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Use Of Force

  • You may not use any kind of force on, or pickpocket, anyone.
  • Any taken props must be returned upon demand.

Events are held in the geomantic nexus, where physical laws are secondary to the power of a shaper’s will. Save for the ritualised combat of Affronts, nobody can touch a shaper if they do not want to be touched – and their possessions are protected the same way. You may not use any kind of physical force on another character, except to strike them in an Affront. You may not take any equipment or items that are on their person, pickpocket them, or snatch anything from their hands. If you pick up a prop that belongs to someone else, they may command you to return it at any time (“OC RULE: THAT’S MINE.”). This must always be immediately honoured without question.

Physical Contact

  • You may not touch another character without their OC consent.
  • You may always hop OC to obtain or refuse consent for physical contact.
  • You may always hop OC to communicate anything about safety or welfare.

You should avoid making more than minimal physical contact with other players, unless you have previously obtained their OC consent to do so. It is always acceptable to briefly drop OC to check whether or not it is okay to initiate contact in a different way (example: “OC: Is it okay to sit on your lap?”). It is always acceptable to briefly drop OC to tell someone to stop physical contact or take a step away from you for any reason, or use one of the calls created for this purpose (“OC RULE: STOP CONTACT” and “OC RULE: STEP BACK”). This must always be immediately honoured without question.

It is also always acceptable to briefly drop OC to communicate anything about welfare or safety, such as "OC: that banister is not safe to lean on" or "OC: I need to withdraw from this interaction."

These rules are to create an environment where players feel secure, with an emphasis on communication and consent instead of prohibition.


  • You may alter your appearance as you like, as long as any changes you make would not be confused for a soulforge.

Humans are the only truly sentient species in the Homeworld. They're a diverse bunch, made even more so by alchemical alteration, cosmetic biomancy, and ritual fallout. You are free to make cosmetic alterations to your appearance (such as unusual skin colours, animal ears, etc), as long as these would not be reasonably confused for the effects of a Soulforge.

Your character may start with any appearance that follows these guidelines. You could appear as a cat-person, cyborg or elf, for example: anything you would like to play as is allowed as a part of the setting.


  • You should not play a character who is prejudiced against others on basis of any aspect of physical form, gender, or sexuality.
  • You are encouraged to respond to any perceived prejudice in-character with disgust and disdain.

Some cultures used to discriminate against one another on the basis of sex or gender, sexuality or promiscuity, skin or hair colour, ear or tail length - the list goes on. Those cultures have since been subsumed by the four we see today, who see such prejudices as a wasteful and embarrassing custom.

It is not appropriate to intentionally play a character who is prejudiced on the basis of physical form, gender, or sexuality. We recognise that people can act like this despite their best efforts: if you believe another character to be acting in this fashion, you are encouraged to react to it in-character with the disgust and disdain appropriate for someone who has retained such backward beliefs.

If you believe that a player is being intentionally or persistently discriminatory in this way, please report this via our complaints procedure.

It is perfectly acceptable to discriminate on the basis of character attributes and beliefs, and we expect that this will give you more than enough to play with. Equally, you may approve or disapprove of a character's decision to undergo a Soulforge, as this is an active choice on their part that has practical ramifications.

These rules are to help everyone enjoy the game without having to experience the kind of prejudice that affects them in real life, and to provide them with a means to address instances of discrimination should it occur.

Assault And Harassment

  • You must not reference sexual violence during play, in character backgrounds, or during downtime communications.
  • You may report any harassing behaviour by any attendee of the event. They will typically be told how they must change their behaviour, and watched to ensure compliance.
  • We will not reveal your identity, or question your account of events.
  • Assault or severe harassment will be reported to the authorities where appropriate.

The Outworld is an artificial plane of reality and, when creating it, the Sublime Concord made some changes. Sexual violence and sex with minors (or subhuman intelligences) is not possible in the gameworld; it is not even conceivable. It is as alien and impossible an idea as "fridge barbers" or "painting gravity" are for people in our world. Reality simply doesn't work that way.

You may not reference sexual assault in the game, in backgrounds, or in downtime fiction. If another player does so, they are breaking the rules: please report this via our complaints procedure.

If another player is harassing you, whether IC or OC, please report this via our complaints procedure. The action we take will be dependent on the events reported and your wishes.

Typically, it will involve taking the player aside, informing them that a concern has been raised, and specifying how they need to change their IC or OC behaviour in future. We will not seek to establish facts, or relay details to the person reported, as the changes requested will be reasonable for any player. The person reported will then be monitored by the referees to ensure that they comply. If they do not, they will be removed from the game.

Cases of assault or extreme harassment will result in the offending player being removed from the game and, where appropriate, referral to authorities.

These rules are in place, alongside our other policies, to ensure that we are providing as safe and inclusive an environment as possible. We want to respond to reports of harassment quickly, without needing to contest facts before responding.

Complaints Procedure

  • Apparitions may have their rulings disputed once in-situ.
  • Rules disputes may be escalated to the Head Apparition.
  • Rules or policy violations can be reported to any Apparition, or to the Head Apparition.
  • A woman member of crew will be available as an alternative contact for any complaint about any attendee.

An Apparition will be present at the Shaping tables, Geomancy tables, Affront grounds and main play area at all times while the game is in progress. These are marked by their distinctive sashes. A Head Apparition will also be available, typically found at the Shaping tables.

If you believe another player to be breaking the rules, you may call for an Apparition’s attention or take them aside afterwards to give a report. The Apparition may make an immediate judgement, or escalate the matter to the Head Apparition.

If you believe an Apparition to have made an incorrect rules call, you may challenge it. If they assert that they are correct, you must obey the Apparition’s ruling without further question. Afterwards, you may report the matter to the Head Apparition. While we do our best to enforce the rules consistently, incorrect rulings may occur and remediation may not be practical in all cases.

If you believe an Apparition or other member of crew to be breaking the rules or policies themselves, please report this to the Head Apparition as soon as possible. A woman amongst the crew will be indicated during the briefing at the start of the event. You may raise any complaints about any member of crew (including the Head Apparition) with them, if you are more comfortable doing so.

If you wish to make a complaint between events, or clarify any aspect of our policies, please email regenesis.larp@gmail.com.

Rule Seven

  • Do not do anything that is obviously against the spirit of the game.

We cannot create rules for every possible situation, and we expect there to be room for confusion; we will begin on the assumption of good faith if you misinterpret an aspect of the rules. If anyone is acting in a way that is clearly and intentionally against the spirit of the game, however - like buying replica mana tokens and using them in the game, for example, or being abusive to crew - we will remove them from the game immediately.

If you have an idea, but do not know whether it is in the spirit of the game, email regenesis.larp@gmail.com. We will be happy to discuss it with you.