changes to their forms. (Orb-Weaver, IV)
  • Creation: A spiralling maze of tunnels that branch and fork in fractal patterns, tracing a new path for every explorer. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Masterpiece: At the heart of the rock, under the base of the tower, only reachable by the curious and solitary thee is a cave. An area for contemplation and relaxation with a natural heated spring. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Soar Ever Upward Travellers find themselves first at The Way Station. There they can find plentiful supplies. On occasion, guides will be waiting to assist the easily lost through the caves. For those wishing to stay longer, there is good food, comfortable lodging and aethernet connected screens with entertainment provided by Holovid 12. (Auspicious Paradigm, III)
  • Synergy: advantaging Soar Ever Upward An endlessly tall needle-spire reaches to the vaulted heights of the sky. Around it spirals a staircase. Those who reach the summit find the Benefactor. It will give them what they need to make dreams breathe. (Whispers of Autumn, IV)
  • Beacon: A great spire is raised, near which voices can be heard. **"We know your secrets//And we have our own.//Let us in,//let us in."** (ERROR, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 152 majesty

On High

Owner: Endless Radiance (UPDATED)

A deep crevasse filled with oily black smoke opens before you. Hanging unsupported within it, almost invisible in the smog, is a mountain carved into an austere, crumbling monastery. Every corridor echoes with whispered arguments and quiet moans of pain. The people's robes and hoods fail to conceal oozing sores, but they are less anguished than angry- at the world, at themselves, at the fact of this life. Their lives are spent hardening and sharpening their minds and bodies; they argue on what is true, what is necessary, and what is right; and they laugh with bitter scorn at the idea they should relax.

  • Creation*: A half-ruined temple-forge where basalt and smoking flame are wrought into blades that kill with a touch.
  • Embassy: advantaging Soar Ever Upward The world intrudes – laughing visitors come to meditate, but also to remind On High that there is a world below. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Wonder: A great, resonant chamber. When one speaks, one’s voice is amplified tenfold – and sounds ten times more cheerful! (Soar Ever Upward, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Clarity Absolute A small glimpse into the Clockwork Circus, where traders and monks mingle for all to try their luck or lack thereof. (Clarity Absolute, III)
  • Force: A force of warrior-monks wielding swords of flame. (Bethany, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging An Endless Falling Draconic warrior-poets come to study the sword, to meditate, to teach. (An Endless Falling, III)
  • Palace: A spacious temple at the highest point, whose only adornment is a carving at the entrance: a calligraphic ‘why’. (Pandora, the Libertine)
  • Throne: A simple, comfortable chair. The one sitting in it can speak with the monks of On High at any distance; by hearing every viewpoint, debating every argument, their philosophies are refined. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Advisor: advantaging Soil, When Seeds Are Sown Two wretched, shambling figures who greet all they meet with one hoarse word: 'Remember.' (Endless Radiance, IV)

Storing 51 majesty

The Persistent Sojourn

Owner: Trip The Electric

A disorientating mass of corridors and rooms. An office with every surface covered in blank paper, another with the walls covered with riddles. A room in which there may have been a struggle, and one ordered so precisely it almost hurts to move through as if in doing so you are somehow out of place. It feels too quiet, slightly uncomfortable, you feel as if you cannot stay in any room too long. There are not enough chairs.

  • Creation*: The glimpse of a Door in the corridor ahead. Only seen through the corner of your eye.
  • Masterpiece: The perfect chaotic moment: A moment of perfect clarity in a period of confusion. A silence in a noisy crowd. The answer to a problem. (Trip The Electric, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn An inscrutable glossary promises insight into the library, but gives none. An Elephant is engraved upon the cover. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Force: A swarm of hawk owls, fuelled by coffee, guard the skies. (Hawk, II)
  • Legion: A horde of intelligent, friendly rats that are very helpful and happen to be invisible to owls. (Red Tail III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Changing Of The Tide A series of statues placed through the halls, activating to protect the territory when the territory needs before returning to stone and waiting once more. (Trip The Electric, III)
  • Wonder: A coffee mine! Grounds are extracted via marvellous machinery operated by owls. (Soar Ever Upward, II)
  • Miracle: This entire land houses an abstruse mystery: clues take the form of writing on the walls or the words whispered by the wind. Or room layouts. All is a part of the puzzles. It never ends. (Soar Ever Upward, III)
  • Traders: advantaging By My Crooked Teeth A room of vibrant novelties where ideas are exchanged. (Trip The Electric, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Thunder Surrounding An intelligent presence that leaves all in the territory feeling more smart and self-restrained, especially regarding caffeine. (Trip The Electric, II)

Storing 4 majesty

The Garden Of Lost Things

Owner: At Dawn And At Dusk (UPDATED)

Tales of The Porcelain Garden

A garden made of cracking porcelain, where the stiff white grass is pocked with patches of ash and dust - the only traces of what once was. The flowers that grow here but ghostly shadows. They sway without sound, phasing through each other where they should touch. The streets are walked by clockwork dolls whose skin is as cracked as the earth and whose gears and joints are rusted with salt. The wonder the land, taking care of the broken and nurturing the new.

  • Force*: Skeletal bees that swam in the pits of ash and dust, drawing out what little power remains with their deadly stings.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Skyshock Sigma A squadron of golden and bronze dragons patrol the skies of the garden, warming the gears of the dolls into movement. (At Dawn And At Dusk, IV)
  • Wonder: An ornamental lake. Just looking at it soothes the soul. (Soar Ever Upward, IV)
  • Causality Weld: An oasis of peace and tranquility. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Masterpiece: An apple tree constantly in bloom. Orbiting the branches is a constellation of golden fire, bringing light to the fields, and beauty to those within them. (By My Crooked Teeth, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Rain Falls On The Show A peaceful glade of trees where people come to meet and share stories. (Rain Falls On The Snow, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 4 majesty

The Proving Ground

Owner: Every Broken Clock

High steel fences encircle the complex, obfuscating activities within the quadrangle but not the humming of machinery. The pictographic warning signs are unflinching in their details. Beyond the gates are darkly verdant greenhouses, shuttered ateliers, and crystal palaces harbouring glowing structures and strange engines. Loudspeakers play gentle music and the engineers that flit between the buildings are always smiling.

  • Wonder*: Harlequin lightning bounds along the earth, coils on the loudspeakers, barks like a dog.
  • Miracle: A glimmering silver craft rests on a launchpad, primed to explore the stars. Its interior is impossibly large. (The Luxophage Sun, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain synth-priest peddles outside the locked gates. It trades idols and holovids for whispers and dreams. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing green Full power to the engines! Shovel on the crystal coal and shimmering oil (Desiderata Violet, III)
  • Force: Small whirlwinds of sand and grit prowl the fences protectively. (An Endless Falling, II)
  • Legion: A device of dials and whirring humming that can convert a human to pure energy for instantaneous travel and then reform them hale and hearty. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Whispers of Autumn Brass automata patrol the long boundaries of the fence. Those that meet them are chilled by the glint of their ruby eyes. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Creation: Fog rolls through the grass, snuffles like a dog, leaving droplets of dew. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Masterpiece: A console lights up when approached; it makes a low hum while producing the requisitioned supplies. (Every Broken Clock, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn A porcelain synth-priest sits encased in a box of glass. Appropriately authorised operatives may ignore the warning signs and hear its honeyed words. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Synergy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn A machine of lenses and mirrors that reflects the light of the moon into visions of possible distant stars. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Aegis

The Star Chamber

Owner: Illuminating

The complex is set into the top of a mountain with parts of it open to the sky. The main building contains a large crystalline dome, the centre of which retracts to let starlight shine in at a specific point. Here games are played, and sometimes lost, and sometimes people burn in the white fire, though whether it is the loser or the winner who burns is hard to tell. The chamber is all at once a place of infinite beauty and bone chilling terror.

  • Wonder*: A beautiful stain glass window set into the ceiling, which amplifies and catches the light from the stars within it.
  • Creation: Floating lights, starlight, moonlight and sunlight, which change position outside and illuminate the windows accordingly. (Illuminating, IV)
  • Masterpiece: An observatory, stacked with all sorts of instruments to measure the heavens and outland. (Illuminating, IV)
  • Force: A series of challenges and puzzles designed to make the participant think about change, dedicated to the Apparition. (Flood, IV)
  • Palace: A palace made of black glass with silver star-shaped windows that reflect other parts of the realm. (Subsidiary, IV)

Storing 1 red mana
Storing 1 green mana
Storing 2 blue mana
Storing 2 majesty

The Thunderous Mountains

Owner: Patient Guardian

A mountain range that appears to grow and shift when unwatched. Filled with caves and valleys that are home to small nomadic tribes, forced to move often as the lands around them do. The environment cycles seemingly randomly between long periods of tranquil peace, and devastating natural disaster combined with unnatural growth of predatory beasts. Slowly, the tribespeople are coming together to pool their knowledge and ideas. Each time the disasters come, they are a little more prepared. Each time the predators attack, the traps are slightly better...

  • Creation*: A great ramshackle library, built into mountainous caves, open to all to contribute to and learn from.
  • Masterpiece: A cavernous laboratory, perfect for the analysis of toxins and poisons, and the creation of venoms and antidotes. (Patient Guardian, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging Bethany A group of travellers, spreading the philosophy of Bethany’s New World for all to consider and discuss. (By My Crooked Teeth, III)
  • Force: A defence grid of weapons and lasers for training purposes. (Hawk, I)
  • Legion: A roving band of warriors who fight for the defenceless who still have lessons to learn. (Bethany, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow A force of powerful animals. If you are smart and patient enough, you may find them less hostile. (Rain Falls On The Snow, III)
  • Wonder: Gold and silver spiders produce hallucinogenic venom. Tribespeople ingest this to gain great insight, but risk madness or death. (Orb Weaver, I)
  • Miracle: Scintillating crystal caves that resonate in tune with the thoughts of those who venture within and invite reflection and meditative tranquillity. (Serianna, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Rain Falls On The Snow A communal marketplace where representatives from the various tribes can trade resources and knowledge. (Rain Falls On The Snow, II)
  • Aegis


Owner: The Luxophage Sun

Smooth rainbow mirrored stone feels synthetic, in organised blocks and non-organic shapes. Like the view of a city from above.

  • Palace*: The blocks of fractal mirrors show altered reflections in myriad colours as you wander the mazelike path into the darkness.
  • Advisor: advantaging Thunder Surrounding A series of shadows on the edges of reflections, occasionally offering helpful and unhelpful advice. (Trip The Electric, II)
  • Force: Shifting patterns converge into the shape of winged figures. They leap forth as warriors of pure rainbow light. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging From The Source, The Flow A defensive array of ever-shifting silver spines coat any outward-facing surface that an enemy approaches. (From The Source, The Flow, IV)
  • Wonder: A clear pool of water, recursively refracting the surrounding rainbow spires. (The Luxophage Sun, II)
  • Traders: advantaging From The Source, The Flow Shapeshifting quicksilver visitors from another land bring gifts of wonder, and whisper offers of deeper secrets to those who will return with them. (From The Source, The Flow III)
  • Creation: A curious machine that answers questions of fate and destiny, in haiku. (Thunder Surrounding, II)
  • Embassy: advantaging From The Source, The Flow A glittering fountain soars from a quicksilver pool. Eddies and vortices swirl with strange intention. It is unclear how deep are the... waters? (From The Source, The Flow, IV)

Storing 10 majesty

The Twilight Sanctum


Owner: Changing Of The Tide

A large, imposing building that glistens with the setting sun both inside and out. Stone dragons wrap around the pillars they are carved from. Inside is a network of corridors that join spacious rooms, the crystalline walls glowing with the reddish hue of twilight.

  • Wonder*: An iridescent dragon patrols the sanctum, inhabiting a room that serves as storage for valuable items, which it guards.
  • Traders: advantaging Whispers of Autumn The porcelain synth-priest leads the silver market under the Autumn Moon. Trade whispers for trinkets, trinkets for whispers. (Trip The Electric, III)
  • Force: Venomous vines sprout among the gardens and between the open galleries, beating back the more aggressive tomes and providing a source of unique biomantic venoms - if the inhabitants are cunning enough to collect them. (Vesper, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Trip The Electric A cohort of Shining Wizard Knights (Trip The Electric, III)
  • Creation: Fountain of life. Produces the purest of water to restore the weary. (Changing Of The Tide, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Whispers Of Autumn The porcelain Synth-Priest leads a sermon in a voice thick with gold, evangelising the virtues of personal freedom and the wonders of free trade. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Aegis

Storing 10 red mana
Storing 10 green mana
Storing 10 blue mana

Welcoming Bazaar

Owner: Calm Merchandiser

A large open air market. The crisp sounds of coin acts as a counterpoint to the soft music of voices in a myriad of languages.

  • Wonder*: A set of brass scales that balance depending on how each person values their own goods.
  • Traders: advantaging 'Debts' Mett Famed caravans that offer a single quality weapon with each cart of booze. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)
  • Force: A team of white armoured militia, heavily armed and with faceless visors across their helms. Their armour is proof against corrosion, defacement and advertising. (Kystennin, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging 'Debts' Mett A group of bat-wielding guards stand ready to prevent any disagreements from disrupting ongoing business. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)
  • Creation: A quiet archive, filled with ledgers, each filled to the brim with the exact information you need. (Tableau BOOM!, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging 'Debts' Mett A large fight circle, filled with sand, where disagreements can be ultimately resolved. (Calm Merchandiser, IV)

Storing 2 red mana
Storing 6 green mana
Storing 7 blue mana

The Liberated Skies

Sovereign: Pivot, Facilitator

The Liberated Skies of the People's Combine consist of many islands of matter hanging suspended in the brilliant blue skies. They bluster with strong winds, perfect for rippling through hair and billowing through capes, with majestic banks of clouds that glow orange in the eternal, beautiful sunset. A great steel railway extends in a loop joining the larger islands that contain territories loyal to members of the People's Combine. This Great Railway of Liberty is served by two mighty locomotives, one going clockwise, one anticlockwise, to allow the people of the Combine freedom to travel wherever their purpose is best served.

Those territories that lack the Combine's favour are not connected by the railway, and the skies toward them are perpetually dark with rainclouds. The light of the sunset does not reach there, and the winds are icy cold.

Geomantic Engine Status: Within Tolerances (5/0)

The Armoury Of The People

Owner: Armourer Bolt, of the Hammer Of Progress

A large factory, where workers of the combine produce weapons of war. Anything from large anti aircraft rocket launchers, to combat knives. Airship mounted cannon , to tiny concealable pistols for 'special work'. At the centre lies a large meeting hall, where plans can be made, problems solved, and guests received. Covering its walls are prototypes and examples of almost every weapon the armoury has churned out, neatly arrayed.

  • Force*: A series of machines, near the industrial heart of the complex, churning out weapons parts day and night.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Falconet A force of engineers, loaded with tools and spare parts, to assist repairs. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Wonder: In the meeting hall, joyous songs ring out, lifting the Combine's spirits. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Fluidity A team of administrators bustle around, taking inventories and determining the optimal placements of resources. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Creation: Explosive research labs, developing various exploding devices and weaponry. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Masterpiece: A great banner appears in the meeting hall, bearing the principles of the Revolution. Articles II, XI and XII are picked out in gold, for emphasis. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Fluidity The most perfect break room, where armoury workers can spend their rest breaks in the luxury they deserve. (Crankshaft, III)

Storing 2 majesty

Cerulean Bounty

Owner: Volunteer Abacus, of the Symphony of Purpose
Tales of Cerulean Bounty

A vast, glimmering oceanscape, covered with a huge archipegalic chain of green islands, upon which a joyfully labouring population co-exists with a multitude of rats, cats, and other fuzzy creatures.

  • Wonder*: Ancient leviathans, awakened from a millennia-long slumber, soar through the glimmering waters.
  • Miracle: A monument housing a vast, ever-burning flame, filling the hearts of the people with Devotion. (Desiderata Violet, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Axle A dedicated fleet of supply airships bring much needed provisions to the people. (Abacus, II)
  • Causality Weld: A large automaton, devouring pollution. Every so often, a metallic animal is seen scampering away from its path. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Force: Small mechanical creations scuttering about, making repairs and alterations to everything in sight. (Crankshaft, I)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Endless Radiance Warrior-monks from far away display kata, training themselves and those willing to learn in martial arts of grace, harmony and protection. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Untamed Force: A reprogrammed neural stimulator directs the marine predators to attack the enemies of the Combine. (Fluidity, III)
  • Creation: Large wellsprings scatter the ocean, bringing up salvage from the depths. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Masterpiece: A glorious fleet of passenger boats, carrying the people wherever they want to go across the beauteous ocean. (Flare, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Axle A vast universal translator system, allowing all comrades to understand one another, no matter how eccentric a language they speak. (Abacus, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Rebar A mass communications relay whereby RevCorp reports are compiled at a single point. (Abacus, I)
  • Aegis

Storing 4 majesty

The Dominion Of The Tyrant Vanquished

Owner: Liberator Flare, of the Victor Ascendant

A few small settlements each on their own island. Each settlement seems to live by a different ideal, and will try to bring others to their side through force or reasoning. Many of the islands are riddled with carved out mines.

  • Force*: Small red carnivorous birds that hunt in packs to take down enemies larger than themselves.
  • Untamed Force: This is an enormous statue of Liberator Flare, blowing the smoke from her gun. (Switchgear, I)
  • Wonder: Sleek jungle cats prowl the limits, eating intruders and dragging their mana home. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Petrol There will be cocktail Inquisitors making sure industrioclasts are not running the cocktail bars and that people only get drunk on the night before their one day off a week. (Flare, III)
  • Dark Wonder: A party to dig up the EVIL TREE and burn it and the spiders and then have cocktails! (Flare, III)
  • Causality Weld: The Vector: The best cocktail bar in the Combine! Today's special - the End of the Line. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Creation: Ziggy Love Machine. (Ziggy Love, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum The 'Victory Through Persistence Anew' is the rebuilt version of the famous Homeworld ship, specialised in discussion of Dissonance. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Forbidden Creation: This is an enormous statue of Ziggy Love, wearing fabulous Combine apparel. (Switchgear, I)
  • Advisor: advantaging Bennet Some monkeys which appear as docile pets, but are actually highly intelligent advisors. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)
  • Disruption: A tourney ground where liberators fight each other for propaganda and fame! (Flare, II)

Storing 3 majesty

Emergent Assemblage

Owner: Engineer Cam, of the Symphony Of Purpose

An ever-growing, constantly changing warren of corridors and chambers burrowing into the side of a mountain. A hive of activity, as workers and machines mine and build, constructing what seems at once to be a city and one single, many-roomed house, through which everyone wanders freely. The chambers move around on rails and cranes, constantly interlocking into new patterns. Everything is pervaded by a hum of mechanical activity, thrumming through the walls; nothing is still for long.

  • Creation*: A clattering mining railway that runs from the pit face all around the territory, carrying resources.
  • Masterpiece: An open park, smelling of warm hay. Tiny dragons flicker between the trees. In the centre of the park is a graet plaque, inscribed with Bethany the Steadfast's Principles of the Ideal World. (Patient Guardian, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Pivot A rambling park of assault courses and woodland playparks, where children and adults alike find camaraderie and joy. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Wonder: Glowing crystals grow from the walls, bringing soft light to the warrens. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Abacus A matter composition editor, transforming excess materials into needed ones. (Abacus, II)
  • Force: A fleet of automata, gleaming and efficient. (Fluidity, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Crankshaft Mechanical badgers, burrowing, forming new tunnels for the mine. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Endless Radiance A robed, hooded monk visits every consensus meeting, offering no suggestions, but asking awkward questions. (Endless Radiance, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

Fiddler's Green

Owner: Lieutenant​ ​Balthazar​ ​‘Piston’​ ​Bennet

Two dozen small floating islands tethered together by heavy steel rope bridges. The islands all sport idyllic meadows and small villages with some farmland. A few brooks leap over their island’s edge into the unfathomable depths. The Green is not connected by the Railway and serves as a low-key haven for many people the Combine would rather not think about.

  • Creation*: A large airship hangar under the main island services and repairs flying locomotives for all manner of shady characters.
  • Masterpiece: A centre where all who enter receive the resources and the comfort they require. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Rosie Ratchet A log cabin, inhabited by a young, self-sufficient, photogenic couple. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Force: Anti-aircraft emplacements camouflaged to look as copses as trees. (Piston, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Rosie Ratchet A militia of well-trained sharpshooters. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Wonder: Intelligent and compassionate giant worms burrow great tunnels to form an underground railroad through which many escape the Combine's brainwashing centres. (Orb Weaver, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Crankshaft A spacious airport is constantly busy with essential supplies being transported in and out. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Palace: A noisy eye in a quiet storm. Industrioclasts govern, cave walls ring with joy, the people drink together. It's nice. (If Only You Would, III)
  • Advisor: advantaging Rosie Ratchet An old woman, wizened with age, who is an encyclopedia of knowledge on insurgency tactics and survival skills. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 14 majesty

The Floating Falls

Owner: Rhetonomic Engineer Fluidity, of the Victory Through Persistence

Hundreds upon hundreds of rocks float in a loose column. The islands never touch, but spiral subtly in their orbits. The smallest bob along hosting a single wizened tree. The largest are too large to map. Flocks of birds fly between nesting sites. Industry thrives on water turbines. Where does the water come from? From the sky, but not as rain. Waterfalls, from trickles to torrents, tumble from island to island. Streams land on one edge and flow to the other. Gushing pillars of water hit islands as they circulate, crushing anything in their path. And when the rainbows start...

  • Force*: Thunderous showers of water pulse down from the islands and pound, roaring, through channels in the stony ground into unseen courses.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Switchgear The "Loyalty in Comrades Returned" airship provides military supremacy in the skies around the Falls. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Wonder: As the waterfalls scatter droplets in the sunlight, they turn into mana and fall to the grass below. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Cam A bar, where comrades mingle, greeting each other cheerfully and exchanging goods. (Theobald, IV)
  • Miracle: Life and love and vitality blooms across the falls as the land erupts into a bright cornucopia of radiant rose blossoms, that shift and change colour to reflect the mood of those who walk among them. (Serennia, II)
  • Creation: Between the cascades are shimmering rainbows that shower glittering blue crystals into lustrous pools. (At Dawn And At Dusk, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Rebar A group of engineers have arrived from a nearby territory. They provide armour and protection for whatever purpose the locals wish. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Disruption: Teams of joyful labourers remove the unnecessary 'anti-brainwashing facilities' and construct buildings for the People's good. (Fluidity, II)

Storing 5 majesty

The Flying Citadel

Owner: Captain Maximum Overdrive (UPDATED)

A flying fortress, comprised of a number of diesel powered airships lashed together with chains and rope. The engines purr with new life as banners hand from the railings proclaiming The Revolution. Airships carry people from the Citadel to the ground freely and without harassment. This is a place of hope and new beginnings where all are welcome to start anew.

  • Palace*: The Great Sky-market. Here outlaws gather to trade and collect what is needed to stem the tide of the combine.
  • Advisor: advantaging Rosie Ratchet Mysterious figures, hidden by long cloaks and face coverings, whisper words of advice during the new moon phase. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Force: A squadron of bombers flying under their own diesel powered smokescreen. (Piston, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Rosie Ratchet Camouflaged archers with mechanical crossbows. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Wonder: A towering lighthouse shines wondrous light. Flockings of singing whales circle the light and guide the ships of air, land and sea to safety. (Last Lingering Music, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Pivot A team of engineers from afar are distributing mechanical wings to the populace for no charge. All who wish to may fly freely. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Creation: Mechanical birds with diamond hearts. They sparkle and never sing the same song twice. (Ash, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Rosie Ratchet An old fashioned general store, where traders and townspeople gather to exchange goods & ideas. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)
  • Legacy Cascade: A council chamber, for the election of the new Captain. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Beacon: A great spire is raised, near which voices can be heard. **"Blessings upon you, distant brothers and sisters.//We mean you no harm.//Let the gulf between us close, and our People unite.//Together, we will heal."** (ERROR, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 35 majesty

Freedom's Eyrie

Owner: Lancer Maximum, of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom

The peak of a mountain standing tall above the island on which it stands, Freedom’s Eyrie opens up to allow airships to dock. Below it in the mountain sits the great workshop of Invention’s Forge. Swarms of engineers and airship crews scurry about, dodging LibCorp propaganda teams preparing their latest works.

  • Palace*: A great brass statue of an eagle in flight, modelled on the figurehead of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom.
  • Force: A flight of eagles, soaring and guarding the skies. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Abacus An elite squad of jetpack wearing liberators, ready for maximum carnage. (Abacus, II)
  • Wonder: Dew forms on the statue of the eagle, dripping into a basin. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: Advantaging Rebar Among the ships arriving are supply ships, laden down with all the bounty of the Liberated Skies. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Creation: A weapon foundry, upgrading the ships' weapons. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Aegis

Storing 2 green mana
Storing 5 blue mana
Storing 15 majesty

The Heart Of The Machine

Owner: Engineer Crankshaft, of the Heart Of The Machine Tales of the Heart of the Machine

An old airship graveyard. The derelict vessels have been reclaimed, fused, welded together, and given life and function once again. On large open decks, plantlife blooms, creating wondrous gardens, full of wildlife and bountiful vegetation; a place for comrades to relax and bond. Every surface is covered with a multitude of interwoven pipes, cables, wires and roots and throughout the structure the pleasant hum of an engine can be heard, blending harmoniously with the chitter of the wildlife.

  • Creation*: A large metal heart in the centre of the structure, pumping along with the ambient thrum.
  • Masterpiece: A giant metronome covered in intricate clockwork, all twisting together in a dance of unity. (Tableau BOOM!, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Abacus A grand discussion hall where all people may contribute to consensus and harmony. (Abacus, I)
  • Force: A fleet of heavily reinforced airships. (Rebar, I)
  • Legion: An underwater base sits watching for danger or disaster, ready to launch amphibious zeppelins. (Spectrum, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Axle Hidden automated gun placements that protect from ships when the territory is threatened. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Untamed Force: On the upper level of the Heart of the Machine, wildlife and plant growth appears, growing towards the sky. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Wonder: Amongst the airships run rats, clever and quick. They gather mana for the Combine. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Axle Refitted and repaired airships are collected for trade. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Causality Weld: Sound reduction measures in workshops and machine rooms, allowing a maximum of an ambient hum in noise. They pulse occasionally, sending out energy to far peoples. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Dream Foundry: forging Causality Welds for 6 blue and 6 red mana each Beneath the beating heart of the machine is an engineer's workshop, outfitted with all tools imaginable, with the background hum allowing quiet contemplation. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Aegis
  • Legacy of Loyalty
    • This will be the nature of time and distance in the Outworld:
    • Time flows forward, from past to future in a continuous, never-ending stream. Through this passage of time, the world is constantly evolving, growing into new and better things. Time touches all things, building them up and wearing them down over the passage of years.
    • Territories will exist as spaces within an infinite mist. By travelling to the edge of a territory, people can pass into the mist, and emerge in the territory to which they wish to travel, or to a central neutral zone.
    • Someone who walks into the mist without a clear idea of where they want to go will emerge in the place most appropriate for them.
    • Well trodden paths between territories will bring them closer together.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.

Storing 2 majesty

Invention's Forge

Owner: Engineer Wingnut, of the Harbinger of Inevitable Freedom

Carved into the mountain below Freedom’s Eyrie, Wingnut’s workshop is a warren of twisting tunnels circling around the central forge. A vast room, the forge is a hive of industry; a half-dozen unfinished inventions hang by the forge, completed only when inspiration strikes. The walls are covered in blueprints, with glass cases interspersed between them displaying Wingnut’s finished creations. Rooms for visiting engineers, patrons, and guests fill the halls surrounding the forge, decorated sumptuously. Rumours that a secret room exists below the forge may well be founded in truth, but few have seen Wingnut’s personal chambers or the inventions therein.

  • Creation*: A looming brass automaton built as charming, conversational companion and workshop assistant. The Overseer emits blue steam from his joints.
  • Embassy: advantaging Abacus A small flying droid, informing the overseer of production requests from the Combine. (Abacus, II)
  • Force: A bustling distribution warehouse, funnelling resources where they need to go. (Cam, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging From The Source, The Flow Silver gliders with wingspans of eagles soar around the eyrie, protecting it until its master's return. (From The Source, The Flow, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Rebar Loyal troops of Combine crafters banter and gossip. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Advisers: advantaging Benett A group of businessmen and women in suits made of deerskin. Gives advice on achieving goals. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)

Storing 1 green mana Storing 3 majesty

Liberty Fells

Owner: Volunteer Pivot

A landscape of lonely grey mountains. Towards the bottom of the fells are little villages, cottages made of slate, exuding steam through the brass pipes that link everything in this realm. Coarse brown-green grass covers the ground and moss appears along the walls, facilitated by the damp climate and myriad criss-crossing streams. As one ascends, the plant life starts to fade away until one is left only with the bare mountainside, the wind, and the golden light of the dying sun. And the pipes. Always the pipes.

  • Force*: When under threat, the piles of scree that litter the landscape coalesce into the form of golems, ready to defend the land.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Mariana A first response team, poised to aid those in need should any accidents or mishaps occur. (Yaztromo, III)
  • Wonder: A rainbow breaks over the mountains, and mana forms where it meets the ground. (Barrage, II)
  • Miracle: The pipes extend into the mountains, creating a protective halo which exudes gentle mists to obscure the hidden fortress: a series of chambers full of relaxing steam where all residents can feel (and be) calm and SAFE. (Barrage, III)
  • Causality Weld: Veins of metal emerge out of cracks in the rocks and the mountains, shining brightly despite the lack of sun and holding the realm together. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Falconet The occasional train visits, bringing food and supplies for the people. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Creation: A great hospital researching ways to ease the people's pain and suffering and distributing them. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Masterpiece: The perfect place to see the sunset, with a place to sit and reflect on what brings them joy. (By My Crooked Teeth, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Falconet A train station welcoming any potential visitors from other realms and containing a library and gallery for anyone to learn about other lands. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Mana Fountain: enhancing blue A fountain of sapphire gems and pure water that inspires the heart and soul. (Vermilion, II)
  • Advisor: advantaging Bennett A library full of talking self-help books which espouse resilience and grit to achieve goals. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)
  • Aegis

Storing 51 majesty

The Mirror

Owner: Liberator Falconet Tales of The Mirror

A grand park, with tall trees that tangle to form a forest so dense it's hard to see through, surrounding a clearing and at the centre of that is a shimmering, reflective lake. It sits at the bottom of a valley, the hills high and canopied around it. Birds song can always be heard from within the woods; their calls are particularly soothing.

  • Creation*: The surface is perfect and ever-clear, but when an individual approaches, the image shifts to a representation of what they most wish to be.
  • Mastepiece: The well of bullshit catharsis: A bottomless pit, which shapers and petitioners may scream into, to dump their emo shit into for free! (Wage Slayv, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Switchgear The new Victory Through Persistence floats in the clouds above. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Force: A flock of bluebirds perch amid the treetops; their songs entrance all within miles, irresistibly. (Fluidity, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Abacus Drill sergeants instilling the discipline needed to work and ignore the birdsong. (Abacus, II)
  • Wonder: In the lake, under the surface, swim crystal carp. Their shed skins gather at the shore. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Pivot Airships arrive, bringing supplies of food and useful crafts to the people. (Crankshaft, III)

Storing 2 majesty

The Perfect Forge

Owner: Fusilier Barrage, of the Symphony of Purpose

A mess of heat and noise, People’s Combine workers diligently bending their heads to the task of producing the finest milled weapons of war.

  • Force*: The searing, red hot forge at the centre, glowing with the purpose of the Combine.
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Crankshaft The orders go out and the smiths respond. Medical tools; farming tools; cooking pots are produced. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Wonder: In the quiet area around the forge, green grass springs up underfoot. Trees bend their branches in the breeze and autumn leaves crunch underfoot, bringing a feeling of hope. (Barrage, III)
  • Causality Weld: The forges making weapons of war reduce. Instead the forges turn to making farming equipment and transport. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Abacus A grand computer, efficiently calculating the territory's resource needs and requisitioning appropriately. (Abacus, II)
  • Creation: Holovid 12 Media Aethernet broadcasting tower, bringing the Aethernet and all of Holovid 12's quality shows and media to one and all. (Auspicious Paradigm, I)
  • Embassy: advantaging Crankshaft A school teaching mortal disciples and quartermasters their techniques. (Crankshaft, IV) READ ERROR
  • Advisor: advantaging Bennett An old-fashioned radio, which broadcasts advice on surviving harsh territories – also dispenses love life advice. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)
  • Dream Foundry: forging Comrade's Links for 4 blue, 4 green and 4 red mana each Above the glowing heart of the forge an irridescent bubble appears, glinting with prismatic colour. As the works gaze into it, images appear. Slowly, they solidify and float down to the workers' hands. (Barrage, II)
  • Aegis

Storing 2 majesty

Pioneer's Gulch

Owner: Rosie Ratchet

An island of forested mountain ranges, long canyons and open tablelands with rivers full of fool's gold and large game animals roaming throughout. The towns are separated by towering pine forests in endless shade, with skulking flesh-craving creatures awaiting the unwary traveller. The pioneers don't talk much – their pale faces are lined with mistrust, with a ready hand on the shotgun for strangers. In the tablelands, large pumpjacks nod, spilling oil onto the ground, fuel – and drink – for the land's inhabitants.

  • Palace*: A giant gleaming anti-aircraft gun, that hurts the eyes to look at, perched on the highest peak, with a tiny log cabin attached on the side.
  • Advisor: advantaging Auspicious Paradigm Holovid 12 Media image consultants combat the unreasonable and tyrannical propaganda assailing the Territory. Let the truth be free (terms and conditions apply). (Auspicious Paradigm)
  • Force: A troop of templar on elephant steeds patrol eternally, eyes always sharp and carbines always ready. (Whispers Of Autumn, II)
  • Legion: A throng of formerly oppressed peasants, liberated from their tyranny, now fight for freedom as their highest principle. (Piston, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Bennett A loosely organised group of smugglers ensure that vital supplies can always reach the people here. (Bennett, IV)
  • Wonder: Endless fields of gold stretching as far as the eye can see. (Violet, III)
  • Miracle: SurvivAll, a newly developed drug to increase strength and stamina and decrease physical sensation, particularly pain. Ideal for facing beasts from the woods. (Scarlett Crave, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Sparks The porcelain synth priest leads its congregation in hymns praising personal responsibility, and an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. (Whispers of Autumn, III)
  • Creation: A gleaming steel train whirrs across hoverfield tracks that stretch through the gulch. Its engine room has a glowing red heart. Its carriages house plush red velvet all around. Ready to take you where you want to go. Courtesy of HV12. (Intriguing Glint Anki, III)
  • Masterpiece: Franchise Centre 8 outlet store! A glass house on a high peak, providing pioneers with goods and products and collecting market research on a post-mortality soulforged society to feed back to head office. (Thoughtful Spider)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spine A giant termite hill, covered with the shells of dead termites. Good cover for dissidents as the tunnels within are big enough for humans. (Rosie Ratchet, III)
  • Aegis

Storing 12 majesty

Repurposed People's Collective X37F

Owner: Volunteer Axle, of the Symphony of Purpose

Tales of Repurposed People's Collective X37F

A fresh utopia, populated by the Combine's finest new volunteers, being drilled and re-educated by the finest Hegemonic Engineering techniques, leaving no room for thought of discontent or rebellion. This happy land is marred only by the frequent terrorist insurgencies of the large population of Industrioclasts, destroying and defacing in a series of futile grasps at relevance.

  • Force*: Legions upon legions of VolCorp soldiers, ready to be thrown head first into the fight for freedom, armed with the best destruction equipment mana can buy.
  • Legion: A legion of medics, working to care for the volunteers. (Axle, III)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Mariana A rescue force, shining and brave, which springs to action in times of need. (Mariana, IV)
  • Wonder: Tiny rats bring ideologically sound biscuits to the VolCorps. (Barrage, II)
  • Traders: advantaging Abacus The labours of the volunteers are exported and rewarded with new guns. (Abacus, I)
  • Causality Weld: Lightning arcs between two towers of steel and obsidian; broken parts are forged anew as ships pass between them. So too, the memories of their crews are reintegrated. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Creation: Civilisation expands outwards, bringing order to chaos. The walks, ferries, paths, roads, and buildings protect the people from malevolent and marauding plants and wildlife. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Masterpiece: An architectural masterpiece housing many Volunteers and their pet rats in the most advanced conditions. (By My Crooked Teeth, III)
  • Embassy: advantaging Switchgear A small fort that resembles the First Nexus where all may meet and share ideas. (Crankshaft, II)

Storing 2 majesty
Storing 3 red mana
Storing 3 blue mana

The Skyforge

Owner: Engineer Rebar, of the Victory Through Persistence

Tales of The Skyforge

An expansive obsidian plateau towers above the surrounding plains. Geothermal vents drive massive turbines on the surface which power the vast network of factories that surround. Rivulets of molten ore give a fierce glow to the city streets and are forged by the denizens into machinery, weaponry and sculpture.

  • Creation*: The great foundry in the heart of the mountain creates steel beams the size of airships.
  • Masterpiece: A beautiful fountain away from the hustle and bustle of the forge where people can drink and relax in peace. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum "Shh, We're Sneaking is a stealth airship disguised as a cloud. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Force: A fleet of airships, guarding the Liberated Skies. (Crankshaft, II)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Piston A great logistics supply organisation. Standing ready to deliver aid to wherever it is needed. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Wonder: Above the vents mechanical birds hover, their wings sounding like the whir of tiny cogs. (Barrage, II)
  • Causality Weld: Broken metal reforged into brilliant glittering machines, stretching to the sky. (Crankshaft, III)
  • Traders: advantaging Abacus A skyport, wrought of advanced alloys, where engineering supplies are brought in en masse. (Abacus, II)

Storing 2 majesty

The Staging Camp

Owner: Liberator Petrol, of the End of the Line

A sprawling camp of grey-green tents nestles in the foothills of a large mountain range. Moving from the outside to the inner areas takes the traveller through generators, gently purring vehicle bays, the heady noise of a firing range and finally into the central block of large square canvas, marked with the sign of the Medical Core of VolCorp. Off in shadowy corners, surgeons work grafting onto those who would yet live, nothing is wasted, if it can bring another month out of a soldier, then it is done without regard for the long-term consequences.

  • Force*: Great veins of blood red ore protrude from the mountain ranges above the camp.
  • Legion: A garden of remembrance with a statue honouring fallen heroes. There is a plaque describing and honouring Liberator Diesel's sacrifice. A legion of people pass through from time to time, individually, to grieve, but also to remember and move on with their lives. (Petrol, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Sparks An aid and relief force to help those suffering from Dissonance. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Causality Weld: Lightning arcs between two towers of steel and obsidian; broken parts are forged anew as ships pass between them. So too, the memories of their crews are reintegrated. There is also a haystack. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum The airship 'Boundless Horizon' acts as a meeting location for all who wish to use it. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Palace: A solid fort, glistening in the sun on the beach, facing the open waters. A shape stands with open arms welcoming any person who wishes in. A testament to the will of shapers to build anew.(Flare, IV)
  • Advisor: advantaging Cam A building for those who have lost someone to relax with people they can talk to. Also cocktails. (Flare, IV)
  • Aegis
  • Legacy of Devotion
    • This will be the nature of death and the afterlife in the Outworld:
    • When a person's body can no longer support them, due to the passage of time and through decay, as with all things, they die.
    • A person may choose at any point to die.
    • At the point of death, the soul is given a choice.
      • The soul may choose oblivion.
      • The soul may reincarnate; they will retain no memory nor shaping ability.
      • The soul may choose an afterlife. An afterlife can be built for themselves, or for a collective. A soul may join a collective with the consent of all in that afterlife. At any point in an afterlife, that soul may choose oblivion or reincarnation.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.

Storing 6 majesty

Torque of the Town

Owner: Rhetonomic Engineer Torque, of the Many Hearts In A Fist

A Combine-sanctioned caberet club, that he owns, called Torque of the Town. Faux leather lines everything, including bound tomes on grand heroes of the revolution in the library bar. The sensuous gas lights, powerful incense and plinking piano music permeate the senses and reinvigorates the soul. Not to mention the 'speciality' drinks...

  • Palace: An open, hexagonal podium. Dark marble surfaces run through with veins of strange silver, marked with thaumaturgical symbols. Rumoured to have either trapped and contain the soul of a demon, or be host to a glittering piece of alien crystal, either way, the podium empowers the user, be they dancer, orator, or other.
  • Advisor: advantaging Bennett A cinema that broadcasts anti-propaganda films 24/7. (Rosie Ratchet, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum The “Alacrative Missive” is a sleek courier vessel that facilitates and coordinates territory-wide communications. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Creation: A statue commemmorating the dead – let their names be never forgotten. (Thunder Surrounding, IV)

Storing 8 majesty
Storing 5 blue mana

Triumph's Respite

Owner: Liberator Joule, of the Forge Of Unity

A large, mountainous island whose beating heart is a sprawling city of gleaming bronze, and red-brick work infrastructures. Red and golden banners promoting the brilliance of the Combine hang from the rooftops of clustered old buildings on cobbled streets, and uplifting music floats on the wind.

  • Creation*: A gigantic bronze water wheel that churns water and hisses steam, placed in the middle of the plaza.
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum The 'Ascent of Freedom' airship hovers majestically, where all can meet, plan, and get to know one another. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Masterpiece: An orchard that stretches over the horizon, lit by the dawn and populated by tiny silver songbirds. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Force: Large bronze eagles, who swoop through the skies, beady-eyed and looking for threats. Very protective. (Joule, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Abacus Comrades riding vast leviathans of the sea defend the seas around the isle, and share tales of their home. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Wonder: A giant statue of a liberator made entirely out of crystal. It's blinding in sunlight. (The Tears Fall Gladly, IV)
  • Traders: advantaging Falconet A large sprawling market-place attracts visitors from all over with its cake and tales of liberators' great feats. (Crankshaft, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

Zephyr Alpha

Owner: Liberator Spectrum, of the Thunder Of Salvation

A spiderweb lattice of girders fixed amongst a vast cloudscape by a series of massive turbines along each hexagonal vertex. Below zeppelins hang suspended by giant mechanical armatures, gangways and umbilical tubing. Above dozens of small aircraft sit nestled ready in slingshot equipped runways; alongside hangers, workshops, barracks and more scattered atop its surface. Along every outer surface are a myriad of telescopes, dishes and observation posts constantly probing in every direction. Periodically klaxons and sirens will wail, the deck a flurry of action and motion. Zeppelins releasing their moorings and plummeting into action.

  • Wonder*: With the wail of sirens and strobing light the central runaway opens to reveal a catamaran hulled zeppelin rising from the depths, on its side emblazoned Thunder of Salvation
  • Traders: Advantaging Rebar A drydock where ships can restock supplies, repair, and crews can relax. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Causality Weld: Large, ideologically sound vines cross the chasms in the ground, providing mending to the broken land. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Force: Firefighters with jetpacks. (Spectrum, IV)
  • Legion: Garages and loading bays filled with small specialised craft for every conceivable, and inconceivable, natural disaster or emergency; ready to respond at a moment’s notice. (Spectrum, IV)
  • Mercenaries: advantaging Pivot Backup troops wait in zeppelins, ready to help anyone in need. (Endless Radiance, IV)
  • Masterpiece: An intricate model of the whole territory. Cogs and wheels allow parts of the model to move in pleasing patterns. (Crankshaft, IV)
  • Embassy: advantaging Spectrum 'How The Fuck Do You Name An Airship' is a Valtarian Embassy ship. (Switchgear, IV)
  • Forbidden Creation: With the crackle and flash of lightning the wounded or imperilled of Outworld appear, plucked with dramatic timing from harm’s way, with crew on hand to assist and heal. (Spectrum, IV)

Storing 3 majesty

Opportunity In Adversity

Sovereign: Asset Sin, Core Contingency Control

Tales of Opportunity In Adversity

The superplatinum chains are stretching, twisting, breaking. The territories still glitter and gleam in a thousand hues of light, but it’s reflected flames more often than neon brilliance. Greater Opportunity has become a quiet place, many of its citizens choosing to stay within their homes with those they trust. The holovid screens show only one thing, now – the looping Reality Reinforcement Broadcasts, expertly engineered by the ProDyne-trained psychitects from The Sigh and sent through the Aethernet to every available screen to remind viewers who, what and why they are.

The entertainments continue, where possible, albeit in a controlled, engineered precision that is fully utilised to ensure maximum delivery of psychitect-approved reinforcement stimuli and comfort-enhancement impulses. Each citizen is able to access a full range of emotional support via their in-home augmentation and stimulation portal (IHASP), and everyone is reassured that, thanks to the fully integrated surveillance and monitoring systems now in place, nothing can happen without The Core being aware. The data feeds all snake back to The Sigh, where a pale figure sits motionless on a throne of wires and circuits, endlessly processing uncountable inputs and striving to control to dissonant outputs generated by malfunctioning algorithms. A single message pulses from her.

“You are watched. You are protected. You will be restored.”

Geomantic Engine Status: CALAMITY (6131/16)


The Chambers

Owner: Scarlet Crave



Storing 4 majesty

The Clockwork Circus

Owner: Clarity Absolute



Storing 14 majesty'

The Complex

Owner: "Talos" Perchik



Storing 15 majesty
Storing 2 red mana
Storing 4 green mana
Storing 4 blue mana

The Cryo Chamber

Owner: Mirrored Symphony (UPDATED)



Storing 1 majesty


Owner: "Felicity" Grim



Storing 11 majesty
Storing 5 blue mana

Mare Dissonantiae Command Centre

Owner: Aether (UPDATED)



Storing 17 majesty

The Eventful Horizon

Owner: The Void



Storing 1 red mana
Storing 10 majesty

Falcon News Lounge

Owner: Peregrine Suede



Storing 3 Majesty

Force Majeure

Owner: Trojan Force
Tales of Force Majeure



Storing 17 majesty

The Gearhouse

Owner: Chain Dog



Storing 17 majesty

The Grottos

Owner: Skyshock Sigma



Storing 11 majesty

Holovid Towers

Owner: Vox



Storing 8 red mana
Storing 4 majesty

Mesto Bruit Boutin

Owner: Tableau Boom - UPDATED*



Storing 16 majesty

The Pitch

Owner: "Debts" Mett



Storing 1 majesty

Self Portrait

Owner: Volunteer Switchgear, of the Victory Through Persistence

Tales of Self Portrait



Storing 17 majesty

The Shining Vaults of Splendour

Owner: Flick LaLune



The Sigh

Owner: Asset Sin



Storing 72 majesty

The Slaughter House

Owner: Wage Slayv



Storing 3 majesty

The Thousand Shards Of The Self

Owner: Razor Fine



Storing 11 majesty Storing 10 red mana Storing 6 green mana

The Underworld

Owner: 2²



Storing 0 red mana
Storing 0 green mana
Storing 0 blue mana
Storing 13 majesty

The Unlocked Archives

Owner: Pandora Morozov

Tales of the Unlocked Archives



Storing 16 majesty

The Vale of Splendour

Owner: Synderella



Storing 9 red mana
Storing 9 green mana
Storing 9 blue mana
Storing 10 majesty

The Warren

Owners: Zir Eipdncysnrotmaa, Zir Edgisrnrvrami. Zir Eyffejotc, "Lace" Nichols




Owner: Miss Marina Montague



Storing 11 majesty

World Monitor Weekly HQ




Storing 10 majesty

Zenon 8 Business Park

Owner: Thoughtful Spider

Tales of Zenon 8 Business Park



Storing 5 Majesty


***Items currently held in memory, please stand by***
  • Iron Fist, Velvet Glove
    • This will be the nature of rulership and authority in the Outworld:
    • Authority has no metaphysical power.
    • It is granted from the low to the high by individual will, though social norms will enforce consequences on those who dissent.
    • Rulers have no inherent restriction on their behaviour, and may act as their power and inclination allow.
    • Their span is ended by revolt, whether peaceful or otherwise.
    • Authority stems on the surface from strength of word, but at its essence through strength of arms.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.
  • An Open Hand
    • The following things shall be banished and excised from the Outworld:
    • Nothing which is posssible is forbidden.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.
  • Rules of Engagement
    • This will be the nature of war and conflict in the Outworld:
    • Where people find their needs or aspirations opposed to one another, conflict is always an option.
    • Each chooses their weapon – words or industry, blades or bombs – from the resources at their disposal.
    • Nothing forbids the use of any weapon, except the fear of escalation or reprisal.
    • Wars may reach as far as the mortals and their engines can, and are fought in any manner they (unilaterally) deem fit.
    • They end when one side loses the will or means to fight on further..
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.
  • Stars Without a Sun
    • This will be the nature of innovation and progress in the Outworld:
    • People may create new tools and forms of expression, but the wonders of the past are forever lost to them.
    • The Geomantic creations of their forebears will remain as testament to their origins, and persist until the passage of years wears them down.
    • The Sublime essence is erased from the world, annihilating the Sublimes and removing the possibilities of the Shaper’s gift.
    • It is impossible for the world to be touched by this essence once again.
    • This destiny will be realised when the engines spin down for the final time.