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The Streets Of A Home No More

As she walked through Opportunity she fell silent. Normally Talos would be by her side for this, her winding him up and him teasing back, but she was alone this time. He was protecting them from the dissonance seeping from an open wound.

She was alone whenever she went outside of the Archives now.

Trilogy thought about this as she turned down a street to where the Silver Cross once lay. All she found was a dead end and her heart fell further when she realised where she was and what used to be there.

Trilogy knew that it wouldn't be there any longer but in her random wandering she must have subconsciously gone to seek companionship with someone she deemed her friend.

Harry was gone, it sunk in deeper and tears fought her control as she turned to walk elsewhere.

Eventually she was at the one place she really ought not to have gone. Her feet staying just outside of Thoughtful Spider's territory as she stared into it.

Part of her ought to feel bad, guilty even, at what had gone down but she didn't.

He was now forced to move on, forced to get over what happened without a piece of technology screwing with his head. Just like she was forced to accept all her mistakes of the past with all of her memories returned. She regretted what she did as a child still but not for undoing the Psychitecture turning Spider into Phantom. Even if killed her she wouldn't regret it.

As her gaze bore into the territory and her thoughts roamed to Talos and Harry she knew that, while she was still in Opportunity, she didn't belong here anymore. It wasn't home. It was a branch slowly breaking under the weight of her while she made the decision of which place to jump next.

So, where exactly was home?

If she could manage it, where would she even go?

Where would she take her people? That was something else to consider. Where would they feel at home?