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What's the premise?

In ReGenesis, you play a hero of great power (a ‘shaper’) that has moved from their broken homeworld to a new reality that is being made. The people who designed this new reality are gone, so it falls to the players to take over their geomantic engines and determine what shape this new world takes. The game will run in six events, which are when the shapers can access these engines. At the end of this time, the engines power down and the fluid world becomes fixed evermore.

What is gameplay like?

During events, you can expect to:

  • Create new aspects of the world with Geomancy, which works much like a turn-based strategy game
  • Use the rewards of geomancy (mana) to create items that provide you with new abilities
  • Form bonds with other characters (Tethers), which will also provide you with new abilities
  • Resolve conflicts through four-a-side ritual combat (Affronts), which allow the victors to curse the losers

What's different?

ReGenesis has a few features that may be unfamiliar to veteran LARP players:

  • There is no 'plot' or creative direction except that made by the players. There are no NPCs with power over them.
  • Players are given a lot of freedom in how they choose to represent their character's battlegear.
  • It is extremely difficult to steal items.
  • Combat and unwanted physical contact does not happen outside of ritual duels.
  • Combat uses a five-second rule between each damage call, and only a single tracked number (Morale).
  • Most player-versus-player conflict ends with nonlethal curses. It is possible to kill another player, but this can have severe mechanical consequences (Aftermath).
  • There are no secret mechanisms or things that are dependent on referee approval, and resolving things by chance is kept to an absolute minimum.

What are the rules?

You can find a three-page summary of the rules in printable format here. If you would like to know more, check out our Rules page.

Would I enjoy it?

You are likely to enjoy ReGenesis if you:

  • like roleplaying that focuses on interactions between characters ('ballgowning')
  • like playing morally complex characters
  • like to devote time to your costume
  • have a well-developed sense of fun

What if I am new to LARP?

ReGenesis welcomes first time larpers, and we wanted to create a game that would appeal to people who are tabletop gamers, cosplayers, and curious geeks.

  • Geomancy shouldn't be too strange if you have played board games or turn-based strategy games before. Larpers will be getting the hang of it in play too, so don't worry too much if some of the concepts seem strange.
  • Live combat will be new, but the system is less focused on swordfighting skills than most games. There will be 'training drones', played by crew, to help people practice on the first evening of the event. You can also avoid combat entirely (and use a Second if necessary) if you prefer.
  • Making a costume will be a new challenge, but there are a wealth of resources and ideas out there - and hopefully the ScrapKit Challenge (on the Facebook group) will show how one can be assembled from everyday items!
  • Events are indoors, with accommodation included, so you don't have to worry about camping materials.

If you have any specific questions, please let us know! We can be reached at