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Versatile Tools

Author: Pandora Morozov

Pandora, while usually armed with a custom pistol, loved knives. They were versatile, varied and very good at giving her what she wanted. They worked well as threats. Everyone had a deeply rooted fear of getting stabbed or sliced because they would quickly realise how painful it could get. A gun didn't work as well because a bullet lacked the controlled pain she needed. Sure it could cause indescribable pain but it could always end the 'interview' too soon because of bleed-out. Knives you could leave embedded in someone and not have to worry for a while provided it wasn't pulled out. And the cuts didn't have to be deep either.

Knives were good. Which was why she was spending an afternoon with a designer to make the perfect custom blade. One with multiple functions, relatively easy upkeep and looked amazing. And also after strenuous bartering it was a steal.

All in all she was happy with the outcome as she brought the new weapon home in a lovely ornate box which she left on top of the chair a certain Bodyguard preferred in her office.
He could complain all he liked about her causing him grief but it was unfair to say she didn't treat him nicely every once in a while.